Dear Diary: The Rhapsody To My Bo

standing next to me; your height and body size always manages to take my breath away. How is it possible for a man to be made to such perfection? Tonight I know my dreams are going to be dripping with erotic images of you and me. Our limbs will be entangled together after a long bout of love making and driving each other nuts! Dreams always leave

Mr Family

I’d pass out. Her finger teased my g-spot soft and fast, slowing down but pressing harder. my pussy was throbbing so hard, making me gasp as body writhed uncontrollably.As I became more turned on, I looked across to Rob, who had removed his polo shirt and pyjama trousers and as he watched Mom tease me, he stroked his fully hard cock slowly.I was

Great ending for a cookout

face reddened but she turned to me and her mouth opened as she kissed me. Her tongue was swirling inside my mouth as we sucked one anothers tongue.Her hands went behind my head to pull my tongue deeper into her mouth. We kissed passionately and I let my hands wander over her t-shirt. We stopped and smiled at each other. I placed my hands on each

Boy Meets Man-Changing Stories |Atchy|

his pants roughly, Pat's eyes opening a little as he noticed. A smirk filling in on his face as he was already hard just knowing he was going to be alone with his brother son for so long. His tongue slipped out of his lips to brush over them as he looked hungerly at the small boy. "You.. Having fun there little nephew?" He swallowed as his

Oh to Find Her Now

at all.’ He tossed the phone onto the hook but it did not land properly and I heard in the background someone say ‘Come on guys it’s time to pull a train on this bitch here.’ I dropped the phone down and reached for my aluminium baseball bat as I rushed through the door. It took me 20 minutes to get over to the her apartment and the cabby was

Becky and the Spring Sunshine

it was full of both. I grabbed a condom and walked straight between Becky's legs told her to stop and pushed my cock straight up her fanny, Becky started to moan so I just said "Pin, Pin, Pin". Becky came really hard her whole body shook, I do not think it was just me more what she had been doing either way the result was the same, I shot my load

The Queen Of Spades

her body and the filling of her holes. All the while professions of love and tender moments would alternate with pain and persecution, heightening the contrast, giving hope of respite from endless abuse.But that all lay in the future. The certain future of the still-complete slut.The reality of the here and now was the drug in the syringe in the

The princess and the Captain

two operational bots drop blast shield and door then evacuate the space, make sure they are all gone before you close the outer hangar doors. "Compliance Captain" the voice answered back " begining procedures now" Jim watched as the shield door began to lower, grabbing the girl he pushed her to the airlock, her small frame offering no

My Lesbian Love Adventure

between their conversations, flirting in the chat rooms, commenting on each other’s pictures, and their poetry back and forth to each other, that this was always going to be more than just an online affair. Elizabeth was 21 years old, and was a very small, brunette. She has black hair, and green eyes, that you can spot from across the road.

This Crazy Little Thing Called SEX: part 4

room as I lay on my bed, staring up at the shadows it cast.Both my hands were gently stroking either side of my sex as the events of the day fed my imagination and played out over and over in my head as I closed my eyes, breathing deeply of the sensations flowing through me. A stray finger rubbed my still deliciously sore pussy that I had flushed

Because I’m Not

Ryan stood tall at 6’5 while I stand at about 5’7. Clara is a good girl behind the i’m better than you facade, so why does she go out with losers like Ryan? She loves animals. She donates to several charities and visits different orphanages regularly. I’ve known Clara since we were kids. Once upon a time we were bestfriends. Nope, she couldn’t

A daughter finds out about her mother’s BDSM affair with the neighbor

She was crying. “Ithink Mrs. Johnson is awake and looking out the window.Please mistress.”“Wag your cow jugs and say moo moo.” Anne demanded, “orI’ll keep the screen door locked and let you just standthere.”Anne smiled as Louise started shaking her tits whilekeeping the brush in her ass. She was mooing again andagain as she took her time

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

down,” the smaller girl directed. “Let us take care of you.”I did as I was told, relaxing into the cushions on the reclined deck chair. The blonde positioned herself between my legs, and lowered her mouth to my cock. I could feel her breath on the head, and then I was inside her mouth. Her tongue circled deliciously around my head and then along

Summer Fun

heck I thought, I shifted around in a sixty-nine position and returned her pleasure. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and we embraced each other with fire hotpassion and desire. "God I want you Rose" Julie said. "Me to Julie" I told her.Julie had cum again while she was eating me out was still dripping wet. She learned that my nipples were very

In Dreams Ch. 03

about just everything. And yes, I did have a headache. Only on reflection, I realised that it wasn’t so much a hangover type headache, it was more a ‘Jesus I’m bloody knackered!’ type of headache. Eventually I dared to open one my eye just a fraction and (much to my relief) instantly recognised Ottilie’s face smiling back at me. I suppose my

Equal Shares Ch. 21

fighting to remain in control. ‘What did you notice, Elizabeth?’ she asked her, tightly. ‘Oh dear,’ thought Elizabeth. Aloud, she said, ‘I actually teased him a little about it. He watched her, Denise, in a way he didn’t watch others. He did it more and more the last few weeks. I don’t believe he knew what was happening himself.’ ‘What about

My wife and I finally visit Fantasy Fest

and pulledthem gently down. When she had them down to the floorlevel she waited for Karen to step out of them her eyeslocked on Karen’s vagina which was only about a footaway from her nose. Karen placed her hand on Anne tokeep her balance while she stepped out of the panties. She almost lost her balance anyway when she tried toshake the panties

Love is Blind (Folded!)

Again, she was teasing me beyond belief! At least I could enjoy the fact that she was allowing me to continue to kiss and suck and lick every inch of that smooth pussy. After bringing me to near orgasm several times she decided it was time to do something else.Remaining in the 69 position, she slowly scooted down so that her pelvis was over my

ERIKA THE SEX SLAVE (chapter 1-3)

down. The silent guy was rubbing his cockhard and he, too, gets ready to blow his load. Without thinking he aimsright at Erika's chest and covers her in his cum. Erika is caughtoff-guard and screams. He empties his load all over the tits, and nosooner did he finish then Allen and the cashier blow their loadssimultaneously on Erika. Allen

Her first DP

while pushing her to the bed. Terri took Amanda’s jeans off then her little back thong off while pushed her back onto the bed returned Amanda’s favor. They were both getting very hot and bothered when Terri asked if she had brought ‘the toy’. Amanda paused from her pleasure sounds and said, ‘They are in the bag.’‘They?’ Terri quickly

Aunties Surprise(3)

from me. I felt her move her leg astride me so her pussy was just above my pulsing cock, with her free hand she grasped my cock and rubbed it against her pussy, I knew and felt how wet she was down there and pushed my hips up to butt my cock into her lips. I felt her vagina lips part as the top of my cock started to stretch her pussy apart.

Master's Pussy

her actions earlier, something like a drawn out spanking or his paddle, maybe candle wax or rope."Are you afraid, Sophie?" Her Master whispers coolly, her name rolling off his tongue ever so smoothly.Sophie shakes her head. She feels his coarse hands brush blonde hair from her eyes, trailing back along her jawline down to the nape of her neck and


My Jaguar F-Type coupe sped down the highway, its 340 horsepower V6 screamed on the open road and growled in the city. I parked and then made my way to the Oil & Mineral archives. With the help of the head archivist, who had been working on my search for weeks, we found the documents I sought. One week later my attorney, Peter Sexton, and I

The Room

surprised at how tight she was.  I didn't ever remember her being this tight.  Maybe it was because of the struggle.  I started thrusting in and out of her and she kept fighting.  Then after a few minutes of me really  have to fight with her to even keep my cock inside of her she started to relax.  It usually didn't take this long for her to

Sexy Slave Ch. 02

me, all with collars and black corsets on. 3 of them are gagged, and they sit on their feet in a kneeling position. The woman who woke me smiles coldly at me and runs a hand over my sex. ‘Introductions, before Master gets here.’ The woman who woke me up says briskly. ‘These slaves are called Pussy, Bitch, Slut, Cunt, and Ass.’ She points to each

Ass Man and Ass Mom

was sipping too much champagne on an empty stomach, no doubt. "Give them room," said someone. "Step back and give her some air, please," he said squatting down to take her hand and feel her wrist for her pulse, before putting two fingers to her swan-like, beautiful neck that he imagined kissing, while making anal love to her.His heart raced so

Femdom Origin

the most young men had their balls hung very low, sometimes up to one third or even half the distance from the groin to the knees. But while the young girls were only testing the grounds, only preparing the balls for the future actions, the grown up balls were definitely experiencing all kinds of sensations which were available back then.


girl aged twenty. She was named after a the same animal her mother once saw in her past travels in the West, and perhaps the mother, naming the serious-eyed girl so, had a premonition of how her daughter’s stillness and her slim beauty would develop through her teenage years. She indeed grew to look like a fawn, and possessed doe eyes and a


house, to himself. Bill's parents had gone away for the weekend and his twin sister Meredith would likely be at a friend's until evening. Bill could get in a few undisturbed hours of music while browsing websites, then shower before going out for the night. Climbing the steps to the attic, which Dad had finished for bedrooms for the twins, Bill

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 01

its heavy dick out to her and saying, ‘Suck it.’ Opening her mouth, Dana found herself a little shocked at her actions… she’d always hated oral sex. In fact, she didn’t really like any deviation from straight missionary position, but for some reason she was very eager to suck on this glowing figure’s dick. Her soft lips wrapped around it, her jaw

Netherworld of Pleasure

of erotic and sensual ecstasy exists. I am fortunate enough to visit Mistress Jill here in the deepest recesses of Her soul, when allowed into Her presence. When away, I long each second to go back, for it is my heaven.“mmmm, that feels nice, slave. Keep rubbing, and massage the balls of my feet a little harder.”She was right, I was working

Barbara M. Kept her Promise

Jim didn‘t even want to hear talk about fantasies. There was no oral or female dominance in her sex world; God forbid even the mention of anything anal or other perverted fantasies. When Jim was ready for sex, which wasn’t too often lately, Jim was strictly straight missionary man as it had been all though the marriage.This information came out a

Memories of My Return to Belfast

and see the world.’ Jenny squeezing her hand said, ‘Come back to the States with us, love. We would love to have you.’ Sarah smiled. ‘Maybe I will for a while. There is nothing to keep me here.’ Linny leaned in and kissed Sarah’s cheek. The three women crossed the street and climbed the thirteen steps to the door of the church, opened the door

Carings Such Hard Work

boyfriends, in the company uniform at first glance you could pass for a nurse though your uniform is a darker blue than a nurse’s uniform. A few months into the job you’re asked to swap the route as one of the girls has gone off sick. On the first day your partner for the route tells you that there are a few old men on the route you need to be

My First Cock

blew me a kiss. With that encouragement, I let the washcloth slip to the floor and cupped my hands to help the water rinse his cock of the soap.I was hesitant at first, I took him back in my hand and stroked it a few times before looking up at Suzy who was still staring at me. Under her gaze, I leaned forward and licked around the head of Paul’s

Stay the Course part 7: Day One in Toronto!

the idea of the story line. Master John opened the door and we walked into the lounge of our suite. The double doors to the right led to the bedroom with a King size bed. I needed to get out of the clothes I was wearing and shower! I slipped my coat off and dropped it on the floor, then unzipped my skirt and let that drop too. I stepped out my

A family of Love-Part VI

in. Someones home early! James said as he got up and moved over away a bit from his big sister. Their mother walked in and headed straight in the shower, she seemed angry and upset. Neither of them wanted to bother her, knowing she liked to punish them for no reason when she was angry, especially Beth. Kayla waited a minute after the shower

Queen Of The Gypsies

frightwig (ordered, one supposed, from the ELVIS PRESLEY Memorial Gift Catalog) to the mottled brown teeth (wood putty?) to the stockingless legs proudly displaying their varicose veins in all their uncovered glory, she had it down. This was more than performance, it was LIFE AS ART and she was its master. What dedication! What stamina! What

Siblings Discover True Love

first class showed me just how selfless Alex truly was. Even at the tender ages of six, we were looking after each other and helping each other out in a genuinely considerate fashion. Between age six to eight, we lived in the Jeep while attending school there. But when we were eight and we moved into our first apartment, it was an experience

A Bizarre Corporate Takeover Ch. 01

into Sharon’s pussy as it parted the labia and Beth’s tongue was rewarded with the exquisite taste of Sharon’s juice, soon Beth was licking and lapping up as much as she could as fast as she could. Sharon was obviously enjoying what Beth was doing as she reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for Beth’s

Together on the Horizon | Lesbian

Thus, it was Cindy's matter to take into her own hands. She had to protect both herself and this wounded girl; she had a bear-on-pudding fight to defeat.Back turned to the other, Cindy looked away from the brown grizzly bear before she fired a bullet, as her fingers then shakingly pulled the trigger. Bang! This grizzly beast collapsed at the blow

Into the Abyss--Chapter 9

as the kiss deepened. She gave a slight moan as the kiss continued, pressing her body against mine and squirming ever so slightly so that I could feel the curves of her body against mine. I could feel her body trembling even as she rubbed against me. As much as I enjoyed this, I didn't want to push things. Jan as much as told me that she had been

T-leaders : Night with natalie

She lines the head of her cock with the entrance to my anus and pushes her cock all the way in me to her balls. At first she thrusts in deep with me gently and slowly, then she starts to fuck me hard and fast. She then switches to pulling all the way out of my ass and hammering her dick all the way deep into me hard and fast, while forcing my

My night with Jacob

his lips started to move down to my chin and then to my neck. I started moaning with pleasure and unbuttoning my shirt. He undid my bra and started kissing my breats, taking my nipples in his mouth and teasing them with his teeth. My breath was getting heavier as I was moaning more and more. He then took my hand and led me from the couch into his

Jade And Her Sugar Daddy Adventures

my pussy. I rode him hard while he played with my huge breasts. Brad screamed out and came inside of my pussy. “That was so fucking hot. I really had a great time." Anne turned the water on and cleaned the Jacuzzi. When she was done, she filled it and her and her husband got into it. They fooled around in the tub. Brad and myself took a shower

Being Naughty

he growled into my ear and he continued to pump up into me. "I want to fuck you naked. Go upstairs and go to bed. Do not wear panties. I will come to you, and then I'm going to fuck you in the guest room. I want to fuck your mouth, and your pussy, and your ass...."He didn't have to ask twice. As much as I hated getting off of him, I forced myself

A Mom for Her Boy

it all anyway. I went back down to the kitchen and started to make some chicken and green beans. After the chicken was cooked, I grabbed the pan and turned with it to go to the other side of the counter when all of a sudden my shirt got caught on the handle of a cabinet and tripped me. As I feel to the ground I let out a yelp as the pan fell

The Wolf That Wasn’t There Ch. 02

Let’s get stoned and watch some porn.” “Works for me.” Thirty minutes later, both people were relaxing in Phil’s bedroom, sharing a joint and watching “The Banged Sisters”. “This movie always makes me hot.” Wendy proclaimed, writhing her hips. “So, I noticed.” “You’re not exactly limp there, sir” she remarked pointing to his bulging shorts and

A Night To Remember

it took my breath away. I began to slowly remove my clothes laying them across a nearby chair. When I was totally nude, I walked into the bathroom. I couldn't believe the sight that awaited me. Candles were ablaze all over the room filling it with a romantic glow. The tub was filled with a sea of fragrant bubbles; the candlelight seemed to

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 62: The Lesbiality Threesome (Part 1)

I could think about in that moment was, “Her fingers feel so fucking good in my ass!”Moments before the final wave oozed out of me, I was snapped back to reality by the sounds of hooves hitting pavement. Because the stallion was also part of my fantasy, it took me a few moments to figure out I was back in the real world. One glance at my now

Asian hucow transformation

Unfortunately for Prija the changes did not slow down over the next week, her breasts grew gradually into an E cup with milk freely flowing from them. Along with this she awoke in the morning with an intense urge to masturbate that would reoccur every night before she slept. She masturbated until she squirted every morning and night, leaving

Daddys little kitten

his arms and quietly. Kitten are you ok baby? I nodded I couldnt speak just yet my heart felt like it just jumped out of my chest. Finally when I was able to speak I asked daddy if he could do it again. He said my baby kitten, daddys going to show you all kinds of things. He picks me up and carrys me up the stairs and asked where I wanted to go I

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 21

between her thighs, and pulled her towards him. ‘I am so angry with you at this moment I could murder you. You three cooked this up to torment me. I should send you home, and let you live your life in misery. The only thing is I would be miserable too. I love you Cassandra. I always have, and I always will. Would you do me the high honor and

A Bisexual Arab Man in America

things about Patricia Jenkins too. She played football at her old high school, on the guys team. Man, I was thrilled to hear that. I am a football player myself, though I didn’t make it to the NCAA Football universe because of a slight injury sustained my senior year at B.C. High. Patricia shared my love of football and many of my progressive

Maybe I Missed Her Call

you want to me, Im yours. with that I grew hard and could no longer stand not having her. Seems like you want me she must have felt it too. I layed her down and tried to take my time (though my dick was aching). I ran my dick along the outside of her lips a few times making her wet and she lifted her knees. I only slipped the tip inside because


every minute of it. They tried everything that she wanted to do over that time.When the end finally came, Max ran to her room because of hearing her distress in the night, and held her as she smiled up at him through the pain breathing her last living breaths. After the last breath, they called the ambulance, but it was too late of course and

Capture of Tight Cunt Ch. 01

at the very end. I start to get wary but remain confident for El. We walk for about two minutes and I ask. "Where are we going?" I ask."It's just down the end of this street." He says.Suddenly some guys come up behind us and put there hands over our mouths and restrain our arms with tape. There hold is just too tight. I try kicking back and


Peggy's cunt. Only moments ago this quivering cock had been fucking between the spasming lips of Peggy's pussy. And now Denise had that dog cock in her mouth -- tasting it, eating it, sucking on it.Denise couldn't quite believe it. Even though the dog's sizzling prick pistoned between her lips, making them tingle and itch, even though it rubbed

A Lost Day Dream

into fantasies of him. I would feel that warmth spreading throughout my body and my mind would see his handsome face. Feeling my hands caressing his jaw line I held his face looking into his sparkling brown eyes his aura glowed in my palms. I was drawn to his lips like a moth to a flame and I lost myself in all the sweet kisses I took from him.


no problemI was just waiting for the moment where I could give her a massageSoon we finished our dinner and I shifted to her room I laid my bed on floor when she suddenly said,"no no dont sleep down u can share the bed,as it is you have to give me a massage I want a thigh message okMe-ok but wont you change your saree could come in my wayPranali

Finding myself

first," he told me. "I wanna feel your cock press up against me."Now I was getting hard again. It's a nice cock, at least that's what everyone says. It's 7 inches long but nice and thick and cut. His was smaller than mine, maybe 6 inches and not nearly the same girth. I noticed just me lying naked behind him, spooning him, he was getting

A Nintendo Fan's Lust (2012 Re-write)

she released hot warm discharge onto Samus's fist. Samus felt the fluid, pulled out her fist from her pussy, and it dripped with her discharge. Her fluid was all over her hand, and it dripped onto the bed. She then pulled out her palm from her asshole, and it was smeared with her shit.“Oh god, this is fucking nasty. I need to go wash this.” She

An Inheritance Like No Other Ch. 05

her body spasmed in orgasm as Steffi held her mouth firmly to Lisa’s pussy and plunged her finger as deep as she could in Lisa’s ass. Buck despite all his efforts to control himself finally gave in to Steffi’s ass milking his cock. He shot another impressive load into her ass and let his cock stay in her as she milked it dry with her anal

A Successful Experiment

Parsons explained. ‘To do that, we’ll need several base samples of your blood before you take your first pill. And I was planning to put one sample through a full workup immediately, so that we can see the results in the end. Don’t worry, I’m a certified phlebotomist. I can draw the samples perfectly safely.’ ‘Well, okay,’ Greg said, rolling up

We Meet Again - Part 01

and tease as wanted to. I am ever so gently rubbing your lips with my slick fingers as my thumb toys with your tight little butt hole. My hand is soaking wet with your juices and your scent is so sweet I cannot resist raising it to my mouth to lick my fingers and taste you. As I return to the fondling of your pussy your body weakens into a bit


was still so lost in the pleasure, confusion and experiencing this new feeling, that she didn't even notice Cyborg inserting his erect dick into her butt, before he started entering, thrusting in and out in pumping motion slowly, making her scream with a voice, which mixed both pleasure and pain into an erotic sounding soup.As the ladies were

Dirty Girl

shoulder at me. "You make me feel so dirty!" she said. "Sorry," I replied. "No! I love it. I like being your dirty little girl." "How would you like to have my cock up your ass then dirty girl?" "Oh yes! I thought you'd never ask." That was all I needed. I pulled out and Bria rolled back onto her back."I like it this way." she said, pulling her

Dance for Me – Chapter Two

and it hurt to keep his eyes open but he dared not close them in case he fell asleep and missed Caroline’s call. He’d been expecting the phone to ring for two days now and each time it did he would start forward with pitiful excitement only to see the caller ID wasn’t what he wanted. It had been a week since he’d left her at the hotel room. That

What Would Steven Do? Part 3

said, “That ‘s my baby. She takes good care of me.” Kelly blushed, smiled and replied, “Thank you James. You are very sweet.” I nodded my head at her, but I had a sinister idea that popped in my head. What will Kelly let me do? How far will she let me go? Let’s find out.As I took all the packing gauze from Mr. Coleman’s wound I asked Kelly

Secrets Revealed Pt. I Ch. 04

I’m drunk—answer that we should talk about the first thing that comes up. That got everybody laughing and relaxed. ‘It was a little while longer before I was drunk enough to sneak a look at Paul’s—and it looked pretty good, too—and the guys got relaxed enough that they weren’t as, well,’ and she straightened her index finger again, shrugging her

Bath time massage

kiss. I coat my hands in the liquid, rubbing it in, feeling it warm up against my palms and fingers. Lifting your leg from the water, I gently grip the muscles of your thigh, squeezing sightly as I run my hands along their length, across your knee and down to your calf. I reverse the action, taking care along the whole length of your limb,

I Got Leid In Hawaii

to where our towels remained. Eve reached into her bag and pulled out a pen and paper. She wrote something on the paper, folded it and then kissed it before handing it to me. As I watched my beautiful Eve walk back up the beach, I laid back wondering if this had all been some sweet sun-induced fantasy. Then I opened her note and saw a heart

Vanessa's New Life Part 02

and it was just touching my pussy AND vibrating. The next things that I heard were the bedroom door closing, then Jon’s car engine start, so I presumed that he had gone out and left me. After about 10 minutes I started to get a bit excited and wet. As I started to get higher I was getting really frustrated, I could feel the vibe but it was

Menage a Trois

before."You will discover that Dan here also follows my instructions, so that he can get his fair share of enjoyment." Sophie nodded to show her trust. A smile gently formed across Dan's face.Mike moved nearer to Sophie, and from the corner of her eye she noticed Dan begin to play with himself. Mike motioned with his hand for him to stop and then

Ballad of Jonathan

tightly and kiss her deeply. "Oh Carrie, I miss you so. I love you, Carrie!" She cried. "I am sorry I sent you away my dear Jonathan, I gave your Mom a pic of me to give to you. I love you Jonathan, and I always have since you kissed me that first time." I am glad I saw her again and kissed her again. She is a special woman in my heart and I will

The Magic Mirror

spit the water on his shirt. He tried to dodge, but she got him right between the shoulder blades. He squealed and reached for his own bottle, then froze, looking over her shoulder. “Beth, we have to have those mirrors unloaded by quitting time,” Beth’s father called. He shook his finger briefly at the truck, then entered their construction

Katie's Place Pt. 07: Final

her legs. "Well, yeah it's still kinda locked around my neck.""There're only a few million people in this city, you might cross paths."Tom was still formulating the right respond when Katie's thighs closed like the doors of a vault above him, once more sealing him off from the world. She didn't seem as concerned as him."If we do hire someone, you

A tale in Marrakech

it from all others. Under your feet, the battered old stones whisper back the merciless vigor of the desert sun. A stranger's wine and the copperish feel of blood linger together on your tongue. They taste like the cunt of your first whore. You were but a lost boy when you found her, in her tent guarded by an ageless snake charmer. He still plays

IHNC 7 Judy Gets Tough

the room, as her reward for me being an outstanding husband after she had given birth to our twin daughters. That threesome where Rachel had insisted that I use Judy’s pussy instead of her own was one of the most memorable nights I’d ever had. This was different from that. This was pure lust and raw fucking. We hadn’t even gotten undressed.

Magic in her eyes

your papers, I’m good at short hand during business meetings.” Sparkling, dancing, teasing, tempting. Fascinating whirlpools, drawing me in. “And I can entertain you or clients when needed. I would take this job seriously, Greg”. I leaned back in my chair, unable to release my stare. I mumbled something about needing to ask her more questions,

How I became BiSexual part 2

fun with this together. Everything is on the table and everything is OK. I can’t wait to further explore with you” He said “I Love you too”, placed his head between my breast and cried. He stood up after a few moments and I took extra care to soap him and clean him. When we were done with the shower I told him I would take care of the toys and


been receiving many critics due to my lack of judgment regarding my first submission so I try to make this story more understandable to all readers. I hope I have improved much with this story. So, please, comment! Thank you! * PROLOGUE: THE BEGINNING Tuesday May 16, 1995 03:39 ‘Andromeda, where are you? Come out, come out my little kitten…’ He

Hypnotic Sex Slave Ch. 3

and a sweater that showed nothing of her body. Very loose fitting. She told me she was a skeptic about hypnosis. ‘If you are skeptical about hypnosis, why are you here?’ ‘I need money, desperately.’ ‘Why?’ ‘My tuition is due and I lent my money to my boy friend.’ I liked the fact that she answered my questions. That is one of the signals that

The MILF - Episode 4

a ticket. She was wearing the same green shirt he had just seen pulled up in the sexy pic. Mark started to run across to say hello, but he had a better idea. Mark let his mom go into the theater. Then he crossed the street and bought a ticket to the movie he knew she was there to see. It was a damn chick flick she had been talking about for the

Emergency Medical Sex

as well as see about getting myself a T shirt for my shift the next day. I was disappointed to find out that the T shirts were not being issued; rather they were being sold to the crews to cover the cost of their production. I was further disappointed to see that my check was dated for the following day, so I couldn't cash it yet to get the money

Sex education- the first girls class

will fall behind the rest of the class. When all of the girls were dressed and sat down Cassandra said Go on, your housemasters wanted to talk to you . The class bustled to its feet, collecting bags and huddling around the sink to wash their hands. In the midst of this Clara came up to the desk Miss, you still have my underwear. Yes, I know.

Is She Happier Without Me?

tales of romance won and lost, I became a newly divorced man at the age of 45. It was quite liberating after nearly twenty years in what turned out to be a relatively boring marriage. My newfound freedom no doubt went to my head a bit and I soon found myself with a 23-year-old girlfriend and a red sports car. I hate to use the phrase ‘mid-life

University Life – First Ch. 14

of mirthless laughter, ‘But how will breaking up with him be possible when we aren’t even going out?’ Lorna just looked at her with so much sympathy in her eyes, ‘Oh, Nens…’ Kainene shook her head once and vaulted off Lorna’s study desk, ‘I’m gonna go change into something else. He does not have the right to see me in my nightie anymore.’ Lorna

Winterborn Ch. 04

the three treasures in his life, Eleanor, Elizabeth, and Ethan. That’s why he called it the Triple E, we brand our stock with three Es.’ ‘Speaking of Mr. Edwards, I haven’t met him yet. Is he around or is he away on business?’ Oso hung his head for a minute. ‘Senor Edwards was killed four months ago. That cabrón Cassidy had him killed. But we


her rectum.Lisa felt full. She moaned as Kyle slowly slid himself inch by inch along her rear passage, the dildo firmly lodged in her front. Lisa now had two lots of seven inches in her as Kyles member pushed itself fully in, his fingers quickly reached around for her button and Lisa lost all control as both her ass and pussy were fully invaded

Mountain Release

hand gripped my balls testing their size and heft. Still teasing my glans with her tongue, she mimicked licking an ice cream cone before looking into my eyes and smiling. "All I need is a little hot fudge, a cherry, and this would be like a sundae," she mocked."Ouch... not too hot, I hope."Darlene engulfed most of my cock before releasing the

Cat’s Second Chance

supplied. Cathryn paused, ‘Yes, he did. At 25, he felt his life was just beginning and could not imagine that life without a family. What we wanted, what we needed was just too different. So . . . we parted company.’ But it hadn’t been that easy. When she told him she could not, in good conscience, marry him knowing she would never give him

Dinner Party Ch. 2

gleaming. She knew that no matter what He would protect her, but in the end everything was for His pleasure.She slid from the table, pulling the robe around her. Following everyone she descended the stairs into the basement. It was no surprise to her, she had been here before, and had enjoyed every moment. But she was unsure of the purpose this

Dark Angel Part 14

prince screamed hysterically, until Rowie bared her fangs and sank them into his thigh. It seemed it was enough to shock him into silence, ice-blue eyes wide. Remi grabbed a handful of his hair and went almost nose to nose with Lucien. “Sleep,” he commanded. And just like that, Lucien’s eyes rolled up and he went limp. Everyone panted from

Summer Vacation Ch. 18

He wasn’t sure what was going on now, was she being parental, or were there other reasons for the way she was acting? Like jealousy. ‘How old is this woman?’ his aunt asked. ‘I’m not sure,’ Tommy said. ‘I think she’s in her twenties. I mean, if she got married when she was eighteen and had Bobby right away, that would make her twenty-three, I

He Wears Panties Not Pants!

drifted into an erotically charged sleep.“Put these on whilst I am out.” I commanded my husband before stepping out of the door a few days later “I will take your virginity when I come back. I won’t be gone long.” As I walked to the shops I imagined my husband eagerly opening the package I had dropped onto his lap before I left. My stomach

Seed of Horror - The Series

held the stitches tight rotated, coming undone. With each turn of the ends of the wire, the man felt his body drop further in temperature, as if his blood was turning into a frozen slurry. At last, the twist-tie fully split, and even with the wire stitches held taught through the mouth, the jaws slowly began to open. As if friction no longer

In the depths of dispair

went through Susan’s body and she moaned a little. “Please”, she begged, “they have been hard all day and I need relief too”. Suddenly she sat up and then helped him out of his shirt. “My turn now” she said with a smile, and she started to lick his nipples until they became hard too. Then her tongue slowly made its way down, exploring the naval,

Mystery Flasher

‘What’s popular this week?’ You, I’m sure, are popular with everybody, I thought. I let my gaze wander over her slim figure. I turn into a real pervert at work. The other guys I work with can get pretty raunchy, but I had only recently become a real woman watcher, and this job had let me do that quite a bit. Once I helped a girl whom I discovered

A Monster Unleashed Ch. 03

the same time I couldn't have been more turned on by his sudden change of demeanor. We went from having a good relationship as equals, to having a sexually charged relationship, to now having a very strict D/s relationship. This caught me off guard as it was so out of the blue. I didn't believe that he had this in him, yet at the same time, I

Pleasure of Release

slack from the chain, she was now joined. Any movement of her breasts or the dildo would effect all three. Sitting back once again, I watched her body override every effort of willpower to remain still. The clamps pulling her nipples as spasms from her pussy clinched the shaft in waves of unstoppable desire. Each jerk of the chain mixing such

It’s Only Rock and Roll

connection. In fact, rather than avoid her gaze, he played to her, flirted with her…came on to her. At the first break, she stood up to approach him and he doubted the charade would survive close scrutiny. So what? He mused. It’s not like I’m doing anything against the law. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the marginally disguised lead singer for

A Boating Accident

apex of love. He rested for a moment to allow her to adjust to him and slowly began to work himself in and out of her, sometimes a bit faster and then slowing down. Sylvia was ready for him and wrapped her legs around his hips and moved with him, meeting his thrusts each time, until they both were groaning and murmuring “Fuck me….fuck me,

Breed Me Big Brother Chapter 1: Little Sister Begs to be Bred

such beautiful dimples, nuzzled into Zoey's ear, brushing back her brassy hair. Her hands slid up and cupped my older sister's large, pillowy breasts. Every member of my family had tits but me. Zoey squeezed those lush mounds as she purred, “You'd look so hot nursing your brother.”“And nursing you?” Zoey asked, squirming in her girlfriend's

Night Shift Baristas--- Part Two Main Course- Meat and Potatoes Fully Loaded Option

was Melissa’s response pulling her mouth from me for a moment. That response was all it took to push me over the edge. I managed to gasp out “I’m cumming, beautiful,” before I was filling her mouth. I felt her swallow twice around my cock to keep from spilling and then when I was done she pulled Kelsie to her and they locked their mouths

The Hotel

was kinda tickling her nipples. Damn it looked so sexy.“So do you still want to do this?” I asked.“Yeah, I need this. The last few days have been stressful and I need to…..blow them off my mind, if you get my drift?”“But first lets go somewhere more private..”“I am beginning to like the way you think” she said with a smirk.We unlocked the suana

Such is life 2 (edited to comply with new policy)

I'll be there in a minute or so." She said.I sat there anxiously awaiting her arrival. After almost two minutes I heard the key card enter the lock. I stood up and walked toward the door and waited. She opened the door and walked in. Once she saw me standing there with my cock standing at attention, she gasped and slid her hand between her legs

Vickie's Turning Point

circumcised and about 5 inches fully erect. I realize that I am not very well endowed but I make up for size by giving very good oral sex. Ever since some youthful experiences in Boy Scouts and a few other encounters I have been interested in bigger cocks and I fantasize regularly about sharing my wife with another man. I am conflicted about this

A Jessie McClintock Story - SUCCUBUS

eyes drifted down to the recently grown wet spot at his crotch.“You know, I might have considered it, but I don’t do watersports.  Now get out of here.  I’ll be in touch when it’s done.”Vlad let his grip on Gino pop open and the sleazy flesh peddler huffed his way out of the office.  Not for the first time Jessie took a moment to appreciate the


here,’ he blubbered while keeping his eyes glued to Becky’s clean shaven vagina, ‘w-what if somebody comes in, we could all get in real trouble!!!’ Ignoring his protestation, Becky slowly and calmly shook her head from side to side and replied, ‘It’s no use, Mr. Petersen, the only thing I can do it take them off and wash them out before I go

A Growing Desire

new. I’ll have recurring dreams about losing my makeup, missing a flight, failing out of school. But I usually don’t have these types of dreams. The ones where I wake up in the middle of the night feeling guilty, ashamed, and incredibly wet. Guilty because my boyfriend would be gently asleep next to me, unaware what filled my dreams. Ashamed

A Party at Sonya's

making a mistake, but quickly dismissed the notion, silently scolding myself for such unfounded doubt. As if returning to the scene of a crime, a feeling of déjà vu swept over me as I made the last few steps and pushed the door open. It had been over a month since my last visit to Sonya's house, but the memories of that blissful weekend had since

Awakenings Ch. 01

told her that she had the most kissable lips. Sarah would smile and giggle when she remembered that. Then she would grow quiet and wonder why James never wanted to kiss them.It's not like she didn't flirt with him. Twelve hours on an ambulance and she was always flirting with him. How could he not take the cue and see what was going on? She'd

Erotic Yoga Time

surface of my skin feel chilled while underneath a boiling was amiss. My craving for you to swallow me whole right then and there filled my mind: Please take me now. You paused. I slumped.“Assume the proper alignment in your pose.”Uh-oh, my bottom wasn’t out far enough. Before I had completed that thought, you were already spanking my bottom.

I Fucked The Babysitter

wake the babysitter ornot. I told my wife to go on to bed and I would stay up a littlelonger to see if she wakes up and then take her home. I turned on the tv, keeping the volume low. Every once ina while, she would shift her position on the couch and I lookedover at her to see if she was waking up. What I saw instead,was a very nice looking ass

A Brothers Longing

in my chest as I began ramming into her. I really wish I could control myself around her, but she brings out something in me that I never knew had existed. Her ass jiggling with every thrust, her moans increasingly close to her orgasm. I studied her last night, waited for the clues in her moans to let me know that she was ready to release the

New Life in Rianate 6

great. Verc put the work Tao and I created in a YAC, uh, all my Professors were in good moods, I answered, playfully squeezing his hand. Oh, my Professors were never in good moods. Eh. Thats because they had you in their classes. Dallas shot me a look but I kept a big grin on. Youre so mean to me. Anyway, you ever had bacon dip before? he asked.

Having My Way - Part 6

had a mind of its own. I knew he was close and I had to have every drop. He grabbed my head and forced himself deeper. We both were beyond stopping and I felt his cock harden then release a hot flow of cum down my throat while I drank as fast as I could. He released my head to balance himself against the wall as he shot the last drops down my

My Girls Best Friend

usually, my cock would go soft after that. But he wasn't going down without a fight today! Still hard and throbbing, I pressed my hard dick into her super tight slit. It was a little difficult getting it inside of her, but she opened up quickly as she groaned uncontrollably. "Fuck me Jake! Fuck me like I'm a little plaything for your big hard

The day I get a step brother. Part 1

eyes opened big. I invited him in and told him to sit down. He did as I said, I got by his legs and bent down and sat on my knees. I looked up a him an said "I know you seen my naked. He just nodded. " Now I'm going to do something you'll never forget." He said "What"? Me: "You'll find out." So I found his zipper and pulled it down I grabbed

Young America 2 (The Slumber Party)

Ronnie screaming with glee. Becka just shook her head and waded in on the stairs. Raven sat on the side and plopped herself in beside Ronnie. Becka stopped suddenly with a puzzled look on her face. Im going to get some drinks, Ill be back in a second. As Becka turned and left Salem popped up behind Ronnie with her breasts firmly pressed against


more especially sexuality identified with financially independent womanhood arising from sex.  Basically, it's fear and loathing of women in control of their own sexuality apart from traditional wedded monogamy.  It's also, unsurprisingly, historically been about controlling women's sexuality by enforcing conventional notions of love and romance

Culture Shock Ch. 11

chest tightened, making her fight for air. I just wanted to know ‘hypothetically’, not ‘actually’! her mind screamed as she typed desperately. “I’m sorry! That’s not what I meant!” A second later, Gary messaged her back. “Let’s pause for a moment.”  Sitting back in her chair, Elaine closed her eyes as smaller and smaller butterflies attacked her

Blindfolded Ecstacy

against his belly, occasionally jerking up. She quietly walked to the dresser and grabbed one of the silk scarves and a small 4 inch vibrator. She went back to the bed and began rubbing her hands over his legs, slowly moving up to his waist. She took the scarf and brushed it across his nutsack and cock, watching them tighten and move in

Shelley Comes To Stay

Admit it though; I did turn you on, didn’t I?’ ‘Okay, yes. You looked great and you have made some quality purchases today,’ Josh reluctantly replied. Shelley hugged him again and planted a kiss on his cheek. She then said, ‘Did you masturbate after I left’ ‘Shelley I can’t answer that,’ he said, with a tone of mock indignation.  ‘I will take

My sib made me a sub (Part 5) (The gang banging of jim)

with her instrument. I had no clue but Alice had took my cock in her hungry mouth and started to suck me for all she was worth. I was beyond any ecstasy I had ever felt. Three horny women were having their way with me and I wasn’t even tied down now; Amy released my bonds when she applied more lube. With my knees buried to the floor so

Two Callers

her mouth. “Go on ahead boys – full me in on the lord.”She allowed the apparent leader, the taller and older of the two begin talking for five minutes or so before she began to move closer to him. He began to stutter. “Go on”, she said as she sat on her feet in front of him. He continued. Without looking up, she put her right hand on his

I Turned Sixty-One This Year

first eight we had what I called a good marriage. We seemed to have goals and wants that matched pretty well and our sex lives were good. As good as two inexperienced lovers could have it be, when both were virgins except with each other. We had missionary sex in the dark twice a week. I convinced myself that was what married people who went to

Mr X

With that thought I climaxed trying to act as normal as possible so no one noticed which was very difficult. I asked her if she was wet and if I could introduce her to my friend as he loves wet cunts. He was sitting waiting for us, as we approached him he ushered us in the direction of the toilets. He demanded that Laura pull up her dress. She

Daisy's Undoing

led into a wall. The comfortable, flat slippers made it easy to reach where the man was waiting, when she heard him walk off again. "This way," he said through the darkness. This repeated several times, until they were both lost somewhere deep in the darkness.She had gotten accustomed to walking over to his voice when he surprised her by grabbing

The Succubus Chapters 5-6

I made to him pretending to be her from the night before, he gags her and continues as she squirms underneath him. Then, he shoves his dick in her tight little ass and she screams out, “Stop! Please daddy! It hurts.”She tries to crawl away, but he picks her right back up and shoves his dick in her torn up asshole again. I read his mind and hear

Driving in Snow Ch. 02

gave up even more on keeping the robe closed and she managed to give me several nice views of her matching panties. We all went to dress and then moved to the living room. I noticed that the book on Tantra that Cindy had taken the previous evening was back but another one was gone. We meditated for about twenty minutes and then continued reading

The Hills Have Thighs – Part 2

remove my cock from her. Amy had been reduced to a shuddering mess beneath me. John took his hand away, yet she no longer had the energy to force out a cry for help. Not that it really mattered. There was no one around for miles. Even someone driving past wouldnt hear her over the sound of their car. I reveled in the knowledge that both these

A Promise Kept Ch. 04

I went rough, okay? Besides, it’s not like you could ever understand anyway.’ All of a sudden, I felt the apple that Dad had been eating hit me in the side of the head, and then I saw it fall into the water and bob up and down on the surface of the lake. ‘Just who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, boy?’ Dad quietly seethed, ‘You forgot

Accidental Foursome Pt2

story before continuing. Enjoy…After Greg and I finished up our morning workout (naked wrestling I think it’s called), we got up, had a quick shower and got dressed. I had a breakfast date with our new friend Eve and we were going to spend the last at-sea day of our cruise in the spa getting pampered and transformed into the goddesses we are. I

My Sex Life in Stories (Part 1)

of water with me and it was more or less guaranteed that I would go to the toilet as soon as I got home. But today was totally different, when I got home I discovered I was locked out. Somewhere on my jog I managed to lose my key. Not a major problem you might say, well usually no. Today however I was close to bursting for the toilet. We live out

‘His is bigger than yours’

in time.I’ve got a boner for no apparent reason (unfortunately), and it’s getting sore from rubbing on the inside of my jeans. I’ve recently lost my virginity to a B-Girl in the Philippines, where I also found out that I have a big cock, and I got confirmation of that fact on several occasions and from several different sources. I’ve known that


and he began to slowly move them in and out, bumping her cervix with them and dragging them back before repeating the motion. She tried riding them, but every time she moved her hips, Daddy went faster and threw her off balance. It went unspoken that he was reminding her that it was His cunt, not hers, and he would determine the pace.He got her

Tony On My Taste Buds.

my first time to be with someone that liked me rather than just wanted my tight hole. Nevertheless, it was a Monday night and we made plans to meet on Thursday during the day, and with that Alex had to go offline. His missus was pestering him.I didn't know how to feel and needed some advice, so I texted Tony again, not sure what to expect. I had

My ex Wife Sam

the last cum shot, we all rested, drank some beer and smoked cigarettes. We all laughed and commented on how sexy and awesome my wife was in such a state: all covered with cum. I looked at my wife and she was loving every minute of it. Soon afterwards it got really hot inside, so one of the guys opened the window overlooking out backyard. At this

The Bus Ride

had another fight with my boyfriend, and decided to hop on a bus to see where it would take me. I got on the first bus that came my way. The driver appeared to be middle aged, and very stern looking. He told me to hurry up and find a seat, and sit my ass down. I could tell this was going to be a fun ride. I still can’t believe my boyfriend

Kiddie Camp

to me. My dick was on her back but she was fine with that. I was breathing on her neck and rubbing her arms. She was really warm. The other four were having a good time too. Sean and Andrea were kissing again. After a few minutes I said, alright, now we should do something else, but you can’t tell anyone or we’ll all get in trouble. I had them

Seducing the whole family

myself getting very wet between my legs. Josh was moaning quietly and my gaze was, like Daniella’s, riveted to my son’s by now very stiff cock.I think what tipped me over the edge from concerned Mother to perverted voyeur was when I saw a large drop of pre-cum form on the tip of Josh’s cock and Daniella lean slowly down and, with the tip of her

Pastor Richard's Anal Lessons

Richard arrived late that Sunday evening. Mari almost lost her breath when she gazed upon him. Her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath she tried to conceal. Though Pastor Syrus did not notice Mari’s attraction, Pastor Richard most definitely did. “Sister Mari,” he smiled at her, “Could you please show me to my room. I am so tired and wish

Caroline Ch. 08.02

Jo and I slept together for several nights because Mike was still recovering from the operation. He encouraged us to make love but unfortunately Jo’s period arrived soon after we got there so sex took a back seat for a few days. That didn’t matter really because, although he couldn’t do anything he was still the most attentive of men. He would

office 1

again.” “So trouble at home then.” “Yes you could say that, but ill sort it eventually.” “Why don’t you come to my office, and we can chat more.” before he had the chance to say anything, pat was walking away from him, so after a few seconds he headed to the office. Knocking on the door and walking inside, he found pat bent over with her sweater

Repaying my cheating Husband

have I got good news!" the youth couldn't contain himself. "I got my first A in Chemistry! Now I get that reward my brother promised! A whole new PS4. I bet it will beat PS3. My brother is going to be home tonight right sister-in-law?”I looked at my brother-in-law and knew I would have to disappoint him. "Oh, Douglas, He had to stay a few days

Blood Lust

because everyone needs water!As much as we are sensitive to sunlight, the crap about being burnt by the sun is the silliest legend of all. Much as we are mostly nocturnal beings, limited exposure to the sun is not a problem. Naturally, you will never see one of us sunbathing and as long as we are in the shade we suffer little discomfort. We are

Body Swap

suit one another rather well but Mitch always had the yearning to make love to a really beautiful woman, a fashion model would have done admirably.Layla wore glasses, had a rather large nose, big hips, and a very annoying laugh. As Mitch was no oil painting himself he resolved that she was as good as it was going to get and that was

Virtual Slavery Ch. 06

was not far below freezing, but snow was starting to accumulate, and as the river narrowed it began to skin over with ice. A few disgusted ducks stamped across ice to open water, and a dozen or so seagulls stood stoically, apparently waiting for spring. They couldn’t want it more than I did. The forecast was for three to five inches of snow..

How it all began 2 Pam in desperation turns to BBC

downward stroke until it passed my cervix which thankfully wasn't painful at all so I got brave and pushed onward.. Then I felt he was as deep as Jim and Again I started long stroking while climaxing like crazy.. the wild climax caused me to go deeper and oh god It was even better. I lost all control and just rammed the final inch. Now I was

Stress Relief

at how he wailed. The clit stimulator began to work its magic again, sending thrilling sensations out over her body.Just as his submissiveness kicked up a notch each time she pegged him, she had also noticed that her stamina increased. The first time, she had not lasted long, but every time since she had gotten progressively more able to exert

Samantha Silverton First Interracial Sex

As he did, Samantha undid his pants. Pulling his dick out, she began to run a hand over the shaft of his penis. Feeling his pants lose, he pulled away from her tits so he push his pants and shorts down, so Samantha could have a better feel of his penis. While he did, Samantha pulled her dress completely off, leaving her panties on. “Wow, I do

Greastest Birthday Ever

my dick started to get hard and it was paining in my pants. I went away to my room and sat down and fired the computer up and then linked the camera and started to masturbate to the pictures I just took.“Kay where are you I am done come down and we can play…umm monopoly”“Okay I am coming in while”I closed down the computer and ran to the bathroom


to better use, that her work was trivial. She had told me it hadn’t mattered, laughed it off at the time but I could see it had wounded her. That after all her hard work, being called trivial was the last thing she needed. ‘It’s because they can’t deal with you being so great.’ I said. ‘Plus, your tits look resplendent this morning.’ ‘Really?’

After the Windfall: 'Mother'

winning a promotion that actually allowed her more free time. Extra time also meant less distraction and more loneliness. Our situations were similar that way too. Both of us were looking for more, and while definitely not a virgin, she admitted her dating skills were rusty. My lack of experience made me less scary to her.It's funny even writing

The Barbecue

might see." "Oh, I'm just getting started." You playfully licked my ear then headed back into the house. You returned to sit with a group of friends but maneuvered your chair facing the grill. When no one was looking, you caught my watchful eye and glanced down, smiling. Very slowly and carefully, you opened your legs. I nearly choked on my beer.

Exploring Anal

down her ass until I could feel the pucker of her anus and circled my finger around it. She stopped pumping up and down on me and lay down on my chest. As I rimmed her star, I felt her tremble on top of me. I lifted my knees up which forced her legs further apart and pushed her up my body slightly, allowing me to reach her ass better. Lisa wanted

Timewalker pt 4 (long - 120 pgs)

what had happened.Lisa gave his head a gentle nudge toward her crotch, wanting him to continue what he’d started.“Don’t stop now,” she complained. “You owe me for saving those two blondes in the trailer!”“My wife!” he exclaimed, suddenly jumping up. “I’ve got to find her!” He shoved Lisa back and crawled over her legs to the door.“Hey!” Lisa

Phoebe Part 1

pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. She drew away and gave him her temptress look. “You're not jealous, I know. So, did what you saw arouse you?”“It did. You know it did. Did you perhaps do it for my benefit? Did you hope that I might notice?”“Mmmm, something like that,” said goddess with a cheeky grin. “You’ll have to keep your eyes open.

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 18

tone of the message worried her. Amy, I expect you in my office at 8:00. We need to talk. -Burnside- Saturday morning Amy entered the professor’s office at 8:00. Burnside was clearly infuriated. Her eyes bore right into Amy’s, her face was flushed with anger, and the muscles on her neck were tensed. Without saying any type of greeting, she handed

The Wife and the Magician 4

wrapped Len’s cock, lubricating him with each stroke and sent volumes of her wetness down over his scrotum. She squealed with orgasmic pleasure and came three times before she relinquished Len’s cock to Red. Emily had always been multi-orgasmic and John claimed to have once counted over thirty orgasms from Emily, in succession. Of course that

Double or Nothing!

in my other stories, these events I write about are all true. I try to write detail information as it happens to me and I hope that you are enjoying Naughty Nikki's life stories!!Tired! Thirsty and hungry! I sat in the TV room wondering what mischief I was going to encounter today. I wanted to go out to the Jamacian restaurant for some spicy food

The Handler - Ch. 2

Ash pressed down and smeered her cunt all over Sal's face. Sal must have been doing a good job licking her cunt because Ash spread open the wrap revieling she had nothing on underneath when she started to maul her own tits (34D at least.) Ashley started to gyrate her hips and do a slight humping bouce on Sal as well.It didn't last to long she got

Uncle Bob Ch. 11

hypocritical way. I mean, this bitch really fucked with Stacey and me when she was divorcing my asshole brother, and this felt like sweet revenge. For a moment, she looked sad. "What the defendant wanted to say is that she is very sorry for what she did. With Stacey away, I can't make it up to her. But, Bob," and here she smiled, "I can make it

Kenny Loves Carla

seeping out of her into his pubic hair. Lovingly, Kenny said, “I love you, Carla. Please spend the night with me.” Carla laughed heartily at his innocence. “You’re a cutie, Kenny. But I think it’s time to go. The party’s going to end soon and people may be wondering where I disappeared off to.” She climbed off of him, and scooped up her panties,

Denise and Darnell, pt 1

2 hours to his ramblings. I had an ulterior motive. One that would either earn me husband of the year or a reservation on the couch. “Yeah this Saturday evening would be fine, Darnell. Can I bring Denise?”Darnell was speechless for once. He'd never invited her to come, too. Just me. “Yeah, that’ll be fine. Uh, my wife will be on the evening shift

The Ugly Duckling Pt. 1

Those weekend tournaments usually were a lot of fun. With no parents around, camping always included BBQs in the evening along with beer and liquor, which in most cases was tolerated by the trainers. It was also a chance to get to know new boys, especially at mixed tournaments like this one.After arriving on Friday in the late afternoon, me and

Everyone Said She Did It

me. We went into the bedroom and got undressed. She hung her dress up as usual and tossed her underwear into a laundry hamper in her closet. When we got into bed she began to suck my cock which was how sex always began for us, she would suck my cock for several minutes and then I would put my finger in her and rub her clitoris. After several

College COED seeks Financial Freedom

Candice moaned loudly. " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" Candice moaned as she pulleded me tighter against her. She felt the feeling of arousal growing inside her, felt her body responding more and more to my attentions. "OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO" Candice screamed as I thrusted hard into her popping her cherry."

Janet Continues Her Exploration Part 3

“Oh yes! You’re going to make me come! Oh yes! Oh! I’m coming! You’re making me cum! I’m cumming!” Roger’s massive penis looked like there was come all over it, but he hadn’t come yet. His black cock was coated with Janet’s secretions since she’d creamed on his penis every time he made her come. Roger surprised me by asking me to join

Sister asks for help conceiving

it's fine to talk to me about your problem.'She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.'I would like if you could contribute some of your sperm to apply to myself and...... create a ...........', she said, trying to make it sound as unsexual and as mechanical as possible.I could feel absolutely nothing, I heard absolutely nothing, except the

Alicia's Foray Into Bondage

tethered portrait of her girl. "You look good slave. I like you restrained this way. Bev, spank her.""Yes Miss." Bev's open palm initiated the contact upon Alicia's derriere. Slap! Slap! Her arm swinging freely, alternating from left to right and back again. Slap! Slap! Slap! Alicia closed her eyes, the sharp stinging swarmed over each lily white

Beach Encounter

Looking at the boy Sharon suddenly feels foolish, ‘No it was my fault, I should have worn something when I came on board’. The boy grins and shrugs, ‘anyway, we’re having a barbeque on the beach and wanted you to come so we can make it up to you’.‘Shocked Sharon looks at him for a moment ‘I don’t know she murmurs’, ‘please he asks, I promise we

Not Just the Photographer (Part 2 The Photo Shoot)

your pussy and . . ” “Now hold on. I don’t have a pussy, I have a cunt, a vagina, a slit or a hole but not a pussy. Pussies are furry, they’re what you put outside when you go to bed, pussies are what you take to catteries when you go on holiday. My cunt has no fur, it’s hairless, bald, completely shaved. I take my cunt to bed with me each

Lubed and serviced

my attentions back to Sue, increasing both the speed and the force of my thrusts. I started jacking her up really hard, and she responded in kind, ramming her pussy up into the thrusts and bucking as each one hit home. This occupied my entire attention for several minutes until it finally occurred to me to check on our partners again.When I

Second Chance, Book 05

‘So, how’s it going,’ Henry asked. ‘Fine … I love the job and I really like Charlie and the people at VCM. I owe you and Lloyd a lot for helping me find this.’ ‘Well, I just wish it was under better circumstances. That was a crazy, heartbreaking time for you, Brent. I’m still amazed you came out of it whole.’ ‘Henry, I’m the first to admit I

Their Stories – Final Chapter

down and removed her panties. He also didnt know the fullness that was starting to overtake Staceys young pussy with her pregnancy, but he beheld light down above and bald slit below with ecstasy. He kissed it several times, then laid her on the bed. He immediately and eagerly began to push his tongue into her young cunt. It was already wet

The art of seduction!

it’s my idea now and anyway, you’re not trying to corrupt me are you? We are just looking at some things on the web.”“Yes but they are not things you should be looking at, not at your age anyway.”“I’m not a child!” I rounded on him, attempting to sound annoyed and vulnerable at the same time “I can look after myself and anyway there is nothing on

Korean girl Teasing Captives -2016 Investment?

spread out on the desk behind her. I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing what she was going to do next! Slowly she raised the hem of her skirt, showing those lovely brown firm legs. With her chin still tipped down, she glanced up and let her eyes roam over the shadows moving within the cages. “You like my legs? You want to see how high

A Strong Alliance: Elzira (Ch. One)

seed inside of her. She filled and over flowed with hot sticky semen, at first appearing unconscious, but Titus soon realized she had simply submitted to her fate after an hour of him ravaging her body.Grunting, he cut her bindings and pulled her small frame on top of him, one arm pressing her to him like a rag doll in a sleeping child’s arms.

After the Opera

heard the woman, Tara," said Margaret. With a triumphant smirk, Tara slid off Andrew's chest, and at long last he was free to behold Margaret with her hairy, hungry pussy. With a salacious grin, Margaret gave him a moment to admire her triangle and then dove onto the bed. She kissed him deeply and ran her hands teasingly up and down his sides,

Tim, the Teenage Part XXXIII

had four naked girls lick us dry. Things didn't turn out the way we planned, however. "Tim... shit! This is so hot! If I don't fuck one of them, I think I'll explode or something." "Sheryl! You've never been so horny in you life. You want Joey. You want him in you. Go Fuck JOEY!" I yelled as I grabbed Cindy and took her down to the floor of the

Silent Night 2: The Bloody Claus

lip she lifted a hand extending a finger, beckoning the elf forward. Her mouth slowly opened as her tongue slowly slipped out the tip of her tongue licking her top lip slowly, pushing it up. The elf walked forward unsure. She reached out gently grabbing its member and began to stroke it softly. She came as she moaned out a near scream. She

VIGNETTES I - Christmas Leave Virgin

finally her legs opened a bit more. I hooked the hem of her panties and worked them over her bottom. I paused to rub those beautiful mounds and finally went to finish pulling off her underwear. She clenched her legs together at first but then as I worked the elastic down to her thighs she relaxed and I finished sliding them of of her legs.She

Becoming a Sex Slave 3 - The Cortez Brother

exposed my asshole.He then informed me that Gino wasn’t really into anal sex. So I could be expecting him to fuck my pussy the most. But that he, (Carlos) really enjoyed ass fucking. And that I could expect to get my ass fucked on a regular basis by him.His words had me realizing that they expected me to be here for them, allowing them to fuck me

My Fiancee the kind hearted whore.

like a thank you but put really crudely.They talked about what it should be and then she opened her legs as he got between them to start writing.This is what he wrote in quite small writing, to fit it in, just above her pubic hair, "THANK'S FOR THE LOAN OF YOUR FIANCEE'S CUNT".Eventually they both went to sleep and it was about 10 o'clock when

Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 2: Part 1

rushing back upstairs to grab mine and his father’s bigger suitcase as well. “Thanks honey!” I exclaimed, giving him a kiss on the cheek when he came down the second time. “Could you get your sister’s too?” I asked.“Sure, mom” he smiled back. Just as Chris made another trip upstairs, my husband pulled into the driveway. I opened the door for him

Step Mom, Cousin and a lovely beach

slippery with pre cum dripping out."Mmm, you are so fucking sexy Lucas," she saidShe then moved her mouth down to my cock. She licked the tip gently and began to flicker her tongue. My cock entered her mouth as she slurped on it with passion. Looked like she was enjoying it more then I was. "When I felt it last night I knew it was huge." she

Special Needs One

only for an afternoon and overnight,’ Rodger said.‘That’s one afternoon and night too much,’ I said into my phone.‘Jean, you know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Jason and I are stuck here in Philadelphia and won’t be back to Connecticut until about noon tomorrow.’‘Can’t Jason’s mother take BOTH boys for a night?’‘Jean, she’s

Darnell and Carmela-Chapter two

to my back. I turned around in my seat. "No, actually," I said. "Darnell!" "The one and only, Jenna," I said. "Wha-wha-what are you doing here?" she said, her voice breaking up. "I'm here to see you, actually," I said. "After all of these years?" "Yeah, it has been a while, hasn't it," I said. She just stared as if reassuring herself that

Her new neighbor

and said ever since you said you were a teacher and I imagined your amazing body in a sexy teachers outfit Ive wanted to! she winked and said wait here, Ill be right back she quickly got up and rushed into her room. She emerged a minute later wearing a tight black mini skirt which accentuated her curvy legs and ass, a tight white blouse that

Something New

door of my work building, and looked up for a moment to admire the tall skyscraper directly across the road. It was one of many buildings commonly associated with my city. I hailed a cab and, as I told the driver the location of my apartment, scanned the streets to gather in all the people. They were all different, each with different stories,

Dominating Gracie Ch. 01

time, she smirked. "Mmmm, I bet you'd like to dominate me, John. Maybe even turn me over and spank me till my ass is red and welted with your handprints."John was really panting now, and Gracie figured she could get him to come again just by talking dirty, but her pleasure was the goal this time. She slipped her finger between her lips and wet it

More of What Friends Are For Ch. 05

here on the couch" I offered.John was not at all reluctant to take me up on it, Laura seemed a little disappointed."Oh Scott, that just doesn't seem right" she returned."No, really it's fine. This big old couch is actually very comfortable. I usually sleep here when I have any guests. I insist." I said.While the thought of more time with Laura

Learned My Lesson Well

was lying flat on my back. He was standing naked and eager. He didn't appear at all intimidated by our age difference but rather I sensed a confidence radiating from his face. His cock was hard and honey roasted tan as the rest of him. His eyes studied me all over and I could tell he was pleased. I reached both hands down and placed them on my

Medical Test at the State Fair

at all of the booths and activities, I saw a motorhome that had a big sign on it that said “Prostate Cancer”. Being a male in college, I was curious about it. I was greeted by a woman who gave me some literature and told me I could get a free blood test and exam if I filled out a questionnaire. The questionnaire was very easy to fill out, and it

Bad Influence #2

wireless from the garden, and as always they have time for a break that they spend with their daughter and our guest. That doesn't stop Dirk from caressing my tits or sticking his hand in my pants whenever we are alone; but fucking, a good one, is off the table for now. Dirk’s touch on my ass or tits only aggravates my appetite. Need to be

Beach House part 1:post-camp

He just kept cumming and cumming, rope after rope which made me start to orgasm and I shot huge ropes of cum straignt into the slanted ceiling which was inches from my face.After his dick settled down and he washed off the wall with the shower head that was painted with goey cum he turned around and shut off the shower. I pulled up my boxers

Movie Night. (Part 2.)

then now. I wanted to be higher.I needed it.Craved it.I had to have his still hard dick inside me."Just what, Amy?" Matt asked cruely, standing at the foot of the bed with an innocent look on his face.He had his hands resting on my calves, and my legs tingled with the expectation that he would move them up higher.I bit my bottom lip, feeling

Friends with Benefits

out to make her his, like no-one before. She had her orders, so tonight she would submit, without panties.Through the morning, she prepared the practicals without difficulty, but at lunchtime, she drove to a car park in the woods and fingered herself thinking of Sir's fingers inside her. She came quickly and forcefully, then came again almost

Total Woman Vignettes 05A

first, relinquishing control. Mr. Rubin took the lead as they continued to stare. He motioned her down with lowered palms as he separated his legs. Maureen squatted between his knees, settling her ass on the fashionable black high heels strapped to her feet. ‘Remove my shorts, you shameless lass.’ Eyes still fixed on his, Maureen brought her

Ray’s Ring Ch. 06

don’t know how to ask you this. Don’t get mad, or upset. It doesn’t have anything to do with how much I love you, but in a way it does because he made it possible for us to be a couple again.’ ‘What? Are you talking about Ray? What about Ray?’ Jake and Ray’s relationship was like a lot of brothers. Strong love and respect, tinged with some

The Adventures of G Ch. 09

‘Jimmy,’ I said, ‘remember it is only a sin if you spill your seed on the ground. If you place your seed in a receptacle of a woman, you are praising God. What we are doing will help you. It will be hard, I mean difficult at first but when you get accustomed to seeing me like this, it will get easier. You will be able to talk to women, look at

Dreams of a Whore

but they were starting to look up. For the five years they had been married they both worked full time to make enough money to afford food and their little apartment. After years of hard work and patience, he had chanced upon a much better paying job. It was such an improvement that she didn’t even need to work anymore and they could start

Introduction to Pain!

got me home mother gave me a sound thrashing on my arse, and for the longest time after I was not allowed to go out in the evenings after school, or on weekends. When she could not be home Father was made to stay with me and that cut into his drinking time, but I didn't really have to worry about him other than the fact he would tell mother if I

Island Discipline Ch. 22

around so that she could inspect her. As Kristy obeyed, Sue was impressed with what she saw. The sheen of the black silk corset was echoed in the golden tone of Kristy's skin, the sheer stockings and the silvery metal base of the plug, not to mention the gleaming gold of her pussy rings!"Now listen carefully," Sue told Kristy. "Guests will start

The Spanking

and around as you continue to try to suck your dildo to orgasm. “Mmmm….” I wonder at this, then realize that you’ve become lost in a little bit of fuck-lust. Your brain is completely saturated with sex, focused on sucking off the cock in your face, your body accepting of what’s happening to it. Liquid is running down your chin, as well as

Ghost Girl Chronicles- Chapter 2: Release

I scream louder in my mind and manage to freeze. My body screams out as the conflicting forces of my will and whatever is controlling me clash. Ashley/G.G.'s face contorts and her eyes glow bright red as she screams."FINISH IT!" Her shriek forces my fear over the edge and a tear cradles in my left eye. My resistance expires and my cock inserts

Forbidden Fruit 2 The Beach House – Virgin no more

he carried her past the second floor up more stairs until in his bed room. He carried her over to the bed then he set her feet on the floor and while still holding onto her grabbed the covers and whipped them down unmaking the bed. As soon as they were down he picked her up again and spun her around and laid her gently onto the fresh linens.

Our First Meeting

unnecessary as it turned out. The evening started well and just got better and better, no period of adjustment or unease; we talked, laughed and flirted through dinner and the drive to the concert hall. The wine we'd had with dinner had lent an edge to our flirting and we became more and more aware of each others physical presence, light brushes


sarcastic, dry-witted writer in the VIP to a veritable dancing machine on the dance floor. She could actually dance, I was impressed. The way she moved and shimmied was both confident and sexy, her body writhing and swaying to the music as if she was an extension of it. “I’m impressed.” I yelled, pulling her towards me by her shoulder so that

The Escort Pt 2

date through agency, the money was hers to keep and she would.“Laney, quit the agency. Let me take care of you.” Mr. Kim offered.Laney was tempted, but this man was married. She had to be able to take care of herself. Soon she’d have a second degree and she could start her career. One that did not involve laying under some man.“Baby, your wife.”

Cindy, Steve and Jenny Ch 2

down her leg. She scooped it up with her fingers and put it in her mouth. Richard and Carla took a shower together before getting dressed for dinner out. Richard put on his suit and Carla put on a blue dress that was very sexy with top held back by her neck with slit down between her breasts and short enough on her thighs to show most of her

My life Pt 5.5

blue eyes. Her breast were the perfect size just enough so when she ran they bounced and small enough they wouldn't distract you from seeing the real her. Her ass was perfectly rounded and dint need leggings to prove it. Her face was so beautiful you didn't need to look at anyone else. And her smell if it was intoxicating. Alexis ran to me

Lost in the Woods Ch. 02

When she gasped his name, he smiled to himself and captured her lips again. He ran his thumb over her nipple. It was already taut and hard, but cold from the rain and so he dipped his head down and took it in his mouth, flicking his tongue over and around it. Willow's soft cry was what he was after, but then he pulled away. "Better be quiet,

DarkFyre Chapter Eleven

wide today to admit travelers, merchants, tradesmen, crafters, Nobles, herdsmen, and paupers of all kinds. The crowd gathered at the gate was vast on this clear and pleasant day, a sea of humanity, Human and DemiHuman alike. All sorts of folks and classes mingling in a great press of raised voices, stinking bodies, and impatience to be on their

My submissive Ex

fact. See, my stiffy between her legs also managed to rub her moist cunt flaps at the same time, so I wasn't the only one getting his fun out of this deal. At one point she even got so distracted by moaning that she almost suffocated from breathing only into my pillow. Luckily I noticed and placed one hand right next to her face to allow her to

hot night Pt 1

and then I move my tongue up the length of your dick and slowly tease the tip. When I feel that you can?t possibly hold out any longer, I take your entire length down my throat. You shoot your cum down my throat with such a forceful orgasm that you break your bonds, but I still manage to swallow every drop. As you look at me with a look of

The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 14) - Laura Sucks Cocks

did things that might annoy Laura, Laura could see Erica involuntarily flinch. Erica was submitting to Laura more and more easily, and she never questioned Laura's demands or resisted them anymore. Every day Laura always came home to find Erica naked and kneeling and ready to be fucked. A part of Laura felt horrified at what she was doing to

MY EARLY YEARS: Part 8 The innocence of Suzy

it is. That kiss did that. Sorry.” Suzy laughed. “Don’t be sorry. I’ve always wondered what one feels like. When I’m at school, some of the girls tell us about touching dicks and how they make them cum. I’ve never seen a real one.” I felt excitement flood through me. “Do you want to?” “Yes, but I need to take it slow. I like kissing, but

Little Mistakes Ch. 1

and over, then punctuated with ‘Open this god damn door!’ Every third time my name was called. I was going to make a comical joke about moving towards the light since I was obviously hallucinating by now. The bathroom door flew open and I know I cant be hallucinating that. Lydia Glashow, the only real friend I have, was standing in the door way.

Taping A Family Get-Together

such a nice cock inside me."She had a hand down rubbing over her clit as I stroked in and out of her. And, she was making some very nice moves under me as I did. Maybe Janet's talent in bed is genetic in origin, maybe she gets it all from her mom."Oh, this is what I miss so much, this feeling of a man inside me, making me so happy, so satisfied.

My Nephews Get Their Way - Part One

chuckled and tried not to look directly at my nephew's package, but kept finding myself fixated on it."Do you wanna see it?"So, there I was, feet away from my ripped young nephew and he suddenly grabbed his crotch."My muscles aren't the only thing getting bigger these days," he said with a devilish smirk. "Hey, you wanna see how big it’s

Anal Etiquette: Madrid

in all but name and undo centuries of advancements in equal rights and suffrage. However, in the years since, those fears were found to be groundless and the clamor died down.Of course, the women in those fringe groups had to drink the water too, and had become considerably more docile and less outspoken. So maybe there was something to their

Castleton Ch. 2

the pain and lust we shall provide him. He has suffered much today, at the hands of another Mistress, yet he has more discipline and corrections to receive. Intertwined with the torments, will be pleasures, which both he and we, shall enjoy. "You may pity him, if you must, but be assured he is here to receive these corrections and disciplines of

Please Yourself

wetness on my stomach and leaning into my ear you tell me how tight I am. I blush and bury my face in your neck, but you're indifferent to indulging me. You pull away and tell me to get up, you're kneeling on the foot of the bed now, sitting back with your knees parted gently. I lie on my stomach with my head in your lap and pull your cock into

America’s Playboy Ch. 03

to speak before politely interrupting their back and forth conversation. Suddenly he had the image of himself running down the street screaming while on fire. ‘Relax. Look at you. You’re sweatin’ bullets, said Julio. ‘There’s no reason for you to be nervous. You’re among friends. You’ve watched the Godfather movie one too many times,’ he said

Bastille Day Ch. 3

reaching under her uplifted derriere… fingers splaying out to squeeze her rounded bottom. He lifts her as his sweet mouth opens fully over her tenderness. His bottom lip tweaks over her rock hard clit and she gasps, a wave of pleasure coursing through her. As his soft, hard tongue delicately delves into her tight need, the iridescent creature

Karl and Laci Have Phone Sex

is my first time. —– When I saw Laci that evening, it was electric. Instead of her coming home, I met her at the hotel since we had the room until the next morning anyway. When I walked into the room, I felt dizzy. The smell of sex was definitely noticeable, and the thought of my wife and another woman making love on the still-disheveled bed

Charity glory hole

already.I moved up the queue and entered the box where Tanya was. I knew Tanya and she was a very sexy forty-five year old with lovely big tits. I put my swollen cock and balls through the padded hole, I was then treated to an amazing blow job. Tanya was cupping my heavy balls as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft. Before long I lost

A Dark Street

pounding strokes, he fucked me, hard and fast. My legs, stretched over his shoulders were burning with each time he came down onto me. I hurt now, in both holes, feeling violated, used, and strangely wanted. In my pain mixed pleasure I didn't know if I wanted him to stop or fuck me harder. As if to decide for me, he finally came, shooting his hot

Light Skin, Long Hair Ch. 03

said Philip, amused, taking a sip of his wine. Jasmine took a long drag on hers before speaking again. ‘And… and then the husband says, ‘a seat’. A SEAT!’ She burst out laughing, banging her fist on the table. Philip smiled dotingly while watching her. ‘I… I guess you didn’t find it too funny,’ said Jasmine once she recovered. She took another

Getting lucky in the casino

table and whispered, ‘What a beautiful black man at the other end of the table.’ That was not an unusual thing for her to say, but I glanced her way and could see a little lust in her eyes.She’s in her thirties, yoga shaped, and absolutely beautiful…but she’s not a sexual person. We make love only once a week and we miss 1 week each month when

Bow down to the one you serve

little dive with patrons that were nothing but old perverts, had burned to the ground mysteriously. She didnt ask questions but she was sure that it was for the insurance money. At twenty-four, the half-Japanese and half-German girl stood only at five feet and two inches tall. She was short and petite with long black hair that was styled in a

Jay Nurses My Injury

quite painfully and pulling them up away from my body, stretching them until I cried out. He somehow managed to pinch them harder and pull on them more fiercely, causing me to lift my torso up off of the bed a bit.He fished another ice cube out of the container. He then brought his face down to my right breast, squeezing his hand around it and

Office Slut Ch. 01

motioned for her to walk over to him and said, "You did a fantastic job, and for that, you're going to get a reward." As she walked over, he took a look at the clock and noticed that it was about time for his lunch break, and so no one would interrupt this time. He took off his suit and underclothes and piled them neatly in the corner. "Now how

Convient Cumming With Sister

asked "can I pee"? I covered my hard on with a wash rag and answered "come on in"! She walked in smiled at me saying "good morning" as she pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet and started peeing. She stood up and looked at my hand covering my hard dick. She kneeled next to the bathtub and whispered "do ya want me to make you cum , I'll

Reapers 2

Aren’t you even the least bit concerned that your daughter may be out there somewhere?? Cold and alone and scared???”“If she was anywhere near by then she would have turned up by now… If I know her like I hope I do, then she’s out there somewhere, beyond my grasp… And honestly it’ll be easier for her if my enemies think she is dead…”Kail growls

The Retirees Club (01)

followed by a cup of coffee in the snack bar. All stuff I did before, just not regularly. Well, except for the jerking off. I didn't do much of that before the wife died, now my right hand had become my special friend. Not very satisfying, but any port in a storm. Before I met the wife, I was involved with a jerkoff group, maybe something

Package Deal 3

her how to do it right.”The buzzing vibrator was still lodged in her ass, making her already tight pussy even tighter. I twisted around and pushed her back on to the couch, staying lodged in her as I moved to a missionary position. Once she was on her back I grabbed her thin hips and gave her about four or five quick thrusts before it was too

Young lesson in Sex

pussy lips open and told me she wanted me to lick her where she had told me to rub. I looked at that opening and she put her finger on there and started rubbing.I hesitated, because I wasnt sure I wanted to do that. As she started breathing a little harder she told me again she would do what I wanted if I would do what she wanted. My dick was

True Love Found

heart attack when I was five, he was admitted into a Catholic church run hospital.  In those days, children were not allowed to visit, but Mother Superior felt it would do my dad good to see his little girl.  I was permitted a five minute visit, and then I spent time with Mother Superior in the hospital cafeteria, having ice cream, while my

The Dirty Little Secret

She just wasn’t connecting with anybody she was meeting.  She even started to think she might like girls. She just wanted to be loved in some regard.  At this point, she wasn’t at all picky.  She was really upset and spent a lot of time at home.  Her mother was concerned about her.  She was always on the couch watching sappy love stories while

Occupational Hazards Ch. 05

out the bondage equipment—cuffs, chains, nipple-clamps, spreader bars, etc.—for the night before I put a ball gag in their mouth. Then we got down to the sex, the style depending on how I bound them. I tried to give them an orgasm or two before I found release myself.At my instructor's request, I'd also demanded as a paying client that I get

Remember Me? - Part 1

me in even closer. I felt my desire for this pretty woman rising inside me, and she said, “I haven’t held a man in my arms for nearly a year.” I had no answer for that, so she went on with, “Where are you staying at the moment?”“Here in the hotel,” I said. The thought that this could end with me taking her back to my room crossed my mind, but I

Fun at the beach pt8

felt goose-bumps rise as Emi’s fingernails passed lightly over her ass. Angel pushed Emi over so that she was laying on top of the teenager. She began to ease herself down the girl’s body letting her tongue trail down her neck, over her breasts, and down her stomach. Angel pushed Emi’s legs apart as she settled at the end of the bed. ‘Please

Mikey Part I

it all over. He grabbed my hair and pumped my head harder and harder on his cock. His head flew back, and he moaned with pleasure as i took his huge cock deeper and deeper down my throat. He pulled my hair, and took my head off his massive dick. and began to stroke it while looking deep into my eyes. When he opened the console to find a condom, I

Alice and Her Daughter Amy Ch. 04

the house to open Hellie's door for her."Ted, you know Tina; Tina, this is Amy and her mother Alice. They are going to share the house with us. Show Alice to the guest room in the basement. Then bring the crash cart to my bedroom.""Yes, Mistress Hellie," the pretty young woman answered with a naked curtsey.Alice followed her to the basement guest

Poison Ivy

thought of worse fates than watching TV in bed and relaxing on the insurance company's dime.I was immensely and instantly attracted to Suzanne, and was very hesitant about disrobing in front of her as parts of my anatomy were already telegraphing my feelings quite loudly when in her presence. She, being the professional that she was, seemed a bit

Rimonateague, Chapter 3

there, Orion’s belt.” The silence that was comfortable. Robert said something about space travel as a jet passed between us and the partial moon. Thomas and I had the same thought, at the same time and spoke almost as one, “I wonder where they are going?” “I know where I’m going.” I dipped my scalp under the hot water to thaw out my hair

Naughty But Nice

seatbelt. Checking the road is clear I pull back out on the road and we start talking. We also sing along with the radio which causes us both to laugh really hard, since our singing sounds like wounded cats. Arriving at work I park the car in the car park and grab our gear before heading inside. Sam, our supervisor, was at the front counter when

Kudzu Ch. 02

tournaments that team won, and track meets that were participated in. In between the trophy cases were the double doors leading to the gym, and just past the gym is the restroom Jordan had just been in with Becca and Felicity. Across from the trophy cases were large paned windows that ended about waist high, giving a nice view of the crowd

Wanted: Sex Pet

A young female looking for quick, easy money fromolder male. Must not be shy or afraid of unusual sexual fetishes. For more information or to submit an application please call xxx-xxxx. The article hung over my head for days. A mere glance at a wanted column online and this is all that stays with me? Let me begin by stating my argument for this.

Carrie and John Pt. 03

hands ran down his back, slowly, tracing his spine. She then ran her fingers around his backside, fingers again tracing, this time the divide between his buttocks. Her long, elegant finger nails pressed in, to feel his anus, and John felt himself thrusting forwards, his cock pressed against her crotch. All the while she kissed him ever deeper.

Alley Anal

one of their reps. Unfortunately they were already booked up for the day according to the scheduling secretary, so I set one for Sunday at eleven in the morning. Turning to leave, I literally bumped into one of their reps and just stared. Have you ever seen someone that, after that initial glance, you couldn’t tell whether they were male or


we got inside her room, we started kissing--our tongues explored each other mouths. My hands found her ass and once again we were caressing as we kissed. Never breaking our kiss, we somehow ended up on one of the beds.Finally I broke away and started to undress her. Didn't take long since the only thing she was wearing was the mini dress. I

An Unforgettable Night

that. “Very well, Mark I know you have been wondering about what it would be like to be with two women at once, and though I do not feel comfortable watching you fuck another women, I am willing to at least let you experience certain parts of your fantasy.” She licked her bottom lip and put it into her mouth as she looked over at Stephanie, who

Matrimony Part 1 (Pilot)

much” she said. “I can’t believe you’re doing this all for me”. I interrupted, “No not for you, for us”. Jewel continued to smile and I elaborated, “If this doesn’t work then I have no right to be your husband, a man who can’t satisfy his wife is worthless in a marriage”. She jumped back into her chair and took a sip of wine with cautious eyes.

Forever Dreaming

I see your disappointment before you go in the other room, leaving me alone.  I get done shower get dressed and come out of the bedroom and ask you what is wrong. You are sitting on the couch and wont even look at me. That’s strange do to the fact that ever since I moved in you have never been able to not look at me or touch me. You say

Choices and Consequences Ch. 02

‘Ok,’ he replied. And he gave her another kiss on the forehead before leaving. —- Lili flattened her skirt and blouse nervously as she stood outside the museum. The surrounding buildings seemed impossibly larger than normal, making her feel insignificant. She knew it was just her nerves. Her future, her success, and her dreams were counting on

These Fucked Up Days Just Keep Coming, Pt. 3

with me, just this once.” My bottom lip quivered and I bit it to keep it still. I didn’t recognize myself. I couldn’t. I wanted Hank. I wanted his arms around me, his lips kissing mine, his body against me and his dick inside me. Suddenly, with a little coaxing from the churning desire deep within my core, my mind relinquished the fact that he

Street Walking Sissy Boy!

long, slow strokes. I could feel his legs shaking and his entire body tensed. Then he relaxed. "Didja cum, sweetie?" I asked him."Yeah," he said, out of breath. Slowly he eased his greasy penis out of my ass. We got dressed and got back into the cab. "Honey," I said. "Could you give me another 20?"He immediately pulled another 20 from his pocket.

Rachel And Roxanne, Ch1

this, he kept making what I'm sure he thought were surreptitious glances at my cleavage. Eventually, I said "Do you want to see them?" He blushed a deep red, and began to stammer an apology. I lifted my hand and pressed a finger to his lips. "Do. You. Want. To. See. Them?" He nodded dumbly. "Then invite me to your cabin." He looked shocked.

Wind of Change (Circa 1975)

father is clearly an enthusiast of wine,” he enquired, cleaning the dust from his finger. “Oh, sorry,” she replied, lifting her shoulders in way of an apology. “I forgot to mention that my parents also own a vineyard and winery in Northern France,” she casually added, taking a bottle of wine from a rack, a playful smile pulling at her lips.

Ch. 7 - Advanced Education; Honey-Lee

over my hands. It’s not long before I feel Paul’s hot cock requesting, demanding entry to my pleasure pot and I raise myself to my knees to ease his entry. Ohhhh. Paul’s cock always feels so good; it’s back where it belongs.I sense, rather than see Mike standing behind Paul, lubing his ass to make entry for Mike’s questing cock in it’s newest

Honeymoon Inn

with noticeable bleeding. Burglar: ‘I said sit down! [he cycles the gun menacingly, a bullet is ejected and the hammer cocked.] Now, bitch, you are going to find that you don’t have any sex problems, you NEVER had any sex problems, only a problem husband.’ He grabs her roughly. In desperation, Carl jumps back up (since the gun had been put down)

Secret Passion

open and that bounty hunter that was pursuing them stepped through the remainder of the door. The captain charged and caught the bounty hunter by surprise spearing him to the floor, as they struggled Marissa pulled out her knife and held it to the bounty hunter’s neck. Marissa “let him go” she demanded as the bounty hunter released his grip. And

Meet the Wife - Part 1

said before, I wasn’t really paying attention to the driver about how much gas she wanted. I guess she only wanted five dollars’ worth, but I filled the tank instead.I apologized and said, ”Don’t worry about it. I guess my pay this week will be a little short.” It was worth it though.Pam and her friends drove off laughing and waving. I just stood

First Exam

Miss Owens," the doctor replied, "I believe that our little patient is on the verge, would you please offer her a nipple to suck on!?!" "Of course, doctor," she said in a businesslike manner, while opening her white uniform, "I believe you're correct, she definitely needs to have a nipple in her mouth to keep her relaxed!!!" By now Melinda was

Road side show for the truck drivers

basically inviting me to fuck it. Amy cries and screams out again yelling loud over and over to fuck her ass and she pushes back against my cock till it fills her deep on first thrust inside her. With the hand reaching forward grabbing the back of Amy’s head by the hair start pulling back lifting her head up looking at the road, with

Uncle Mike Returns

top off my body and rubbed my sore nipples. I let a soft moan escape my lips. I tore my sweat pants from my lower half and my panties, and I immediately rubbed my clit. I pictured Uncle Mike grinning at me, his hand buried into my hot, wet folds. I imagined him massaging my tits, and pulling my tight, hard nipples. I felt a loud moan escape and I

The Therapist

difficult during the rare moments of physical intimacy with her spouse. The relationship was well intact, but years of the same led to a drop in libido and increased sexual frustration, in fact, her last orgasm during intercourse was a distant memory. The harder she tried the worse it became, and virtually assured a continued pattern. The

Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts

the first time giving Ron, Ginny and Luna a good look at her fantastic body, tight teenage ass, marvellous juicy young breasts and gorgeous rosy cheeked face. Lily used the ‘scourgify’ spell on her face and hair before walking over to Ron and giving him a long hard hug. She briefly felt Ron’s massive bulge press into her thigh before whispering,

Fathers Club Chapter 4

time she touched my cock it would respond by getting hard and start pulsating waiting to be used.As we ate breakfast I asked. “Do you still feel like going to the pool party at Elsie’s house?”“Yes daddy, I want to go and see my new friends.” Emma told me.The rest of the morning was very quiet and as Emma played in her bedroom with her dolls, as I

The Sexy Intern Turns the Tables

to on a Friday night since she was a very attractive young lady who must have lots of boys “buzzing about”. Megan blushed a little at my compliment and said she was going to the restaurant she worked at later as they were having a “club night” with a DJ. She said she would only be meeting friends and didn’t need to work behind the bar, but just

First Time

I know?”“haha yeah yeah you know her but I’m not sure that she’s into me”“c’mon scott who wouldn’t be into you, you’re a catch!” she exclaimed.“I’m glad you think so” I said and inched my way closer to her. Quickly I leaned over and kissed her, running my tongue into her mouth. She pulled away in shock and looked at me in confusion.To my immense

beth and mom 2

loved it just as much and then gave me great head. We fell asleep in each others arms. I awoke a couple of hours later, lying beside my nude mother. I had wanted to explore mom's wonderful body and this was my first chance. I reached our and began lightly stroking her breasts. Before long her nipples grew very large. I knew Beth loved to have her

The Teacher Learns A Lesson, Chapter 5

and into the morning was a continuation of our fivesome orgy. None of us got dressed until just before noon when we all prepared to leave our wonderful tryst. Having breakfast with four lovely naked women was a highlight of my life, one that I have now experienced any number of times since. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have sex

Classroom Collaboration

her insane beauty beneath those old knit hats, and clothes that weren't entirely flattering. But after spending a summer with her family at the shore, I had seen a far sexier side of her, and was more than happy to admit that I had a crush on her.I instantly perked up when she sat down. She gave me a quick sidelong smile, from behind those thick

Allys Travels Part Two

the walkway and burst into the plane. She walked down the aisle and found her seat next to Jennifer and Daniel. She put down her laptop and purse and flopped into the aisle seat next to I.‘Dan’s already asleep?’‘He was up all night yesterday night cyber sexing and then he went to work without sleeping and then he came here. So what

PARTYBOY and His Bitch Wife

if she refuses to come see me fuck her husband?"He stood up and buttoned his pants. "You know what, Meanie? You got a point. I'm going to break things to her and make it worth her while. She will come. She will listen. But it will be on you to teach her how to handle me. Remember, she already dominates me properly, I just want her to sissify me

Fresh Men: Prologue & Chapter 1

to his room. After setting his fridge down, he heard a knock on his door.“Hey man, looks like you got other single, no?” The voice had a distinguishable South American accent to it. Tom turned around to see a smiling face.Before him stood a beefcake South American boy, with a round happy face. He had short curly black hair on his head, covered by

Cathy and Chris Ch. 13

his dogged resilience in continuing to stay in contact with her. It came that night, and through a totally unexpected route. ‘Hellooo, might I speak to Mrs Catherine McMahon please,’ said a voice that Chris would never be able to forget. ‘Hello Maureen?’ he said. ‘Aww, is that yourself there Christopher!’ replied the most affected English Irish

California Slut

It was fucking hot. Lisas tits were bouncing in front of my face as she moved up and down on my hard cock. I soon grad them and squeezed. As my fingers got hold of her nipples we both reached an orgasm at the same time. She collapsed on top of me and we kissed for the first time. Lisa got up off me after another minute. She said, Mike would you

A Tale of Lovers

stare at her perfect body, he reached for a pillow and propped her head up with it. He then got up and slowly slid his hands down the side of her hips, taking hold of the waistband of her panties, and slowly and deliberately pulling them off, all the way past the tips of her toes to reveal the full glory of her womanhood. He parted her legs

My First night

personally have experienced and wanted to share with like minded people. Thankyou.  The evening drew closer after work which had been busy and made me rather stressed. I work as a graphic designer/illustrator in a well known and respected company. I left my studio in London and drove the twenty minute journey that I make, day in day out, to my

my sister

which was my favourite set. I remember saying all of them and started to thank her but, she told me to let her know my favourite so I remember on that first account saying the white set.So once again she went back into the dresser and came back out displaying the white bra and panties. She then took my hand and beckoned me to stand up. She then

A new life

his dick to roam round my virgina which was welcoming it, I can already feel my virgina lossening, wet and wanting it to enter me. Without second thoughts, Tim entered me skillfully and gently. He was a guy with numerous experience with 6 girl friends before me. " yaaa.. yahhhhh, "I let out a soft scream. My virginity was broken. There was a

Body Language, Part 3

she said. ‘I don’t want this to end.’ I looked at her and nodded. ‘It won’t, baby. Not this time.’ Karla looked down, seemingly doubting my words. ‘What about Cindy? Are we just going to keep this a secret forever?’ I didn’t have an answer for her. Since the news broke about Karla’s pregnancy, she had been telling everyone that it was some guy

This Funeral Smells Like a Pussy

to me.""I can do anything?""Anything."I took off my pants and approached her. I put my cock in her mouth. I put it deep in there. She didn't gag. Alyssa was not the type of woman who would gag. I kept it in there. Her saliva dripped down my balls and then down my legs. She stuck her butt up a little. She wanted me to go there next. So I slobbered

A Start at Chastity

day of denial. It was nearly eight by the time I got home, and hubby was well on with cooking the dinner. He greeted me warmly and told me he loved me, and that I looked great, and asked me about my day.I realised that I was starving, so he served dinner and we ate, and chatted about my day. Afterwards he shooed me to the living room to watch TV

Teaching Ingrid

your entire body,” I said, as I moved my hands from my hips to my breasts. Ingrid looked at me attentively, but didn’t move. “Come on Ingrid, pay attention,” I admonished her, “you have to show yourself to me too.”“Ooh, haha,” she laughed, “I totally forgot.” Quickly she removed her baby doll’s top, lifted her ass from the chair and pushed the

2 MILFs & Their's Teen Sons

to me. Both of us had neatly-trimmed pubic hair, and I enjoyed looking at her dark hair, since mine was blonde and the skin on and around her vulva was almost black.One night Sara was sleeping over at my house after our dates, and we had both been fucked at my boyfriend’s house earlier. We were laying under the sheet and blanket talking about our

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 04

bare bottom and suck your thumb Missy, and Kathy will suck on her pacifier."'Yes Daddy", they both answer.Carrying Cassie over my shoulder I head for the backdoor. She protests and tries to kick me. With each kick attempt I land a hard spank on her upturned backside. As we reach the outside she is quiet not wishing to draw attention to her

Playtime in the Park

"Please Sir." "Please what?" "Please don't let him see me." "Are you ashamed of your sluttiness, my boi? You shouldn't be. I like it quite a lot." But you do cover me back up. As we walk past him, he gives a you a nod, but I can't look at him, and my cheeks are burning."Let's sit." Whoever designed this park must have known this bench was for

Dress Code, part 2

Finally, wearing nothing but her heels, she had been instructed to suck his cock. Which she was now doing. Mr. Slater’s cock was large and smooth, and he was either naturally hairless or he kept his shaft shaved. His balls were not in sight, as all that was protruding from his dress trousers was his penis. Despite its size, his cock was not

Danny and Ivy: Chapter One

turned out to either be after my body, or just weren’t my type.However, this man just made me want to throw myself at him like a shameless schoolgirl. “Thank you!” I chirped a little too happily as he handed me the money. “Go ahead and keep the change,” he pleasantly presented, another one of his cute smiles following the statement. Because his

The Rich Bitch Part 2

said waking Adam up out his trance. ‘I ummm… I’m going to take a quick swim. Uhhh… here is your Gatorade.’ Adam walked out to the pool and jumped in. Kyle kept his eye on Adam as he swam the full length. Kyle walked back to were he was working after his hard on went soft, but he made sure to keep an eye on the boy. While in the water Adam

Friends with Benefits - Part 4

her shoes rub his thighs. Eyes looking into hers made her wet. Ice cream was eaten suggestively. Miss Jones was ready for a country drilling.When Peter placed her hand on her pussy and gently pressed down, Miss Jones felt her panties get wet. She needed hands on her breasts, a tongue on her clit, her clothes being peeled off. She wanted this