The fighting prize

"I just love being around fighters. Ever since I was a kid boxing has been part of my life- my grandpa, my dad and my bother are all boxers," she told me honestly, "coming to the gym and hitting the bags is a good workout for me, but mostly I love being in the gym- the sounds, the smells the views." It surprised me how much she was like me, and

Saving Gina Ch. 12

I done wrong? The Prince gave me fifteen seconds of his time. ‘Mr. Carter, I want you to take another servant. Also, tomorrow, meet with me at nine in the morning. I have several things to discuss with you.’ I was escorted back to my room. From the patio I heard a familiar voice say, ‘Mr. Carter, do you need someone to clean your fish ponds?’ I

lonely Julie chapter 3

he felt his sperm coming up. Two things happened at once !! Sallys urine splashed out onto Timmys feet at the same time as he ejaculated his young sperm straight onto the pissing cunt in front of him. He stepped back still spending spunk and gasped “Sorry Sally I couldn’t help it. It just came. Or rather I just Came “he said with a laugh. Sally

The Olympic Spirit

Olympic trials and that the competition would be cutthroat. Kate was on her game the first two days, able to put her most, but not all, of her anxiety behind her in the other apparatus aside from her specialty – the vault. She finished sixth overall so she would be the alternate, not an original team member. While disappointed at least, Kate

Family Conspiracy- Chapter 1: Glory-Hole Adventure

they also went in the hole. There was no pain with how she grabbed my sack, but it was an interesting, pleasurable experience. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Then, without warning, everything stopped. Her mouth came off my cock, and her hands let go. I instantly felt the cool air on my wet cock, and I briefly wondered what had happened.

Seducing the Pool Man

moment, she moved her body up about one inch and her mouth dropped open. She had found the jet. Ken stood there, leaning against the wall as he watched her start to rock back and forth slowly, keeping her eyes closed and biting her lip hard. He looked around and realized, fuck it, she had her eyes closed, no one could see him, and this was making

Cougar In The Yukon Part 2

my penis on Gail’s plump jiggling ass making her giggle. She then gasped slightly just as I pushed the wide mushroom head into the crack of her ass pressing it firmly onto her tiny anus. I had no intention of doing anal at least not yet but seeing her reaction I thought why not have a little a fun. I put more pressure on my cock pushing the tip

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 19

laboratory monkeys, especially chimpanzees, he had developed drugs that increased both capacity and desire. In fact, he had a superior version of Viagra at least thirty years before anyone else. But, as with all his sexual discoveries, he had kept it to himself. In any case, it was only a beginning, so far as he was concerned, he did not want to

Some Thoughts

have been because of my lack of experience. When I was on top of mom and inside her, it became a lot easier.I came inside her, and it was just as good as the last time. I know she felt something too, because I could sense her reactions and I felt her hips move. It took a few more tries weeks later until mom unquestionably had an orgasm, and I

Primal Lust

I could feel my sperm boiling up in my balls, and I began to fuck her face even harder and faster than before. My hands were locked around the back of her head as I slammed my body back and forth against her face. I think it got to the point that Jennifer was just working to get ready for each time my cock penetrated her throat. . .I felt my cum

Just Sex: Aronne and Rosaline

audibly as she swirls her tongue around the head of my cock. She tilts her head slightly and begins to run her tongue up and down the length of my cock, both of her hands doing as they are supposed to. She begins to suck my cock, taking more and more in each time. I arch my back and moan as she takes the whole thing in her mouth. She holds it

Anniversary Ch. 03

wasn’t his fault. She didn’t even know herself. She looked at him fussing around looking for a cloth to wipe the floor. What does he do outside the office? Then it struck her. He was arranging something. Another game. Pretending to be annoyed at him was difficult and she felt silly preparing lots of dishes for non-existent guests. ‘Well you’ll be

The Island (Chpt 6 Part 2)

after whipping our bottoms, of course. Do you want us to use it when we have to, and we´ll have to! Or do you know a nicer one?’ Thalia considered. Her eyes were dancing. ‘Was there not a most famous quotation from a Miss Gertrude Stein about a rose?’ She laughed in joy at their discomforture: ‘A fuck is a fuck is a fuck!’ She laughed


home. We have moved to the area in the late 1990s, and our sons became good friends from second grade on. Since our two sons were best friends, we did bump into each other a lot in town and at school functions. Brandy was a divorced mother of three. She was a dyed blonde, curvy, and had very alluring, bedroom eyes. We would often have little

Lady of the Loch

she looked at me as thoroughly as I had looked upon her wet, barely concealed form earlier. I knew that she was pleased with what she saw by the slight widening of her eyes and the quick darting of her tongue to moisten her lips. I had been told by many of the lasses I had bedded that I was pleasing to look upon. They loved my long eye lashes

Shooting Stars

her mouth and tongue back onto my pussy and brought me to my first ever orgasm on film. She kept licking my pussy till I was all done thrashing about on the bed. She moved back up my body kissing me all the way. She pressed her lips to mine for only a second before she kept moving upward. She dangled her breasts in front of my and I shyly licked

Teen Titans Chronicles 4: Young Justice

time that I used my super speed to make one hot girl extremely horny while talking to another girl to try and initiate a hot lesbian session (see Teen Titan's Chronicles One)". Artemis kept her face still for a while, causing Bart to worry, but before he could say anything she burst out laughing "that is an awesome use of a super power, man

Island Fever 4: Paradise - Chapter 01

hand whilestill stroking my cock with her right. She placed her lefthand upon her mouth and wiped it, leaving a thick coating ofsemen there. It gave her the look of a nasty schoolgirl... Trish roughly squeezed my cock with her hand, forcingthe last drops of my release to ooze out from within its tip.With a far-away expression upon her face,

The night that changed my life Ch Three The hotel

don’t know if I have ever been this nervous. I breathe a sigh of relief finding out that it is just the two of us in the here. Walking by the bathroom and notice a bubble bath has been drawn and is awaiting us. Smiling to myself I reach the end of the hallway to see her. My fucking god does she ever look amazing! She remembered what I said the

My granny got back

Plus, I know you guys could use some extra spending money. It is Spring break, isn't it?""Yes, Gram, it sure is""Good, now get to work. I'll be in the kitchen whipping up some lasagna. You boys let me know you need anything""Okay, grandma""Thank you, Mrs...I mean Ruth Ann""You're welcome, boys"After my grandmother left the room. Jordan and I

An after school suprise, chapter 2

above my face, i knew what to do. I took her left nipple into my mouth, running my tounge around it and every thurd rotation i licked across it. oh yes Tony, suck my nipple, you like sucking your little Julies tits dont you? she moaned out. I tried to say something along the lines of your fucking right i do, but my mouth was full so it just came

Johns sexual Adventures: First time with my sexy sister

I was confused until I saw her climb up my body. Before I could say anything she slammed my dick into her pussy. It was great warm and so wet that It just sucked on me. I want every drop of cum you have inside my pussy, she told me and started to bounce up and down on my cock. It felt so good watching her tits bounce in the wind. I looked down

Tom & Sue & John & Debbie Ch. 07

slowly raised them over his shoulders while locking my ankles behind his neck. I pulled him in closer—feeling like I was being ‘folded in half’ as Tom’s chest grazed my erect nipples while resting his weight on his elbows. Tom smiled and as he kissed me I tasted my juices in his mouth. Tom plunged his cock deep into my pussy causing me to

Su's punishments

and anus-and-pussy-parting, too, but they were referred to as bonuses.He pulled out his cock, dripping with cum, and forced Su to suck it before stripping completely. Su muffled a groan as he pulled off her bra to reveal sensitive nipples and large, round breasts.He took out his dildo and masking tape, then stuffed the dildo in her mouth, taping


seem to believe me when I tell them I was a very sheltered child. If they do believe me, they don’t know to what extent. I had maybe three boyfriends in high school, nothing serious, nothing more intimate than holding hands under a blanket so my parents couldn’t see. Oh, I think I made out with one boyfriend in high school, but nothing more than

Debbie's Panties

sexy!Debbie served us coffee and said she was going to rinse off. She came out to the garage in her bikini with my shirt on, unbuttoned. She said the bathroom was free. Steve went to piss. They all had to piss, one after the other. Right before we left i had to go piss.Debbies panties were on top of the clothes hamper. They'd been sucked

Best Friends for Life

you wont!”I pretended to run at her, she screamed, giggled then ran inside. I made my way to the bathroom in my house. Moments later, I was showering as I fulfilled the challenge set by my best friend. I noticed her mum’s car leave. Good, I thought, no one will walk on us and think we’re doing anything dodgy. Then it hit me. Shit! What if we do

Girl Gets Her Man Ch. 21

think you could, anyway. You and those puppy dog eyes, don’t fool me. From what I’ve been hearing from Jesse, you’ve been nothing but conciliation, so I guess, I’m not that mad. Jerry, on the other hand,’ she sucked on her teeth. ‘He’d have been removed from this earth, before he knew what happened.’ Daniel looked at the condensation on the glass

The straight girl, the bi girl and the manipulative boyfriend – Chapter 1

allowed to invite partners but Lauren arrived with her fiancé Toby for the pre dinner drink in the bar. I didn’t like Toby at first, or should I say Tobias, he was an over confident posh boy with an English public school accent. He made matters worse by very unsubtly having regular glances at my legs where they met the short hem of my dress. It

My education continues

I replied. "God, I need more, so get on with it and fuck me to hell and back." Diane said. Not one too argue with a lady, I started to pull out then push in, again and again and again. I was pushing deep and hard. There was a wonderful sound in the air, a slapping sucking noise, as my cock went in and out with my balls banging against her.Diane

The Drive

lower me onto your very hard cock... I move down slowly.. bracing myself with my hands on your shoulders.....  burying my head in your neck... still moving down... I slide down slowly until I've got all of you in me and just sit there, feeling you... pressing forward a little to grind my clit against you, you hold my hips in your strong hands and

Teaching Cristina – Part Three

her juices pausing now and then to thrash her pink, engorged love button. Each of his hands squeezed one of her tender bum cheeks, the fingers sinking deep into the crack of her ass. He enjoyed feeling her body shaking and shuddering to the caress of his relentless tongue. He enjoyed her uncontrolled squirming as he ruthlessly plumbed her

A Career Girl Ch. 02

pocket, and patted it reassuringly. The music started up then and the little wedding party started their way down the aisle. For once Penny the little dog was on her best behaviour, as she trotted proudly down the aisle ahead of the two bridesmaids, so that the sparkling leash straightened out to glitter and sparkle as the sunlight cut through

Terror in the Closet

let it go at that…at least I tried to let it go at that. Passing Mrs. Bellman later, on the first floor, I retrieved my mail from the slender slot on the wall with my name on it. ‘Good afternoon Mrs. Bellman,’ I greeted politely, mail in hand, attempting to pass her in the narrow hall. ‘Robert, are you sleeping well?’ She inquired, in the

My life’s first time and I’m 13

on my couch one day and I was watching porn and one of the videos had a beautiful woman with blue eyes and a very pretty body anyway? I was watching her and I started to get hard and while I was doing this I started touching down there and like magic a ad came up of a guy rubbing his Dick between his hand and it said click here and so I did and a

The Perks of Military Command

my attention back to the goddess standing in my quarters. I took her hand and led her over to my bed. I laid down on my back, my cock in the full erect, locked and loaded mode. Private Lovejoy slipped out of her combat boots and her BDU trousers. She had gone “commando”- no underwear. She was clean shaven, not a pubic hair. She wasted no time in

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 14

sorry I missed your show at Maryland. How did it go?" "Pretty good." Ryan cut another piece of the food. "Jason only ran over on two songs." She rolled her eyes. "At least it was songs where he'd done it before, so we could cover. I let him have it afterwards, but I doubt it'll help." "Sorry." She shrugged. "I'm trying to let it go, for now

The Church of the Chosen--Part 3

of housecleaning, laundry and ironing, grocery shopping and cooking. I already knew how to manage the yard and lawn. I did everything to the best of my ability even though my ability was sometimes not so great. I worked from sunup to sundown and even later most days. However, Mistress Denise also took good care of me. We made love almost

Artist finds a Model

Jackson approached Megan one warm spring day in her home and said: ‘Wow, you should be a model’. Megan blushed and smiled saying’ Oh my parents would never approve of that!’ Jackson: You are an adult now and it is your life to live. Megan: Yes I suppose, but I would probably be a bit nervous and it would go against my strict upbringing. Jackson

Dinner Date

down around my ankles and step out of them and into your arms. I feel your breasts against me and your legs wrap around me as my cock slides straight into you like it was made for you. I bury myself deep inside you and just hold you and kiss you. You feel so fantastic Lucy! Then we both start to move almost with out knowing it. We move against

Mistress Sylvia Commands Respect Pt 2

finishing her shower. I waited for her to finish with my eyes on my Master. He was washing his hands and glancing at his watch. I knew the belt had only been the beginning of his punishment, but I was thrilled at the prospect of feeling his cum in my throat. "Is that towel for me?" Mistress Sylvia stood beside me with a grin on her face. She had

Lucky Penny

Contractors Association!? Didn’t know such things existed. How’s that working out for you?” she asked looking absently at the bar, with a tone that implied utter disinterest.“Has its ups and downs.” Another deadpan look. “Right. Enough with the dumb jokes. I’m a low level designer at an architecture company, and I’ve spent one very long day

Cathy and my sister, final chapter

us both. I forgot all about how dirty I was as he leaned me back against the wall and lifted up my left leg, the feeling of his gorgeously erect prick nudging against the entrance to my hole was enough to get me gasping and clutching at him urgently.It was the most beautiful experience of my life, he was inside me, his cock doing incredible

George, Isolde, etc Chapter XVIII

buttocks as she bent over the bed. Then he turned, and headed for the stairs, following George out into the hallway. He reached out and touched George’s shoulder. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked quietly, hoping Isolde didn’t hear.George froze, and turned slightly. “You know, this sounds crazy, but I really am. Frankly, Terry, I’m a

No holes barred 2

was to push his huge great black cock into me and begin hammering away; this and my moans woke the other two. Ben then fed his cock into my mouth; face fucking me. Tony announced he wanted a go at my arse so we all moved around; I ended up straddling Leon whilst sucking Ben, Tony then fed his cock into my arse, he seemed to enjoy this as he

The Lakehouse

Thank you so much’ ‘really, it’s no problem…hey want something to eat? I’m starved, let’s see what’s for dinner’ As they walked into the house Zara asked about Ash’s parents ‘oh we probably won’t see them much…they’re in and out’ Ash replied. They found the boys eating pizza in the kitchen and joined them. Everyone seemed to get on all right–the

Mind Controlled Mothers Club Chapter 3: Naughty Daughter Joins the Club

MILF shook her head. Mrs. Kang then glared daggers at me.“What sort of woman do you think I am, boy?” she hissed even as her hands went to the buttons of her dress. She worked them open without breaking her tirade. “Do you think I'm like one of these degenerate hussies in your house? Look at those two. Lesbians? What sort of den of inequities is


of my insecurities that I had earlier yesterday. I helped her by reaching behind myself and unclasping my bra, letting it fall to the floor.   She automatically put her hands on my breasts, my already hard nipples in her palm. I moaned silently. She leaned into me, taking my mouth again. Then she turned her attention to my earlobe, softly

Joyce and Me at the Cape Part 1

I have never been fucked and sucked so well in all my perverted days. You better hang on to him. He is a treasure.” Kate said with great praise I laid there smug and grinning. Joyce hugged her sister and came over and put her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips. She pulled back and smiled. “I am glad you liked him. I love him to

Cranberry Bog

Jacuzzi and relax. She invited me to join her but said that there were no clothes permitted in the water. Then in a nice teasing way she removed her tight blue jeans and tossed them on the couch. I noticed that she hadn’t been wearing any panties either and that she did have a darker tan on her top half. Gretchen giggled and then ran outside. I

Mermaid and Chill Or The summer I fucked a fish

me and as if she had been able to read my mind, she took my hand, locked eyes with me, and guided it down her tail. She stopped at the upper middle portion. I moved my hand a minute and, to my surprise, I felt my fingers slide between her scales as she began to open up. She was warm and wet inside. My fingers begin to curl inside of her and pump

Secret Lives: Chapter 4

I doubted I had met any of them. I knew Neil had other friends, but this really brought home to me that my brother and I just weren’t as close as I had thought. I felt sad for him that he felt he had to keep this part of his life separate and a little pissed off with myself for not noticing. I hopped out of the car and had a good look at these

Play With Me?

who in turn did the same to Analise. She grinded her hips into Barbie's mouth moaning loudly."You guys like this game?" I asked. They all murmured their agreements and I pushed my finger in and out of Genevieve's vagina. She growled with lust and pushed back on me."You know what you want don't you Genevieve. You know you like having my finger in

Fucking a married co-worker in her car

After a while I got friendly with one of the women there. Pam was 36, had 2 kids, and was in an empty marriage. She often complained about wanting to have sex, but her husband wasn’t too interested. Little by little, I worked my way into her thoughts and before you knew it, the sexual innuendos and suggestive talk grew more and more common. We

The Unexpected Gift

“Jeez, you're soaked!”“Yeah, I guess I am.” She replied with a sheepish grin as she tried brushing the wet snow and slush from her legs, “Getting kind of cold too.”“Do you have far to go?” Mike asked as he bent down and retrieved her few shopping bags, luckily they were plastic so at least they wouldn't disintegrate after having been dropped in

The Dark Lady Ch. 04

bed, I was buried to the hilt in her. ‘You already make me very happy. Your music, your teaching, your curiosity and smarts, your incredible body.’ I nuzzled at her neck and hardened up my thrusting. I could tell her body wanted this. Wanted me. Wanted the release she was about to get. ‘Oh Theo, Ohhhh.’ We were wildly coming together and falling

Gina 4

a see through gown, even when I wasn’t present and when I was there, I was naked. Sandra just had to live with it. We even fucked a few times when she was present and to really rub her nose in it, Gina even made her watch us once as I drilled her arse. We were so enjoying her humiliation when one weekend, Sandra flipped and the shit hit the fan.

Cuckold Husband - Chapter 1

approaching. “ Get your fingers up my fucking cunt and make me cum!”Kim was busy rubbing her hard swollen clit and, seconds later, her world disappeared into an orgasmic explosion the like of which she had never known.As her body recovered from the state of ecstasy, she grabbed Paul by the hair and pulled him roughly away from her satisfied

SA E02v2: A Romantic Night

say. It was Alicia’s turn to turn a little more red. Vince continued: ‘Please can I stay for the whole show.’ He begged. Alicia looked my way and saw my face: ‘I am sorry but I want to be alone with Sean tonight, However if you really want to watch you can ask Sean for permission.’ I looked at her and said: ‘Alicia dear he already asked, I said

A mature, hirsute lesbian cleaning woman lusts after the young college girls that she sees every day at work

hairy, soaking pussy. Then she slidup the bed and wrapped herself in Mary’s arms, kissingthe older woman lovingly. “Mmm…” cooed Trixie, “Ilove tasting you, Mary.” Trixie then pulled away a bitfrom under Mary’s arm and gazed at the older woman’shairy armpit, which was now coated in sweat. She bentin and started using her tongue to clean Mary’s

A Family Man: Part 2 The Journey Home

hips back against me, pressing back against my palm while trying to ride the thick digit pumping her hole. I took a nipple between my finger and thumb and began applying gradual pressure as I started twisting it. As if her nipple were a faucet knob, her pussy began drooling its womanly liquid over my finger. I held Melanie tightly against my


dresser, took out his cheque book and started to write. Half way through he stopped and looked at her again.If I give you this, you must stay tonight, just lie with me in my bed, nothing else.Gingerly she agreed, and watched him write out the remained of the cheque.Taking off her shoes she climbed into his bed, he quickly followed, they lay and

Chimera Isle Ch. 03

have an all team meeting in two hours. Hello! Who are you?’ ‘Keeli this is Grant. Grant, my good friend, Keeli. Grant doesn’t know anybody here,’ informed Cambry. ‘You’ll get to know plenty of people quickly here,’ giggled Keeli. ‘Where’s my key,’ interrupted Cambry. ‘Key?’ questioned the lady behind the desk. ‘And what do you think you’ll be

sex, you just never know when or where

the story. our neighbors marcia and dave moved in two years ago with their two c***dren kenny and kathy who were eleven and twelve respectively at the time. we weren’t particularly friendly with them, just the usual backyard barbeque swap, they came to ours, we went to theirs. since our k**s had already married and moved, we didn’t share many

Waiting Game *revised*

down between my legs, kissing my pussy through my panties. I moan in anticipation as he starts to remove my panties with his teeth. He teasingly runs his tongue along the length of my lips and kisses the top of it. Suddenly he begins to lick my clit and I moan loudly as I feel the cool metal of his tongue ring. I start to feel the pressure of an

Flying High

a pang of disappointment as she hungrily watched as the woman opened her mouth wide and Bram’s cock slid tightly between her lips. Bram held the woman’s head and started to mouth fuck her hard. The woman slurping gags were loud as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and Rosa could see her throat expand and contract with each stroke


don't want Ines to find out, because that would hurt her and I absolutely would feel guilty about hurting her. But as long as she doesn't know, then no, I don't really feel any guilt at all.""I'm really just not the type of person who should have gotten married," he continued after sipping his wine. "But I do want to make this clear; I love Ines,

My sis is irresistible!

I live with my mother (Nancy) and my sister (Stephanie) and we live in Washington. My sister and I have both gone to public school our entire lives. All through high school my sister and I have been a grade apart and that has made a few things a little hard on me when it comes to her. You see, she is very popular and every guy in school wants to

A Couple Do Very Bad Things In Public

stupid face he’s making, and laugh. I am mesmerized by his beautiful face from across the table as he laughs in return, his beautiful white teeth glistening. ‘You’re crazy, you know that?’ I say and smile, my hand softly stroking his. ‘Yes I know, but you absolutely love it, don’t you? That’s why you’re with me, because I’m crazy and you love

A Bargain Made: A House Fallen Ch. 07

She wallowed in the filth, ‘Want to know something else, Father?’ He snarled at her. ‘Tell me, untamed cunt.’ ‘Three more and I will.’ She shrieked as the belt hit her body five more times. She laughed a wicked laugh through the pain, ‘I let him fuck me up the ass, too.’ Jeron squeaked like a mouse at the words. She had been virtually rooted to

The Perfect Setup

to me– had a Joker on top. So the most you can have in the hole is two Jacks for a Jack High Full House.Donna started crying as she turned over her two jacks and Lari swept the pot into the pile in front of her.“Now what?” simpered Donna.“I guess you’re naked for the rest of the week,” answered Charlie, “unless you can come up with some way to

My New Neighbors Part 3

it the loving, tight griped stroking I had given it a few days earlier…staring at the head, I could see it changing size…bigger and then smaller….soon, it got bigger and took longer for it to shrink, and Benny is moaning and sucking my cock like he wanted to suck the skin off and leave the messy muscle underneath. His legs are opening and

A Day In the Woods Chapt 3

had lain down in front of Anne. Tommy grabbed her neck and pushed her into her waiting cunt. I knew what Anne was thinking just as I had two weeks earlier, this couldn’t be happening, this isn’t what they want me to do. Anne succumbed to their desires just as I had. I watched as Mike pushed his knot into her dripping wet pussy and as she licked

Young Stripper Mom Is Forced To Get Used By Her Old Creepy Landlord

she rides him faster and harder, feeling his throbbing cock inside her. She lets out a soft moan. His rough hands move to grab her tits as she arches her back, moaning a little louder. His right hand moves up to choke her as she continues to ride him. He squeezes her throat while looking into her eyes intensely. Suddenly he stands up, groaning in

Forbidden Ch. 04

about in her veins. No good would come from her simmering on all the little details of what could be, and what was. Ivar had turned his attention back to the ship. In his hands, he held a bucket that was tied to some rope that he was lowering it to the men beneath them through the hatch. Wandering over to the side of the ship, Harriot risked

Group Fun

a kiss he said.  As I bent over I could feel my ass poke out from under my skirt. I reached back to pull my skirt down a little. As I kissed his throbbing dick I realized I loved the smell of it. I licked the pre cum off his head. It wasn't long before I had his dick in my mouth. I felt like such a girl. A slut, but a girl slut. I couldn't

The Lesson

let me off this bench” I plead and beg as another forced orgasm is about to hit me. I can’t take much more. I’m physically and mentally exhausted from being blindfolded, laying on my stomach with my ankles and wrists bound to this fuckin' bench and my cunt walls are hurt and sore from the vibrator inserted inside my soaked pussy, forcing me to

Contemplating Angela’s First Foursome Leads To A Threesome. Part 1 (of 3).

her at that moment of time. Her fingers were playfully cajoling my hardened dick and quickly tightened around my dick, drawing me closer to her and reached up to kiss me. Our lips locked ever so briefly, and she moved back momentarily to whisper, ‘Honey, you’ll have to wait until we have had dinner. I am dying of hunger’.I knew she had a point.

Revenge for Ex-Wifes Affair (Part1)

you have to have proof the baby is not yours before you can proceed with a divorce. So after the test came back, we went ahead with the divorce. My Exwife and new baby girl Samantha move in with her new man and Sam’s birth father.. So yeah, a little bitter about all of this.. But I pick up my pieces and move on. I move into a small farm house

December Swap Meat - Journal Entry

and she went down on me, not with the same vigor as me but it was still well done. My guy was glued to her vagina and moaned as he ate away. This went on till she came again and then I moved away to watch them. He put on a condom and began making love to her. By that, I mean it was very passionate and sensual and he didn't last too long. When he

Searching for Fulfillment Ch.4

the damp hair away from her face, cupping her chin as he leaned in to kiss her. Kelly smiled, a rush of emotions hitting her all at once: intense love for Justin, gratitude for what he'd done for her, pure lust for both men. And an absolute certainty that this was what she wanted, again and again. "I feel amazing. I'm so glad you walked in on me

Taking Brittany Home

a slumber party that Ashley had had a couple months before. She had four or five girls over for the night, and Brittany was one of them. Actually, I found out later that that was Brittany's eighteenth birthday. I recalled now how I had gone into the kitchen for something around midnight. I thought all the girls were in the basement, but I

Perpetua’s Revenge

in it. ‘Revenge is both a creative and destructive act,’ she said finally. ‘So you don’t approve, well, I think I can live with that.’ She began moving around the room re-organising wires and cables and continued talking quickly around him. ‘I started out making designs for novelty underwear, you know, knickers and bras made from fig leaves, or

Ryan and Billy Make a Noise

open. They then looked across at their Mum’s and realised they were both standing by their own upright chairs, and placed right in the middle of each chair was a hairbrush, the type with the hard wooden backs. The type they had been spanked with so often. The two 16 year olds knew they were going to be spanked again but hoped it would not be in

Sexy Valentines

Erin I was heading up stairs and would meet her up their. I was so hard, I didn't want her to see it, making her find out what Sonya had just done. I told Sonya to enjoy her movie, smiling and heading up.When I got up to Erin's room, I noticed Sonya's room was open as well. I got an idea, since they both were down stairs, I thought I would sneak

Kayden's View

around the playground, unfamiliar faces filled his view. He hadn't thought that secondary school would be this intimidating. Kayden's gaze was suddenly stolen, his eyes following the figure as they made their way across the playground. The boy that Kayden had been staring at for ten seconds straight was wonderfully tanned, with narrow lips and

The Rescue Mission

to New Jersey to sell my place, pack my possessions and have everything moved to a storage facility in Phoenix. I stayed with my brother and his family for the last couple of months before the house was completed. I told them all about what I planned to do with the rest of my life. My brother and I discussed how we were going to get the girls off

A strikingly beautiful woman makes a proposition that a wrestling champ can’t refuse

back and fell tohis knees, cinching in the lock, trying to slow herand recover some endurance. She quickly rolled tostand, decreasing his leverage, then forced himslowly, deliberately, back into the ropes. Annaordered them to break, and Tom grudgingly released herarm.She swung a clothesline at him, and he reflexivelyducked and rushed to one side.

Vampire Nights 2

herself wildly as her arse was steadily fucked. The feeling building within her was amazing; pleasure flowed from both her naughty holes as she had both of them filled. She felt him thickening inside of her and his breathing started to deepen, she knew he was getting close and called out to him. ‘’Edward…don’t stop…FILL MY ASS!’’ His groans

Chapter Two: Just Watch

coming in streams, constantly escaping her mouth. She was still watching the erotic dream, and it was driving her to the edge. His mouth and finger deep inside of her, her body bucking and arching up. But again, he stopped, and she almost broke down in torment, ending it on a frustrated sigh. He laughed quietly. “Patience, darling. The best is

Wifes Revenge – part 3

she had in store for me this evening. She usually didn’t tie me up, since I’d always been very cooperative.‘Get up, slave!’ she ordered.I stood up unsteadily and she pushed me toward the walk-in closet that we have in our bedroom. I hobbled toward the closet as quickly as the bonds on my ankles would permit. She opened the door and inside was a

Young Love (Brandons Point of View)

her head. I just downloaded his new album. Oh, by the way, my name is Melody, she said smiling sweetly at him. He smiled back at her, Nice to meet you Melody. My name is Brandon. This time she blushed. Nice to meet you too Brandon. Are you new here? Ive never seen you before. Yeah, me and my Dad just moved here from New York. Oh, wow! Ive never

The Genius in Sex Part 2: Making the Grade

myself. I just keep fucking her. I don't want to stop, and neither does she. We go through the motions of crazy wild sex for at least half an hour. I never knew I had that much stamina! But, like all people, I have a breaking point. And when I reach it, I forget to pull out. So I just shoot the next several loads of semen into her fucked-raw

From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 21 re-posted

fine.”“Gang bang. Gang bang the slut.” I heard a few men in the theater shouting.” I looked up to see the woman was now nude laying on the soccer field surrounded by the black soccer players.“Thank you Mitch.” I moaned sitting in my seat totally nude looking at his hard cock that was now pressed against his six pack stomach. I leaned over


something to reminder her of that special bond between us in the form of a child.She went on to explain how she was now off the pill and that she would plan to come over to my place when she knew she was ovulating. She would then attack me, as she put it until I filled her with my seed. Once she tested positive for being pregnant, she would

victim of the bad girls club

up to her lips and she moves him to lye on the sofa her sitting over him. he looks up at her. Scarlett pulls off her dress revealing a cute black push up bra and a matching lacy thong. His hands insistently explore the hour glass curve of her hips. Scarlett yanks off his coat then starts unbuttoning his waiste coat followed by his shirt.

Spank N Fuck

declared as I pled guilty to having lapsed vehicle registration and expired insurance. The Southern City Police Department’s “deterrence” policy now added bare bottom spankings for minor infractions. The highly controversial program, which was only in effect for two weeks, seemed to have an immediate positive impact, according to the news. I was

Mr. Hottie and the Coat Room

evening and we have two dinner parties coming in. I’m a waitress at one of the finer restaurants in the area and we’re always booked. The parties are large, one has twelve people, and the other has fifteen. I get lucky, and get the bigger party. They’re to show up at 8:45, I hope they at least tip well. I make myself busy with other tables, and

Amandas Story

her pajama pants which to his surprise showed his daughter didnt wear underwear to bed. She was clean shaven, unlike his wife which kinda just let it grow for the summer. Amanda was shocked and didnt know what to do. She didnt want to do this, but the sight of his dick made her pussy get warm. She wanted it and dad seemed to want her wheres the

Late Arrival

then using his foot to get them to the floor where I can step out of them. Hold on to me he commands, and obediently I put my arms around his neck. He picks me up and carries me over to the breakfast bar, sitting me down on one of the stools I gasp at the coldness of the leather. He is unbuckling his belt, and I take my hands from his neck to

An Unexpected Gift (Part 2)

enough to watch in wonder as the woman’s clit gets suddenly hard and protrudes like a miniature dick and her whole body is racked by a series of jerking tremors, her hips rising up repeatedly to impale herself on her lover’s horn. As you watch her juices gush from around his cock, you feel your own orgasm shoot out from your vagina and sweep up

Good mates

before Jenny turned after removing her hand from within her jodhpurs.“I think she is well and truly sorted; and what’s more I can assure you she enjoyed every minute of it!” Jenny informed Pauline with a grin.“Didn’t do to bad yourself!” Pauline replied looking down at Jennies open fronted jodhpurs.Jenny realised to late, forcing her hands down

The 4th Lady McKenzie

pick. The bulls will walk straight over you.’ ‘Not when I have you and Chum protecting me.’ Clancy and Bert were outside with their coffee waiting to see if this would become a circus. Clancy finished his coffee. That woman won’t be able to make her mind up which straggler to take. We’ll be here all day. Bert scratched his backside. ‘She’s Iona


I didn't want to move he felt so good and warm beside me but I knew it was going to be morning soon. 'Hello again,' I said. He smiled at me and whispered back 'hello'. We kissed one last time before I whispered 'thank you' in an unsteady voice. I moved off him slowly and could feel his cum slipping out my pussy as I tiptoed on wobbly legs back to

The story of Franck Sysco, part 1

all the photographs around you, your children and the girls you wanna date. Whatever you’re famous, a NHL player, a CFL player, a French-Canadian actor who was at the Oscars, or the even Prime Minister, you’re in Sheraton hotel room near the airport or you’re at your ex wife chalet, you wanna fuck with a date, a college girl you met on Facebook,

Sissy Story Chapter 05 - Finale

it though. “Is this job too much for you Miss Havens? Your tears seem to indicate that.”“I’m sorry Mrs. Owens” the receptionist started composing herself.Mr. Drew interjected, “Let’s get this straightened out right now so I can get back to work. First, Nolan, you and your young lady can be my guest in the senior partners’ dining room. Miss

Unbelievable Summer Ch. 07

Eat meeeeeee!!!!’ she mewled, ‘Yesssssssss!!!!’ Her shapely legs squeezed the young man’s head as her muscles convulsed from the delights his mouth was giving her. Bobby plunged his tongue into Mrs. Dennison, licking and sucking her. He savored the sweet-tart taste of her and reveled in the frantic movements of her slim, sable body as he spurred

Me and My Step Daddy – Jack: Part 2

of your sweet cunt next.. everyone wants to see you Ash he whispered into my ears.. Lets give them a show I moaned.. YES, Id like that.. Maybe over the weekend.. lets see.. I nuzzled and kept sucking and biting.. Jackkk&hellip,ahhh I moaned.. god I was unstoppable.. I want to call some friends over, Can you fuck them? Jack asked.. Well see Jack..

The Greatest Desire:Part 3

on Debbie and Erica lite up there new ports and we laid on the bed talking and cuddling. Then it was time to go, we all hugged and planned for the next time.Before we went out the door we all shared a long sloppy kiss with each other and we went our seperate ways. I returned home and showered and thought about the sex I had. Ever since I began

She's a big little helper

the soap in with my hands. She flinched at my touch but I told her she was going to have to scrub harder to get all that mud off. She seemed to accept that as reasonable, I stood directly behind her and worked both our hands together making a real muddy mess of the sink. I was thoroughly enjoying rubbing our hands together and I had stepped in

Island Of Desire Ch. 08

her hips back and forth she caressed his cock with skill and diligence. As their pleasure built he slapped his hands on her rounded derriere, trying to speed the motion of her hip rotations. ‘Patience young man, patience,’ she urged. ‘Great things take time.’ The steady climb up the mountain of ecstasy continued as she moved from quick short

Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest

  Make yourself home.” Kevin walked over to the pantry and took out a bottle of Jack Morgan’s ‘Spicy Rum’ and poured himself a tall glass and sat at the kitchen table, staring into mid air as if in a trance. By the time his sister arrived downstairs he was on his third glass.             “What’s the special occasion bro?” He offered her some.

Love in the Darkness

speak. But I finally found myself and squeaked out,"Angela.""Well, Angela, you're in for the time of your life. He swooped me up in his arms as a small gasp escaped me.He gently laid me down on the bed and brushed the hair from my face. He stood straight up and ripped the shirt off. Fully revealing the lustrous body underneath. His body was

I Love This Game

semi hard cock until it got fully erected. I did not move but pretended to be sleeping and she carried on. As she massaged my 7” inch of meat she pulled down my boxers slowly not to wake me up. Off course I did not resist but played along. I was now naked with my cock sticking straight up and Jenna slowly held my cock and I gave a little groan

Licking my way to satisfaction

I slide the blindfold over your sapphire blue eyes. I loved gazing into them but had to tear my stare away so that they could disappear under the cloth. My heart was racing now with anticipation and excitement. It had only been a couple of days since your arrival to see me and already we had done it more times than I could count and had opened

How Can I Not Look?

"Huh?" Suddenly, she stood up, and took off all her clothes. I instantly looked away when her top came off, and her boobs came bouncing out. After sitting down again, she said, "I mean it, Bobby, I better not catch you staring at my tits." "Like I really wanna look at my sister's tits. Don't be revolting." I tried to focus on the TV, but I

The Life and The Dream

forced her mouth on my dick, for never doing this before her mouth was so great that it took me about 6 minutes to cum. As I did I smashed my dick all the way down her throat. The bus came and i headed of to school as Tisha attempted to make sure no ne could she the cum she couldn't keep in her mouth by licking it up and swallowing the

Taking a POZ load

cock all the way inside me with a loud slurp and ass fart. A small shot of pain rippled around my asshole as I quickly got into the fucking and thrust back to meet each of his jack hammer thrusts in.As he continued his relentless pounding of my asshole, it slopped and slurped with my ass juice and his pre-cum. Sweat was dripping from both of

Top Cat Ch. 12

the corner. We hit the road at 9:00 and wind our way west up through the Southern Rockies on US 64. It is a beautiful ride through the mountains. We take our time sightseeing as we head to Taos. Deer and antelope dot the green valleys as we ride through. We make it into Taos by 2:00 PM and pull into a nice hotel. We check in and pile our stuff

The Babysitter Part #3

They sat in the corner on chairs. It was dark. She could not tell if they were male or female. Jane told Casey that it was irrelevant to scream for help. The room was soundproof. She did tell her though that she could scream as loud as she wanted as she was fucked. The sounds would turn her on more. Jane told Casey to climb on a table face down

Internet Hook-Up

but not so much that I couldn't lift it straight out and angled toward her. It was swollen thick and we were both excited. She started to massage her breast as I began playing with myself. She asked me to taste my cum, and I happily obliged. With one hand I pumped my clear precum, and with the other I caught it on my index finger and brought it

Die or Live to do a Porno

they tell me I can pee now. I concentrate and once my nerves pass and I relax enough I manage to empty my bladder. A moment after they say I can take a shit now too. I fart and then I a large shit escapes my bud. I am removed from the chair and then tied down to a large plank of wood a dentist gag is opened inside my mouth causing is to stay

A Soldier’s Gypsy Ch. 02

it to work. She wanted Gabe for herself. There was just no way he felt the same. How could she be falling for someone she barely knew? Someone her friend was dating? She was so foolish. Gabe was amazing, and she was falling in love with him, even though she would probably never see him again. Back in her room, she slipped into some comfortable

My Ex-wife and my dog 2

there and its not fair to keep him out of his own house she grinned. I went and let Barny in and of course they both made a big fuss of each other and it was some time before he settled down, sprawled out in front of the TV set. Being a jet black Great Dane/Labrador cross, he was a very big dog and that was the only place he could stretch out and

Airtight Goth MILF

with cum. But I had sucked the last drips from his long thin dick and reassured him that at his age there would be plenty more. I had laid the dress out on the bed next to me for John to see the proof. It had the desired effect.We kissed pasionately, John pressing his tongue deep into my mouth to taste the boy's seed. His hand grabbed each of the

Kathy Goes Wild

told me her name, Mrs Kathy McLean, as she showed me into her house. I washed up and then sat down for tea and chocolate biscuits. We chatted about being neighbours."So do you need anything else fixing around the house?" I asked her. I moved over to her and put my hand on her knee and slowly pushed my hand up under her skirt."You have been

Cuntry Walk

as he adjusted his weight, more tingles signalling that more could happen, ‘get off’. He slipped out of her, leaving a trail of cum behind and he mischievously reached down and stroked her clit, watching her body react even as she moaned’ You bastard’. ‘Ah’ he said, rolling her onto her stomach and lifting her hips up ‘I think we should thank the

A Very Special Hen Night

smooth against her skin and as she raised her hand to ring the bell, she experienced a moment of doubt. This was the day before her wedding and Jane had spent weeks preparing for her special day. Everything was in order, the flowers, the caterers, the reception, and that dress, it had all been meticulously planned and more than once she had

The Listener

in a very revealing fashion. Just a few weeks ago, she said she was going out to the grocery and would be back in a few minutes. She had a very sexy dress on. It was something she had worn years ago when we first started dating. With a naughty smile, she showed me the thong she had on. It got me very excited and she said she wore it turn me on.

Tartan Blanket

We all are. But she’ll feel better tomorrow. After the funeral,” was all Eddie said, as he bit his teeth into a ham sandwich. “Cancer and only in her early-twenties,” Eileen sighed. “She’s only a child for Christ sake,” she barked, staring at the reminder of her Catholic faith hanging on the wall, as if the man on the cross would give her the

Almost Twin Obsessions Part 1

the boys on the couch. Only a few moments later my parents came down the stairs and hugged and kissed us goodbye. Telling us no parties and to be good. "There's money for food on the fridge. Well call you tomorrow," they said as they headed out the door. We ordered pizza and settled in on the couch watching a movie, some horror movie. I shuddered

A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 14

these lamps go to the Earth, to begin their lives!” The teens ordered, and they watched the lamps fly away to the planet’s surface.“It’s a spectacular sight,” Matt said.“Wonderful,” Sophie smiled.“And they saw that it was good,” Alexis said, and the two teens smiled more. “You’ve still got things to do though.”Matt and Sophie nodded, and they

Total Woman Requests 05

accompanied by a long groan of ecstasy. As he collapsed against the chair, Cheryl followed his movement and held his cock between her warm boobs while his prick shrank and his mind melded again with his body The black haired service cart attendant took a few steps towards the weary couple and paused attentively in case Edwin had any requests for

My First Trip Out of the Closet

the last time I would feel this way.   Just then, there was a loud scream up front. Mary was coming as she knelt on the front seat. She had risen up from Allen’s hard tongue. She replaced it with his dick. She had leaned over the front seat and was sucking Luke’s dick. He had her bobbing up and down on his dick, taking it down her

My Weird Uncle J Cums in My Panties

down to escape his gaze, only to be presented with his still-naked cock and his hand offering of my own panties. Finally, I acquiesced to his offer, taking my own rubber duck panties from his hand. Yet, my uncle J didn’t budge, standing tall before me. It was only then that I realized he expected me to change in front of him. My legs quivered, my

Some of the Dogging adventures that we have partic

so he could not pull away until I drained his cock. He was weak at the knees as he slowly slid his cock out of my mouth and rubbing the head of his cock on my lips. Kyle was telling Bret and Fred how good of a fucking cock sucker I am as Jeff turned me and made me swallow his cock. Jeff was more of a showman he would draw his cock all the way out

Brandy (Part 2)

panting. Then moaning. And then I heard it."Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. I'm gonna. I'm gonna,"And as I slid my tongue inside her pussy, I felt Brandy soak my face with cum.It was all over my tongue. On my chin. In my mouth.I kept licking. She kept trembling.And I stopped when she fell back on the floor.I was on my knees between her petite

Giving my first BJ

feel him and I did. He layed back on the bed with his legs over the side. I unbuttoned my pants to play with myself. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was nice and he got hard almost immediately. I sucked him for a bit and then put a condom on him. He said he could feel anything. So I starting jacking him off and he responded. All

Rave Mania

I thought as I walked up to the persone that is letting people into the rave. He took a long look at my C cup breats and my wide hips and motioned for me to enter the rave. As I stepped in, the smell of humans entered my nose and the sound of techno music exploded in my ears. I looked around. There was imitation fog coming out of the ground and

Tony On My Taste Buds.

in me and tries to relax me.Tony: “It’s okay to be scared, I understand you’ve never done this, don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt you. Just relax and enjoy yourself.”I try to calm down and can barely look him in the eyes. Tony scoots over slowly and tries to get me comfortable.Tony: “So, how did you start to like guys?”Me: “Well I was trying to

My School projest mom helps

are going to get the pussy now?” “Not me I’m getting her ass.” Just the she entered the bedroom with three drinks. Louis looked at Terry look at the front of her panties man they’re soaking wet.” “Lou my bro that’s all your cum.” “Mom have you ever been ass fucked?” “No, honey never.” “Well you’re going to lose your anal virginity tonight.” “Get

An evening to remember

from the kitchen into her bedroom, pausing briefly to run her eye over the outfit she had chosen for the day. She smiled, happy that the black pencil skirt, white blouse and heels would work so well together. Walking out onto her small balcony she turned her face towards the spring sun, enjoying the gentle warmth and breathing the crisp morning

My Amazing Gals

Umm, I would come kiss you but I am a bit busy,” She giggled. “You can take a number and get in line.” She looked to the guy who was standing next to the chair. I guess he was waiting his turn.“Guys this is my stepdad. He is cool,” she laughed and indicated the couple on the couch, “That’s Carol and Don.” Looking at the three guys in the room, I

Living It with Dylan - chapter 2

it wasn’t in the script that way, and fuck me Dyl did. He stood up and took me from behind, which is kind of challenging when we’re standing but we managed it, me lifting one of my legs and leaning against the wall some while he stuck it in. Scott was right under us, at times, looking up through his pervert scope and reminding me to hold my dick

Dark Lullabies

stomach along the way. I rest between her legs and let my penis find its way in again. She sighs happily as I slide past her lips and fill her insides. I kiss her and pull out to the very tip of my head, then give her a good, hard thrust back in. She gasps and grips my back, raking her nails across my skin. I lean back and push her legs forward

The Botanical Beauty: Part I-Her First Trip

chuckled to herself and thought for sure he was sitting next to her with a huge irritating hard-on and he’d never have the pleasure of kissing or touching a girl as amazing as herself. Issy drifted off to sleep smiling softly. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, John was quickly packing and getting ready to leave for Bali. It had been a hectic few months

Joining the Quarter Mile Club

and sucking my balls. I groan louder, she knows how much I love it when she sucks them. ‘Mmm…. extra salty nuts.’ And sucks harder, while stroking me. I run my hands through her hair, then down her back and unfasten her bra, running my hands up and down her back. Her bra slips off her shoulders. She comes back up and takes my hardness back in her

Charity Auction

She would have nothing to do with it and said it was disgusting. Her loss again. I vowed to not repeat that character flaw. The woman’s that is. I can afford to be selective now. Not driven by hormones and lust so much anymore as when I was a raging hormone driven younger man. My sexual excitement level is very high despite the fact that it is

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 4

my tight fuck hole. Over and over, each time a little harder, a little faster, feeling the pleasure build as I worshiped her cunt with my mouth and tongue, the sound of the cock filling me mixing with the pounding of my heart and her increasingly loud moans. I rode it, cheeks slapping against the grill, held up on shaky arms and her hand wrapped

Putting women on public display.

the crowd back to her as she dropped her shorts and panties kicking them away as she stepped into a silky black skirt with a slit on one side which she positioned on her left leg. This once again concealed her smooth shaven cunt that was already showing hints of moisture. They then went to the shoes section both choosing a pair of black boots

Target Acquisition

point it was hard to know for sure what color her eyes were. He thought they were green, but he wasn’t sure. Her features were well-defined but still quite feminine. She was very pretty. She had a good body. Short, scrunched boots on her feet and a pair of navy blue yoga pants. Her legs were fit and trim, well developed. He assumed from that that

The Librarian

moment, he stood up and backed her against the wall. He pressed his body to hers as he kissed her, enveloping her pliant curvy form in his hard angular one. He sank to his knees, and loosened the laces on her skirt. He allowed it to fall, to pool around her ankles. He admired her long smooth legs, with only her white lace panties left on her

My friend and I fuck his wife

newspaper on the floor to catch it, when it shot out of me. Putting the film on hold and still still stroking my cock, which was now fully hard, I went into my lounge to fetch an old newspaper. I had forgotten that when I left the lounge to go to bed the previous night I had left the curtains on the lounge windows, fully open. I had a terrible

Ty and Charlie

messages on my phone and one just caught my eye. His picture was of his chest, toned but not ripped, slim body, and when I saw his face I was blown away. Like extremely handsome. Lighter brown hair than mine and shorter, darker eyes, firm jawline, He stood a little taller than me, and his name was Charlie. We hit it off chatting for a while and

The Wager:part 2

is that you get to choose what we do for the rest of the night, but what exactly do you have in mind?” ‘Well, first I think you need to undress me,” said John. “All right, whatever you say!” replied Mandy and proceeded to unzip John’s jeans, struggling to move the zip down over his erect cock. John sat up a little to make it easier for her, and

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 08

on the table. It surprised me, I had never seen him drink anything stronger than wine. ‘Do you really think that’s going to help?’ I asked my father, suddenly angry at him for handling mom’s death this way. He looked up from the glass and stared at me for a moment. ‘No,’ he said, ‘Probably not.’ I sat down at the table across from him. ‘What

Hot Lust on the Landing!

by Vix, with her short dark hair just brushing the top of her shoulders wearing a shiny necklace and a pair of blue jeans. Her large, tanned boobs looked delicious as she modeled her new purchase.‘You look amazing,’ said Trish ‘Now turn around.’Vix, doing what she was told, slowly turned around and wiggled her bum a little, which was filling her

My Boyfriend's Cousin - Part 3: The Facebook Conversation

lollHow’d you do that?!She came in the shop, I thort DAMN so I had her round the back lolThat’s fucking mental. How did you pull her?!She came over wanting help so I asked if it was for her rear end haha, she thort I ment bikes but she got the hint haha lolHaha so cringy ;-) what a slutYeah she was a moaner too.Fuck.Dam what an arse tho.Did you

Brothers have the most fun!

off Nick and got in a dogie position and told him to fuck my ass it felt soo good!! Shortly after he said he was going to cum...i said don't cum in me!! he pulled out and run to the bathroom...i asked nick if he wanted to pound me to finish...with out a word he slid around behind me and proceeded to fuck my ass as wild as you can believe..That

Susie Ch. 22

reference to her being a prostitute,’ Kaitlyn said. ‘No, I think that’s really where she works,’ April replied. ‘Does her mother know for sure she’s a prostitute or is she just assuming that?’ I asked. ‘I gather they didn’t part on the best of terms.’ ‘I think she knows for a fact,’ April told us. ‘They don’t stay in touch and her mother is

Sasha Ch. 11

me that tomorrow night would be our last night together on this trip. The prospect of parting again made my stomach hurt. I made myself not think about it. I busied myself with some other work, then checked my e-mail. There were lots of notes from the office, but suprisingly, nothing from Dylan. I actually felt a little relieved. I decided to

Mother of Three

of her pussy. She pushed into my finger and groaned as I gave her clit a rub with my thumb. She let go of my cock as I turned a little and pulled my finger out of her silky wetness. I pushed in my index and middle fingers, stroking her with them, and rubbed my thumb over her clit in little circles.She rolled her head back and moaned as I made her

Coco Dynamo Ch. 01

he was lounging around not dressed as a pseudo-puritan, he tended to wear shirts with funny slogans. Coco was across the aisle, looking at some egg-shaped toy. They looked familiar, for some reason, to Ben. ‘Why does it feel like I’ve seen these before?’ He asked Coco, moving over to her. ‘They were big a few years ago,’ she said bouncing one up

The First Time…Finale

added John.“Well John, now that we’re clean, do you think there is a possibility in us getting dirty again?” I asked smiling.“I am amazed to say that from the tingle in my cock, it is going to happen very soon.”I reached down and took hold of his cock, and to my delight, John was on his way up again. We kissed and as the intensity of our kissing

Second Chance? Ch. 01

who is going to haunt me for the rest of my life.’ ‘You need to exorcise that ghost from your life. Put her in the past where she belongs. Do you know what we should do?’ ‘No what should we do?’ ‘We need to go out and celebrate your decision to move on from the horrible memory of your past.’ Instead my head, I was thinking am going to celebrate

The Island – Summer Modeling Camp – part 5

outfits help you feel more comfortable with yourself and your body as a model, I smiled to her, putting my hands on her bare shoulders. well, the ones I tried on made me feel really sexy, she blushed as she grinned ear to ear. good, you can wear whatever you want any time here okay Lindsay, I kissed her cheek gently. She served me breakfast,

Older Fat Gay Guy Got Horny

man before, and when he took of his pants, I gasped when he exposed his cock. I thought the kid before was huge, Fuck me, this thing was already hard and 11" long and thick! I knew I could never get that cock head in my mouth, so why try? I just climbed up on my bed and said, "Just fuck me, Bud. Just get off in my ass!" He grabbed one of my

My Best fantasy py2

that others where watching me play as i had been watching them, this excited me more. "change position" said daves wife, he pulled out of me she got up and help me stand, my head had gone light i was high on pure lust and pleasure. she sat on the armchair moved me so i was between her legs and she raised her legs onto my shoulders, i pushed my

What are best friends for Part 1

He ran his fingers threw my hair and kissed me. He started thrusting hard, moaning loud...faster and faster. * Ohhh CHRIS!!!* i moaned loud * MMMMM YES ROXANNE...YES!* My back began to arch, we both knew what was soon to come, he went faster and faster * Mmmm come on baby* he groaned as i moan..louder and fingernails gripping the

A Trip To Remember

thefire, Becky sat down right by to me, and begin to nudge up close to me. I could see also that Robert was pretty close to my wife. My cock was already hard, and i was starting to feel the blood rushing me as i felt Becky's leg against mine. None of us said a word. Robert put his arm around my wife, and moved closer to her. The only thing i

Kelsey - “Dad – I don’t want to twerk at their club.”

that is what you are going to be doing at the club.”“U gonna be Twerking just like that white Miley slut.”“Dad – I don’t want to twerk at their club.”Ali put her face real close to Kelsey. “You fucking do this or I will take you down.”Darnell put his hands on Kelsey’s hips.”Grind that ASS Bitch.”Kelsey had no choice but to start dancing.“UP and


from where the bolts were actually touching the skin. Growling Alan turned toward the first, "ALL OF YOU! EVERY ONE OF YOU!" Alan was yelling then calmed a moment, "I can finally feel the balance shifting on this world. Almost 3/4 of the power that has held this world prisoner is gone. Once I have rid it of you I think the light council may be

She Gambles and Wins

grinning at my beautiful wife. Now I am the one who is feeling a bit uncomfortable. I look at Katie and her face is beaming. I’m beginning to think she likes him too. “As you start to mix the drinks remember that my Kate doesn’t want any alcohol,” I interject. Katie jumps in and says, “Oh Mike, a little bit won’t hurt anything!” I can’t believe

The Lusty Break

will you stop me? By the way your”I had barely got up by a few degrees when she untied the lace of the gown which she was wearing leading to the exposure of her lovely, nude body. My mouth fell open at this view and all the blood started to move from my body to my dick and made it extra hard (just a bit of exaggeration). I got so horny that I

In The Beginning Ch. 16

into her mouth and sucked him deep inside. He groaned as she slid her hot tongue around him. Louise took his balls into her hand from behind and massaged them as Janice laved his swelling member. ‘Lets go into the other room,’ I said as I switched the camera off. Dad’s cock hung in a state of semi erection and Louise made a circle with her thumb

The Power of The Moon ch.6

the incident between him and Grace. He heard Landon wake up and walk down the hall and into the kitchen. ‘Hey man, wanna play some videogames? I bought the new Assassin Creed game.’ Landon looked at him. His face showed he was pissed off at someone. And he was not in the mood to play any game what so ever. ‘What’s wrong, Lan?’ Landon burst into a


it had passed. Down in the town at the far end of the valley a man falls to the ground blood gushing from his head. He is dead before he hits the ground. Across the valley another shot rings out. In the town a soldier is thrown from his vehicle by the impact of the bullet. Soldiers in the town scramble for cover and huddle behind anything they

Doubling my score

with me,” and led me to a small restroom in the building next to the station. Inside, she knelt down in front of me and sucked me off one more time. I came quickly and said, “There’s still ten minutes.” I pushed her up against the sink, knelt before her, pulled down her pants, and gave her a quick orgasm with my tongue and two fingers. We washed

Hot Pregnancy ch. 2

they arrived at the hospital and exactly 9 months to the day that she gave birth to the twins she gave birth to another healthy baby boy.Three hours after Jennifer delivered her lovely baby boy Julie gave birth to their bouncing baby boy.Three days later Jennifer, Julie and the two new baby boys headed home to start their new lives together.The

Home from College

so I pulled her back down to me and flipped us both over on the bed, barely interrupting the frenzied pace of our love making. I placed my hands on either side of her writhing body and pushed myself up so my arms were straight. I gazed down at Shannon's perfectly curved body and admired her tits bouncing up and down on her chest with each fast

I do like you

Daniel, that you would be delighted if I asked you to suck my cock, here and now.” I was taken aback. Thinking that he was joking, I said, “That is bullshit, James.” I looked at Ross for support. “What a crazy thing to say, right?” Ross was silent. He had no objection to what James had claimed. “You think he is right, Ross? You agree with what

Come for Me, Kaitie.

Plot: Kaitie is staying with her mothers old friend, Charlie. When Kaitie needs help with a science project of hers, Charlie accidentally buys too much rope. What could possibly happen? This story is fictional and doesnt portray any realise people I own this story. Katie closed the door and walks into the living room, letting her school bag

Manmoirs: Ms. Opposite - Part 2

red by the time Tessa exploded for another orgasm. This one was much bigger than the first one, perhaps because of all the licking Kristy gave her. Kristy and Tessa then decided to start taking turns riding my cock like a cowgirl, while the other one would kiss my lips. Kristy started off on-top, followed by Tessa, and then Kristy again. It

Playtime - Chap. II - Insatiable

and almost blacking out, I dropped again against his knees, spent. . “Whew, that was the best, especially with you two studs watching. Here, James, a taste for you,” I said, putting the cucumber to his mouth. James obediently nibbled, tasting me again. I licked my lips toward John. “Now it’s your turn, too. Remember what I said I

A Cabin Far Away

is in perfect harmony, our bodies intuned to each other. As your orgasm builds, so does mine. I try to concentrate on something else, but your sensational body and lucious pussy, gyrating and grinding on me brings me back to reality. I tell you that I cant hold out much longer, which seems only to inspire you to bounce on me harder and faster,

Going for the Triple

we live on is on a hill, so I can walk out our back plot, through a gate, onto a small back service road, up to Nita’s and then go through her plot to her back door. All quite discreetly, with very few or possibly even none of our neighbours knowing we’re visiting. I’d never used it before but did so on this occasion. Nita was waiting for me.


my hand hurts that’s no reason to stop spanking you, not when my slipper is close to hand.” Todd looked sideways and saw Claire’s bare legs so close to him as he lay across Aunt Angela’s lap, then looked at the back of Aunt Angela’s legs, then under the chair to see his own legs dangling on the other side. This was as he expected, his bottom

The Morning After

in the bathroom stall yesterday, which was enough to get her ready, but then she started thinking of Faith naked. She wondered ‘does she have any piercings?’ Kiara had always wanted to get her nipples pierced, but she felt that her boobs were too small to want to draw any more attention to them, so she never bothered. But as her fingers traced

Sex At Work

enough to let my rod slip a little, so that some of my load dripped out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Chrissy swallowed the cum in her mouth and smiled at me. She tugged gently on my prick and asked, between licks, "I did it right?"The look of that young girl with my cum running down her face, and the pressure of her eager fingers,


walked away I turned to follow her with my eyes. Her shorts weren't the most covering thing in the world. Her butt cheeks peaked out right on the edges.She came back into the room with the phone and leaned over me to the get into the drawer next to my legs. I glanced down her shirt at her small round tits. A thought rushed through my mind of me

So Many Pt. 2

A fire hose was letting go in my face and all over my body and I tried to take some in my mouth and swallow it but it was too much. I stayed under him, aiming his cock all over me to make sure he was soaking all of me. Finally he finished and I was in a puddle of cum and piss under the horse and wanting more, so much more. Then I saw another

Before School Starts

flushed skin. "Faster..." he whimpered, breathlessly. I bit my lip while I stared down at him. Suddenly, my body felt lighter than air. All of the stress disappeared as I reached a well deserved climax. Armando’s body was hot to the touch as he writhed with pleasure. As quickly as it started, it ended. As I pulled away from him and swung my feet


In a flash you point your cock, already slick and glistening with my juices, at my torrid flesh.  With a powerful forward thrust you enter me.  You impale me.  I let out a loud “YYYEEESSS,” as I raise my hips to meet your cock.  “FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE,” I scream out again.  But no one hears or sees us.  There’s only you and me and the dolphins who

An Unexpected Invitation - Part 3

huge surface, with perhaps ten people on it. Nearest us, a man lay with one girl bouncing on his cock and another sat on his face, who in turn was kissing a girl being fucked to the side of them. Others in the room stepped up to replace anyone who stepped back.Adam and I watched for a while, but I wasn’t comfortable to join the mass of flesh. I

My Girlfriend Samantha

was always her duty to eat them out. Even dad would only eat mom right after a douche when she was really clean and not that often either. Mom even cried as Samantha did her job. After that mom said that we could do anything that we wanted too do.Samantha and I spent the night together and woke up in my bed, as she had wanted to do. Mom even

Liz takes charge

took as much of me into her mouth as possible before bobbing up and down at quick pace. My moans of delight were her cue. She eased me out of her mouth, drooling a little over my shaft. ‘Porn star lube’ I chuckled to myself. I taught her that. Liz then stood, turned around and bent over whilst removing her almost pointless underwear. I wanted to

Along the Trail

walk on it?’ He asked. ‘I can try.’ With that, he helped her on her feet. Her ankle didn’t hurt at all. They walked down the trail hand in hand. When they reached the bottom, he walked her over to her car. She glanced to the side and that’s when she noticed his truck. ‘I didn’t notice your truck when I got here,’ she said. ‘That’s because it

My best friend surprises me

unexpectedly.Ken and I had been friends for a long time, we had been married to sisters at one time. Now I was married to a different woman, and we were living in California.I still stayed in touch with him, as we were the best of friends.He was working in Portland, Oregon, and I was working in Southern California at the time. I had called him up

Going Rogue Ch. 03

It was a big political circle-jerk. One guy would say ‘Why don’t you run, Mr. A?’ and then another person who was opposes Mr. A would say ‘He can’t win with (insert group here).’ At some point in time Chief Griswold started watching me, to make sure I didn’t get… impatient, for lack of a better term. But then I observed a ray of hope. One

Little Broken Toys

can load the dishwasher while I do that?”As his color returned to normal, he gave a slight nod. “Of course, Luce.”Lucy knew better than to think he would actually complete the task. At one point or another he would get distracted by something. It seemed the only time he could stay focused was while he was writing.She walked into the living

Wills new home: Part 10

put the revolver on the back of her head, The lord be with you, Darby as you enter paradise And with those words, the reverend pulled the trigger. Darby! Will yelled. The loud noise carried over the mountain. Lisa and Maggie turned their heads away and closed their eyes. Sweet Jesus! Maggie said, as she and Lisa began to stair on in fear, as the

Wills new home: Part 9

Today had marked a week since he had last touched himself, and with the chastity device gone, he was finally free to do so. Quickly dropping his basketball shorts, pulling off his sliders, and reaching for his already erect dick, Pierce quickly, and without a moments hesitation, jacked off at full force. Pulling the foreskin of his uncut (learned


trailing barefoot after her. “Thought I’d make you something healthy tonight.” The brown paper bag was half empty and water was drumming the stainless steel sink by the time I twirled a chair and straddled the seat. I folded my arms on the back and studied her familiar form while she worked. Her hands were a blur, washing produce and pulling pots

Am I just using him - chapter 5

close. I don't even know who his friends are. The film affects me more than I would like to admit. And I'm not just talking about the sex scene. No, it's the love that was slowly developing between the two that really left me with some weird emotion. An emotion I can best describe as nostalgia, even though I obviously never experienced anything

Lori's Revenge

wall for support. She was way beyond any point where she might have retained some control, to come back down a little, to not flay her hyper-stimulated nerves to the breaking point. Her imagination was inside Minx's panties; inside her own panties; inside Peter's tongue as he ate her gushing pussy. She screamed again, hammering the wall. Her body

Mistress Roulette - Part 3

from my mouth. I waited again, not knowing how long it would be until I was graced with another woman's presence. I lost track of time as my disappointment caused my sexual need to crush my spirits. Over the next forty minutes or so, a couple more women came into the room. They both used my mouth and tongue for their pleasure, came in front of me

The Fallacy Affair

a finger in her cooch for a moment to get Brad even hotter "It's been how long since you did what, Oh I hear yah Tina, my husband doesn't do that for me either, I mean the last time I sat on someones face was in high school !" Noticing that this ploy was working she went on "I believe I know someone who can scratch our itch, why

Bloodbath Case #1

James up from unconsciousness. His body was numb, yet he felt the pain of his tight hole being ripped apart. A cold breeze ran across his body and James realized he was naked. “Wake up, sexy. I hope you’re feeling the pleasure I’m feeling babe. Your tight ass is so delicious. I can just do this all day with you and I’d be a happy man.”James


be?” “Who is it?”…..silence….I pushed open the door quickly and stepped in with my back to the door. Six screeching girls later… My daughter says: “Who are you!!!” …silence. We preplanned for her to pretend to call on her cell phone. I pointed to her and growled out a “NO”. She stopped. She said: “You better get the hell out of here, my dad has

My English Teacher and I Part 2

slowly unbuttoning it and bending her ass towards me as she lowered it from her hips. She turned around and stood in front of me. Her pussy was clean shaven and there was not a perceivable imperfection on her whole body. She gently grazed the insides of her thighs with her hands as she raised them up passing over her tits and letting the bounce

Punished Secretary

inside me, a big black guy slapped his heavy cock on my lips. Naturally, I sucked his dick into my mouth and worked him as best I could. I stroked and sucked his dick strong, making his knees buckle every few minutes. The only time I let up on his blowjob was when the white cock inside made me cum too hard to control my hands and mouth.Both cocks

My 18 year old wife and her two brothers incest

the hair and across her pussy lips. Roy then asked if she would turn over because he wanted to really see her ass. She was a little embarrassed, because no one had looked at he like that since she was a child, but she rolled over on her stomach. Roy was shocked that she had brown hair growing around from her pussy up her ass and onto her

Mixed Metaphors III

the money in the world.”“Honest?”“Honest. I will never lie to you. I love you baby, so stop your crying and come back to bed …OK?”“OK … my handsome prince. I love you too. But what about tomorrow?”“It is now four thirty. Tomorrow is almost here. Let’s get some sleep.”“OK.”They walked in the bedroom and Becky was asleep in seconds, however Tony

High Sea Horror

I got something.’ Junior attempted to deadpan but the smile was easy to hear in his voice. Thankful for the distraction Chris started reeling his own line to watch Junior when something hit his bait and nearly yanked the rod clear out of his hand. Failing at breaking his grip with the first strike whatever had his line instead swam straight out

Cyber Junkie – Tea 2

on his computer monitor, and he watched Lauren slowly remove the hand-blown glass dildo from her tunnel. He felt an awakening in his cum-soaked tool as he observed one long rope of her cum drippings form between her labia folds and the translucent toy. With no intention of answering Lauren’s question, the cyber junkie asked, “Did I say that you

A Day In The Life... Of My Wife! (Part 2)

You're looking kind of flushed.""You'd be flushed too if you'd just sucked our sales director's cock!" Was what I wanted to say."Actually Dianne, I do feel a little giddy. I think I'll call it a day. Tell John that I'm taking the rest of the day off. Tell him I think I've earned it. "Dianne nonchalantly took her instruction and returned to her

First Impressions

shorts. With one hard but careful pull they released his cock with a flick and it slapped against my face. I felt my own cock twitch again, I felt excited by the anticipated action of his cock hitting me in the face. I then went for my second lick as I let go of his boxers allowing them to fall down to around his knees, where they stayed,

Total Woman Excursions 15

on business or personal shopping? Personal I hope. You look fantastic in this stuff.’ ‘You look marvelous, too. I’m here this time on business. This is Fallston and I am his personal shopper today. He needs something for his special lady in the real world. What have you got?’ ‘Everything a woman needs and a man desires. Tell me Fallston, what

Possession (Pt 1)

woman said ‘thank you for coming’ and almost seemed to push Anna out the door. It wasn’t until that night when her boyfriend opened his birthday present that Anna realised she hadn’t wrapped the smaller book with the others, confused Anna went to their bedroom and found the book hidden at the bottom of her underwear drawer. Just then her

Full Tilt Effect Part Two: A Vested Interest

oozing from the tip to mix with her saliva. Sucking, slurping and grunting as his cock bounced off the back of her throat, the wetness around her mouth started to run down to her chin. Pulling off she used his member to smear the drip all acrossed her face. "Do you like your new pet, your dirty slut. I will swallow all your loads, even if your

Forcing the Teacher-Part 1

My heels clicked as I walked towards my car and I felt his gaze all over my body. I looked back and smiled as if to thank him for the compliment. His eyes wandered up my calves and to my the lowest part of my skirt which curved perfectly around my thighs and ass. I hiked it up even further than it already was. There was no harm in letting him see

Road Trips for Peter (Chapter Four)

with a passion. Somehow we had held back, but now we were ripping off each other's clothing with all abandon. I was wanting to get at that pussy I had eaten earlier in the day, and she was wanting my hard cock to ram her like a hammering piston. I knew this from earlier conversations on Lush. This was one passionate woman. I grabbed her, tossed

My Wife And The Dog

his haunches against her beautiful bottom as he tried to stick his fat, pointed seven-inch cock into her cunt. After a few futile and misguided jabs that sprayed her bottom and thighs with come, I'd spread open her pussy lips with my fingers, and help him put his prick inside her, watching it disappear into her dripping vagina. As he was fucking

His Gift

phone.  When he walked back in – making sure his impressive cock was swinging – she handed him back the phone, and then lounged on the bed.“It’s Cheryl, just in case you don’t remember,” she teased.He chuckled and asked, “So, I should text you some time?”“Tomorrow.  The next day.  The day after that.  Any time.  Just get dressed before I get

Come Wake Me, Baby

me, but I do not feel upset. My body is warm, I’m snuggled under the duvet and not yet ready to be dragged from sleep. I feel a touch, fingers feathering the length of my hip. I’ve been waiting for you, I’ve missed you.Mmm what’s that? An arm snakes underneath me while the other slips between my arm and my side, fingers rubbing the silky material

Some Work in the Garage

he wears to bed without underwear because he was now tented up pretty fully. He loves to watch me smoke and his fetish was in full “bloom” right now. It had also been a few days since we had sex so he was probably pretty anxious in the first place and me doing what amounts to teasing him, although to that point it was the furthest thing from my

Hall Pass Pt 2 - A Conclusion?

with an air of concern."Yes, it's not that I don't want... I won't cheat on my husband...." spluttered from her lips as her mind spun like a child’s spinning top knowing what one part of her craved and that another part wouldn't allow her to betray he husband.Abruptly she grabbed and kissed him passionately for a couple of seconds before letting

My dirty slut wife

again&hellip,but I just pointed to the computer. There on the screen, cycling through, were several pictures of her and the two guys at the park. She sat down and started crying, asking if I was going to divorce her. I told her no, but she was going to be punished. I explained that to make it up to me, she was going to have to do some things, and

The Gates of Eden - Part 2

the one place I want it. Why is he moving back? He said anything. I try again, but he shifts his head further eluding me. It hurts me, and I make the smallest whimper."Oh, Eden, baby. Baby… we can't." His voice is gentle but somber.He shakes his head to rebuff me and my heart aches inside my chest. Nothing is stopping us besides some stupid rules

Tales of the Naughty Vixen

a moment, wondering if she should open her boyfriend’s story. “I mean, this is sort of private, right?” she thought to herself. “I kinda wanna know what this story’s about.” Dani opened the story and started reading. Page after page went by telling the story of a girl with a large appetite for exciting sexual fantasies: the more outrageous the

Karl and Laci Have Phone Sex

me. “It looked so pretty … so pink … so wet … so smooth.“It was little, too. Did I mention that? I could hardly get two fingers up inside her. A nice big cock like yours is going to be a problem I’m sure. Oh, and you would not believe how sweet her pussy tastes. Would you like to taste her cunt, Karl?” “Yes I would, Laci. You know I would.”

A Very Merry Christmas!

confused. ‘They go to my grandparent’s house on Christmas Eve, and then come home Christmas day.’ I smiled unlocking the front door. I was still in disbelief. ‘Shouldn’t you be with them?’ He asked confused. ‘It’s more for my younger brothers, so I get to stay home.’ I opened the door and let him in. ‘Oh…’ He looked around, ‘You have a beautiful

A Hot First Date

echoed throughout the room. Charley’s body flew up from the punitive lap and his kicking feet exposed the jism filled testicles in his scrotum. His screams were just ungodly and his scarlet ass did a wild dance on Abby’s lap. Then the twin cheek on the other side was also blasted. Abby waited awhile for Charley to regain some control. As he had

Suzanne 3

letting me shave you too? I was taken aback. Did I want to be naked in front of these people? Then I realised that all the women were naked and so I decided, Fuck it! Why not? So I slipped all my clothes off and let Suzanne lead me to the bath. I was hairy to about 3 above my navel, so she shaved all the way down my belly to my cock. Then she

Acing Your Punishments - Chapter 4

and hoots of encouragement from the audience… the boy did not think twice, gave each of Rebecca’s nipples a good pinch and started squeezing her breasts. Rebecca could not bear the humiliation, to be groped by this repulsive boy in front of everybody … Her cries of protests only came out as muffled groans, however.“She seems to be enjoying it.

Wedding Day of Ex-Lover

to kiss you he won't taste my cum in his bride's mouth will he? I'm sure his small cock won't satisfy you." " Fuck you, you bastard!" I smirk and left, giving the blushing bride plenty of time to get ready for her great day. As I exited her room I phoned my driver to drive the car round to collect me at the entrance to the hotel and asking him

Brenda and Connie Ch. 05

and then of course you met Bruce Fielding, the yummy football player, all within just two weeks.’ ‘Yes well’ continued Connie, ‘that was an exception not my usual norm that’s for sure. You might think because of my looks, I would have no end of boyfriends. However it does not always quite work out like that in real life. You see most boys were

Coming Home

with the palm of my hand as you squirm and your juices start to flow out all over my fingers. I take the chastity belt and insert the first of its dildos into your soaking wet cunt and using your juices that have flowed onto my hand I slowly insert a finger into your arse and gradually stretch it before replacing it with the second dildo and then

A Bride For Seven Brothers#2

you do when I ask you to go do chores around the farm!” “Shit!” Ruby cried out in frustration and rage as Bashful’s hands fell away from her the hot spot between her legs that he’d been feeding with his expert touch fading as Grumpy, eyes cold and condemning walked towards them his tall muscular frame ready for several worlds of confrontation.

The Fianal Adventure

Harry want you to come to the farm for a week" Oh no! "Mom? I don't want to go...." She cut me off mid sentence!When Mom talked like this which was not often, I listened. This was important to her. "Tut tut" she said not looking at me "We all have to do things we don't want to!"North Bay! It's a nice enough place but it's not Toronto I put on a

An Anal Awakening

it in the ass. “Alright ya little bitch” Jim said as he started dragging her up the steps by her hair. “You’re going to get yours.” Jenny had no idea what was soon to come. He drug her in his room and locked the door. Her head had hit the base of the bed and she was out for a tad bit. When she came to it, she found herself on her knees,

Cain’s Ritual

woman he has ever seen. Is this what you wanted, you old pervert? The kids snap at him and Charlie doesn’t answer…. He’s humiliated she thinks. “Keep your eyes on your work, slut,” he tells her as he pushes the back of her head down firmly. She does her best to repress the gag, fight it until the reflex abates. She feels the kid’s hand brushing

Welt ~ 3

my own here not that long ago. I faced them and I saw clearly. Now, you too will see what I saw. You’ll see that as we bounce off of each other, stumbling through life, that we cannot ignore the outcomes of our choices.”She still looked confused and it irritated me. I slapped her, just hard enough to make her pay attention. It felt good, it

Sandy and Frank Ch. 06

There really was little free time for a more active affair! In other words, sex with Frank was really a peripheral part of Sandy’s life – but a fun part. So, they had their parties and the more significant activity afterwards, but occasionally there were other, usually unexpected, opportunities. For example, not long after the last episode, Sandy

Mommy and Me

lay in them as I get off. Or I could wear something sheer, so I could see my pussy as the piss came out, unhindered. On a whim, I decide to go panty-less, since I'm not wearing a bra either. I sit back against the headboard and take aim. Now, I have to pee so bad that it doesn't even occur to me that my hands might get wet too, holding my flaps

Give It Away

While resting between dances, we were talking and the quarterback came around acting like he owned me and I should get up and be honored to dance with him. I looked up and cut him with a sharp glance, ‘I’m sorry but I’m busy. I danced once with you and that was more than enough.’ I know it was unkind, maybe even a bit cruel, but I had less than

Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 2

I reached the hamper and lifted off the lid, setting it down at the side. “Perfect!”, I whispered. The basket was full. Jumpers, jeans, blouses and I could already see a burgundy bra strap and half a cup down the side of the basket. I really was in for a treat here. I lifted off a few of the more boring items, any outerwear I wasn’t concerned

Sex is the Best Treatment Part 3 The Dog Days of S

inside my pussy. As if in a dream, I felt someone pulling my hand out of my panties. Opening my eyes slowly, I saw Paul, naked, kneeling beside me, his cock standing as tall and as proud as a steel flagpole. As I came fully awake, Paul took the finger I had fingered myself with and placed it in his mouth, sucking my cum off it. “Paul…Fuck me.”

One Hell of a Storm

Karl was not the man to deny her – but this would be when he chose to satisfy her.   She was his for the taking, but for the moment he would leave her wanting more.   He let his hands wander around the sides of her thighs to clasp her bum.   As he did so she arched her back, trying to reach his cock.   No, my little darling, you’ll have to wait

The Long and Winding Road Ch. 02

uphill battle. Sharon was dating a guy, who looked a lot like her former boyfriend Ted. With blonde hair and a very athletic physique, he was every inch the college jock. Without her saying, I knew she was keeping Saturday nights open for him. Our third date found Sharon and me at the Coffee House. Jamie Brockett, a very talented folk singer was

From college student to slave - Part 1: The kidnapping

but this one wasn’t to sleep. It had all the sex toys you could ever wish of having. The bed had tons of hooks everywhere and a cage under it. He told her here she would be punished or rewarded depending on the time and that they would have a lot of fun together. She was shocked. She could only imagine what he’d do to her in there and started to


is happy with their private arrangements,…. now for me?…..….I couldn’t be happier……I’m not the first girl to have sex with her dad….but I’m definitely the happiest….….My dad ‘Chad’ says he can’t get as much work done when I’m around. I can’t help it when I have to pull him over to the bed and we get all hot and sweaty. We get a little noisy at

Hypnotising Justin

And after she’d read it, she could go to sleep. Pleased with this logic, she scrabbled for her glasses and then flicked on the light. She stalked over to the corner where she’d lobbed the magazine and scoured the article for information. Twice. She wasn’t actually considering doing anything, it was just out of curiosity of how it would be done.


ever see Mickey again, but that was the dark fear that kept creeping into Mickey, chilling her so that no matter how many sox she put on, how many sweaters, how many blankets, Mickey just couldn’t seem to get warm. They were going to try to work things out, the note said. But no, that would mean that she had made concessions. That would mean that

Keeping Guard Ch. 04

of the world was still tucked up in bed. After taking a quick shower I pulled on my usual work clothes, brushed my hair into a ponytail and set out. Rounding the final corner I could see John faithfully waiting outside the back door of the bakery, his coat zipped up against the morning chill. The early warning signs of winter had been around for

When She Was Bad

front of his easy chair in the living room working his manhood with her mouth. As he started to groan and flex the muscles in his arms and she started to take him deeply into her throat, the unthinkable happened – she gagged on his cock. She forced her head backwards and coughed just at the exact moment that his cock erupted. His first spurt hit

Pretty Girl Pet – Part One

find a pretty girl pet. My last relationship was with a submissive man, who allowed me to do as I please. I think it’s time I find a pretty girl pet to do the same. I joined a site for BDSM Lifestyle people, such as myself. I’ve been a member for over a year now, and have a name for myself there. It is where I met my last pet. He is a good boy,

The New King Ch. 1 - 2

back to reveal her beautiful face. Being on my father’s side of the family, her long hair was blonde and bright as the sun, almost platinum. She wasn’t as slim as my sister but was in better shape in terms of tone and muscle since she did all labor required for the house alone. Her breasts were a mix between my mother’s full ones and Fiona's

Some playtime

you want it, need it, I am willing to agree to this. If he can help you discover this side of yours, explore it, satisfy it, fine by me. And I have to admit, that I like to see you like this. Bound, used, by him or by me. If you don't like it after all, it was a one off and we will never surprise you with a thing like this again.”I leaned in and

Alpha Prime

progression towards the raised area, stopping a couple of times to talk to or share a joke with the ‘limp wristed’, the ‘leather clads’ taking no notice of him. It was early evening and like most males on the hunt they required their intake of Dutch courage, especially before tackling somebody like Lionel. Lionel eventually reached his table and

Path to Our Future part 6

a chuckle. Stripping her down, finding the tattoos and now with her naked and on top of me kissing has me hard enough to go further but I take my time slowly caressing Rachael’s skin and kissing her. I can feel the heat from Rachael’s mound; she’s been ready to play for a while now. “Someone is in the mood for love,” I whisper as she grinds

Sphere of Chaos Ch. 02

Sin watched the woman move away from the table, an almost animalistic look in her eye, like she was watching a competitor back down from a fresh kill. Abris sure seemed to think most things were funny, which could have been a sign of a soft upbringing. Or insanity. Sin was certainly a bit annoyed that Abris was so lighthearted. Sin was just the

Emily Awakes - Ch. 14

him. “Have you ever made love to Emily while she was wrapped like this?” Evan shook his head. “Another first for you, then,” she said, settling herself on the bed. “Do you mind it?” “No,” he replied. “It’s quite exotic.” She patted the bed next to her, indicating he should join her. Evan sat on the bed, then lay on his back. Janice leaned over

Best Sexual Experience Ever

home, because he lives just up the street from me. But instead of leaving at 1:00 when they finished playing, we actually got caught up chatting at the bar for a while. A couple of my friends joined us, and we all ended up speaking about sex. This friend has the same attitude about it as I do- free and open about everything. I noticed his body

Wine Tasting

Tasting Tour in the Fingerlakes area of New York, basically between Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake.Since drinking and driving has become such a high profile crime we flipped a coin to see who the designated driver would be. I lost so it was my wife who got to drink without concern for the consequences. On the other hand I thoroughly enjoyed taking

Total Woman Zodiac 11

as it moved away from the dock. The engines rumbled and the luxury vessel transited the channel out to open sea and the four day revelry. Zack retired to his luxury cabin on the highest deck. His onboard fulltime hostess, Aquinia, was waiting for him. She stood attentively as he entered, wearing only her lime green micro-kini. The porters had

Four Deep At The Bar

done surged through her body. She had taken him once, she wanted more from him soon. Slumped against the wall, he looked incredulously at her. Motionless, she exhibited her freshly fucked body to him with a leering smile written all over her face. Adjusting herself as decorum dictates, she moved in closer, placing a solitary kiss on his lips.

The Hunters Tale

come too.He had come to her last fall. Trekking back to Fort Compton to sell his furs and to shelter for the winter, he had asked whether he might rest awhile. He had stayed nearly a week. In their giving and taking, Larissa had thought they were merely bartering need for need, as he had bartered with Mohawk and Seneca. Only when he left, did her

Sex with my Sister (Book 1 Chapter 2) - The Version you missed out on...

memorable. I skipped out on a lot of foreplay because I thought you were Becky.” I said.“Well, you’ll just have to pleasure me with foreplay next time.” She said ‘matter of fact’-ly. I pulled out of her, making her moan in disappointment but her legs were still around mine, and after a moment, she knew what I was up to when she heard a rip and I

My homeless stepdaughter (Part 5)

enjoy this. He lined his cock up and rammed it inside her, deeper this time. Ronnie suddenly ran out of the room. George watched her, confused, Suddenly she came running back in with something in her hand. She took her scarf and blindfolded Tiara, making sure she couldnt see anything. Then she showed George what else she brought: a ping pong

Mistress Hannahs Pathetic Husband Part 4

thigh muscles were sore. I had a little irritation from body hair that was growing back. And of course, my asshole felt all stretched out and very tender. I wondered if it would ever feel tight again. I also wondered what the evening would hold. I couldn’t imagine that it would be anything more humiliating and degrading than the previous

Camping at Sunset

and generally enjoy each other’s company in just our swimwear. With you sitting in front of me, my arms around your stomach, I rest my chin upon your shoulder. As the fiery red glow of the sun softens and the darkness approaches swiftly behind, a slight shiver runs up my back and I press you tightly against me. A few moments later, I get to my

I’m on my way home from a night out in the City and I stopped for a cigarette....

around the tip of his cock. He grabs and pulls on my hair, obviously enjoying it as I increase the speed that I suck his cock at, gently massaging his balls and thighs, him thrusting in and out my mouth, as I feel him getting close his balls and cock tensing and twitching he pulls me off him by my hair. He moves me around til I’m bent over

I Wish, I Wasn’t

me feel so good… and I’m his baby… Before long he started to out pace me, with my orgasm quickly building, I lost the ability to move with him. ‘Lay all the way down baby.’ He started panting with heavier breaths, and I was barely breathing at all. He now has his hands on my ass digging his fingers into the flesh as he continued to pleasure me.


the mouth of lift man.They remained in that position for quite some time. There was no movement in their body, after the boy ejaculated. I was unable to judge whether all are over with enjoyment of the blowjob, or anything more to come.I had no other option but to wait and watch. I guessed that, since the boy's cock was still in liftman's mouth,

The Entity Pt. 04

and Mrs. Miller. I understand her great great grand granddaughter will be joining us, maybe tomorrow.’ ‘How can that be,’ inquired Michael, incredulously. Another thought lurked but he was unable to pluck it from its hiding place. Sticking to the script, the nurse continued, ‘Well, we’re a very specialized hospital that only takes life and death

A Bi-American in Paris Ch. 13

climax. The maid was relentless as she sucked Danielle’s tits and rubbed her clit. Marie squirmed on my face as her own orgasm approached and then she too cried out in orgasm. Her juices covered my mouth and I drank in all her sweet nectar. Danielle’s thrashing about had dislodged my cock from her ass and it stood erect between her thighs. The

The College Coed Who Needed A Tutor, Part II

a leg over my head, her pussy a scant few inches from my face. Rachel lowered herself onto my face and I used my tongue to explore the outer confines of her pussy, even as Cassie rocked back and forth, with my cock buried deep inside of her. Rachel grabbed Cassie’s hands and placed them on her breasts. They were locked in a soulful and passionate

The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 3: Bimbo Wife Fucks the Photographer

lost to the ecstasy.And then I came crashing down.“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Becca. “He's cumming in me! Oh, wow! Oh, yes!”Her pussy rippled as she came hard, screaming her delight.I had both the ladies lick my cock clean of Becca's pinkish juices. We dressed, and Becca found a few outfits she had always wanted to wear. Janet bought them, she was

Lilija of Clan Zyszudko Ch. 01

him, he stared openly at her plump breasts as they strained against the scooping neckline of her smock. Korvyn closed his eyes and groaned loudly in satisfaction as he felt her small hand encircle his rapidly hardening cock. The maid looked nervous—surprised that he should make such a noise. ‘Don’t stop, wench.’ She slowly began to move her hand

The Taking of Cassidy Lynn: The Banquet

she found it surprisingly difficult to ring the bell. She really didn’t know him at all, and yet less than half an hour earlier, she allowed him to take her sexually on the balcony during her Firm’s company party, a party that was still taking place upstairs. Afterward, even after fucking her as if she were some coed slut, he dared to assume she

Then and Now

hmm.’ Her eyes sparked as she unzipped his jeans, gently pulled him out and took him in her mouth. He caressed her hair as she pleasured him. He looked at the back of the other occupant at the far end of the car and smiled. ***** ‘That was fun.’ ‘It was.’ ‘Especially the ride back to the car. I loved that MGB.’ She smiled. ‘Yes it was. And I

A Joyous Ending

suck one in, but resisted. As she moved back, they raked across his chin and forehead. He again gripped the sides of the table.She moved down his body to his legs. She positioned herself at the foot of the table and work her hands up his legs. Just as she did to the back of his legs, she worked the fronts. Stopping just before touching his

Secret Agent’s Helper

Maykop made June jump as she moved around the statue into the shadows her heart was pounding in her chest."What is it?" she asked rounded the pedestal to find Maykop standing against the wall, reaching up for something over his head."I need your help," he said without turning to face her.She could see he was fiddling with her panties and

Secrets of the Tea Room Ch. 06

not whether your waist is small, your mound is full and your hips plentiful, or your lips there’, she pointed between the Hopeful’s legs, ‘as red as a pomegranate. It does matter that you learn your body, the things that please your body, and the pleasures your body can give. It is the confidence of that ability which makes you desirable to men.

Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Four)

in the shower still in her pussy. She was sure that some of it fell to the lining of her thong. Somehow, it excited her. She knew that was a bad thing, as it would make her very uncomfortable. She wished that she would have had time to take a shower to get clean. However, Angie had been right, neither of them wanted to be late for their first

O Brave New World

to end in the destruction of the whole world. But those deriders had to eat their words when the news of the asteroid was broken, by a technician at Jodrell Bank who sold the story to the Mail. The world did indeed have only a few weeks more left, until this asteroid, just over a half mile in diameter, would impact the Earth, with catastrophic

Apartment Slavery Ch. 02

like a good waiter. She pointed at her laptop case sitting on a chair near the door and then at a spot on the table near her plate. I struggled with the latches and then set it where she had pointed. She gave me an impatient look, motioning for me to open the lid. I did and then stood back while she turned it on and began reading and typing while

How my wife became an exhibitionist

and it was obvious from the look on the guys faces that they knew the secret of the bikini. After about 15 minutes, Linda came out of the pool and everyone’s attention turned to her. About 5 more couples had arrived since Linda first went in the pool. One of our neighbors, Jenny, yelled out “Linda, you may as well be nude”. Without hesitating,

The Lady Who Picked Me Up

just short of an inch. Her tonsils massage the tip of my dick as she deep throats my meat without even gagging. "Ahhhhh, or, okay. Never mind, this is good." Slurrrp Slurrp Slupp. "Aww shit yeah..." I start to feel control fading. Caressing the back of her head, with my other hand I make my way up to those giant tits. Squeezing and fondling them

Highwaymen Ch. 06

betrayed some impatience. ‘That way is to take the hot route. It would be wiser to head away from the scene of my last night’s business.’ ‘Oh!’ He nudged the mare back into a walk, then a trot, and passed the girl where she waited, as she fell in beside him. They rode in easy silence for a while. He was thinking about his lack of funds. All his

Naughty Babysitter

room to fuck. Anyway on to the story. I got to work almost everyday at five AM and this day was no different. And almost always James was asleep when I get there, and so was the baby. After my boyfriend’s mother bid me goodbye, I sat down on the couch and watched TV until James woke up. His bedroom door opened and he walked into the living

Taylor and I

best feeling I've ever had. TJ, wanting to feel it, got on top of Lance and did the same. We were having a hot threesome as another classmate slept only a few feet away. Lance, a virgin, didn't take long to cum. I licked his dick clean and TJ moved from his ass to his mouth, finishing with a blow job. TJ got up, put his boxers on, and went back

Drunk Mom and Me - 4

kind of wanted to have her in the bed and lie beside her and then just fuck her when I felt like it. Jimmy finally caught up with me and the image of her sucking his cock overwhelmed me.“Hey, Terry, what’s up?”“Been lookin’ for you, Jimmy,” I lied, “Where you been?”“Everywhere. Here there. How’s Mom?” He grinned. I thought he had a permanent

Good Neighbor

door neighbor. She and her husband had just recently moved in. She said I'm Jennifer your next door neighbor. I said good morning and asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. She said that would be great and followed me into the kitchen. I noticed her looking at all the nude photos of my wife. When we sat down I told her those were pictures of my

Modern Love Story 1.

to cry. And then she was apologising, saying itwas all her fault. I comforted her as best I could,telling her that there was no need for recriminations,that it was not her fault and that I could understoodwhy she’d lost interest in sex. There were more tears atthis point and in between wiping her eyes and her noseshe said that she would love it

Fun Times, Prologue, Part 1

And don't share this invitation with anyone." At 4:15 all 6'2" of Tommy Gringer was outside the library, waiting anxiously for all 5'0" of Kim Xu. At 4:30, they were in Tommy’s Mustang convertible. At 4:37 they were parked in the field behind the abandoned mill and at 4:54, Miss Xu lost her virginity to the star athlete heart throb of the

My First Time Is With Heather

with a boy. I told her no, but look forward to the day when I do. She tells me she is bisexual, but not looking for a man right now as she isn't ready to move on since my father died. So for now, Heather and I continue to explore the intimacy between two women.The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are

Jenny Raven

spread amid the whispering grasses. There he swore his love to her. ‘ I have something to tell you, Jenny’ he sat up, turned towards the sea and sighed. ……..he told her ……..In October of 1859 the ship Royal Charter, a 2,700 ton steam and sailing ship bound for Liverpool, was lost off Moelfre on the island of Anglesey. Jenny knew the place and