Mexican Heat

I really began to worry that I would be able to cope with his bulk. My occasional glances at his extremely fat knob also had me a little worried. After he nestled his massive body onto me, however, I found myself totally delighted by his weight. After pushing his fat knob into me, the hairy cocoon enveloping my body just became more and more

First Night Nerves

for over three years. We both work in a call centre for a large financial organisation. I am not tall – 5′ 4′ on a good day – and have always been very slim. I am blonde with blue eyes and very fair skin. Debbie is two inches shorter than me, with long brown hair and a lovely rounded figure, not in any way fat. We both enjoy fitness, dancing,

Alec In Wonderland

disturbingly strange. As my eyes adjusted to the extraordinary light I heard a stomping sound headed in my direction. Shortly, I saw a naked giant of a man walking toward me. I stood transfixed and scared shitless.“Who are you?” he thundered.“Alec,” I replied, in a frightened tone.Placing his huge hands around my body he lifted me into the air. I

Big Boss Boswell

to the floor. He then said, "There's my Maple."Grant walked quickly towards me. We met in the middle of the living room and embraced each other in a long and passionate embrace. The balcony door was left open, so the gentle wind circled inside the room. The wind danced around my ankles and flirted with my dress, raising the fabric with its

The Preacher, His Wife, and Me - Part 2

until I shot an immensive warm load of cum down her throat while moaning and groaning. She swallowed all of it, except for a small bit of it which she transferred to my mouth with a deep kiss. I enjoyed the taste of it, and after rolling it around on my tongue for a few seconds I swallowed it. I thanked Darla and began to suck on her nipples

My Boyfriend's Father

i want him to touch me so i acted hesitantly and said "sure.. Mr.Salvosa.. just one touch though"He quickly went beside the bed and said "Can you bring it out, i'm holding the camera"I grabbed my lacy top and exposed my left breast exposing my pinkish nipples. He didn't just touch, he grabbed my whole left boob and squeezed. Pinching my nipple so

War Cry (Part 1)

The air was heavy with the smell of battle, a musky aroma that caught in the back of my throat. My nostrils flared slightly as the metallic smell of blood filled them. I knew I must leave this place, this bloody place of horror and carnage. I needed to wipe away the terrors that played out over and over in my mind. I trudged away from the mud

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 02

you?’ ‘Yeah,’ said a lanky kid about twenty. ‘Are you Freddie?’ ‘That’s me.’ ‘We’re Jason’s friends,’ he said smiling. ‘I’m Chad, that’s Steve, and he’s Kevin,’ he said pointing to each boy. ‘Oh, did Jason read his story to Kathy?’ ‘He sure did,’ said Chad not making any attempt to conceal his shit eating grin. ‘Did he hypnotize her and get her

From Kickboxing to Cocksucking

by the film that it couldn’t even control them. This was such a hot show for Kyle to watch: These two big, muscular straight studs jerking it together to gay porn like their lives depended on it. He wasn’t even watching the film anymore Neither were Bryce and Jeremy. They were looking into each other’s eyes as they jerked their cocks.

Revenge Of The Cyber Queen

Virtual computer lab, they gave each other an apprehensive look. It was going to be very awkward working with Professor Ava after Johnny had rejected her sexual advances last semester. In the intervening time, Johnny and Lucinda had started dating (although they hadn't had sex yet) and they were pretty sure that Prof. Ava was aware of this.And

His Visit Ch. 5

"I'd like you to meet my friend. She's going to visit with us for a while. His lady said as she made the introductions. "Hello," he said as he rose to his feet to greet their guest. His lady's friend smiled widely as she said her hello to him. Then turned and nodded her head at his lady. He still wondered what was going on but was content to wait

Regina and the Hardcase Pt. 01

her clenched teeth.Neddy wiggled his empty shot glass in the air and Keeng refilled it habitually. "Naw...the hardcase is fine. He is always fine" Ned sneered as he slowly sipped the shot; leering at Regina out of the corner of his eyes as he made the slurping sound.Regina was visibly relieved and she began to primp herself. She knew that



After The Shower

hand under her thigh and over her belly, I continued my assault on her clit, sucking the nub into my mouth as my tongue rasped over and around it. My fingers, still buried deep inside her, flexing, scratching, searching for her g-spot. Her hips were raising off the bed as she tried to dislodge my lips and fingers. The pillow still covering her

Our new cleaning girl

as I was in to the hilt, her pussy convulsed around me, and I felt a new wave of wetness as she came on my cock. Her hands gripped and twisted the sheets as she cried out lovingly, "Oh Master!!" I started to move slowly in and out, loving every inch of her. She was so tight that I thought I'd lose it right away. Her hands reached down and hiked

Lindsey: An unlikely Romance part 3

and I went to work. Fortunately these carbs are very simple, a five year old could fix it. I got the junk cleaned out and was about to put it back together when Lindsey came back in with a pile of clothes in her hand."Don't mind me, I need to do wash before school tomorrow." She said.I was busy and didn't notice at first, but she was in just bra

My buddies Mom

sister that goes to the same school as we do. Lori is a very hot looking chick, and she knows it, teasing any swinging dick she comes across. She also has an antagonizing habit of putting me on the spot with her questions that should be private.Lori of course was dressed to the nines waiting to go out on a date. She was wearing a slinky mid thigh

OZone 06 : Housing Authority

force the flatbed was unloaded within fifteen minutes. A firm handshake later and Metgar Patterson was back inside his rig. Dhorne stood below slapping the side of his door. "Tell Lugnut I'll be at Candy's tomorrow night after I get my boy to bed. He can buy the drinks." With a thumbs up Metgar Patterson drove off. Dhorne waited until he was out

Dangerous Heels Pt. 05

sexual dominance and interactions between both genders before, during, and after sexual encounters.’ ‘In order to engage in this study we spent the past four weeks scouting out and recruiting male test subjects to engage in situation specific tests with an unprepared female subject who is to be subjected to various sexual situations and

The Assassin

and redirected them to her gyrating hips, trying unsuccessfully to steady her. It brought more laughter from the sexy young woman. ‘Yoko too hot for you?’ she asked, in her thick, Japanese accent. She clutched her tits as she increased the pace, pulling on her brown nipples that grew long and hard out of her areola. Arching her olive-hued body

Shower With A Vampire

eyes turned from blue into deep red. I stared helplessly. What was happening? I tried moving but his grip was vicelike on my hips. I couldn’t hold his eyes anymore; I moved my eyes down to look at his lips. He smiled. Revealing not normal teeth, but fangs that weren’t there moments ago. “Do you believe in vampires now?” I nodded, I didn’t

It’s Not Chaos

when he’d first entered, but I think I set him of in the right direction. I wish he’d stayed. I think distraction was the only thing holding me together because as soon as the door clicked shut, my demons came out. Detaching themselves from the tangled shadows the four corners of the room, they filled the air with wild screams and converged upon

Revenge, Pt 5: The Red Mist Decends

but no one seemed to really notice what was happening. Rose looked bored and was staring at her phone, occasionally smiling as she read her messages. Becky was reading, and Lissie was toying lazily with her food. Frank and Derek were both eating quietly. There was complete silence, and it was impossible for them not to have noticed what was

Frankie – Part 3

insertions got faster. Frankie then took her finger out and began to lick at my opening. Her tongue traced all round the tiny hole and she grabbed my thighs as she stuck it as far as she could inside. I arched my back and moaned out loud and I gripped onto the pillow behind me as hard as I could. I felt her tongue lick its back up to my clit and

Another day at the Office

groaning in pleasure. "Yes, bitch! More!" I yelled. Then she pulled me down, tongue's rolled. I pushed her on her back as she opened her legs and I pushed my fingers inside. "You like that yeah?" I said. "Oh god! Oh! I'm cumming! Jaiden! Fuck me, now!" she moaned I then pulled my lips to her went slit, ferociously licking her and soaking up the

6virgins play truth or dare p2

your ass hole." She says "Eiew that's so gross, no way in hell."Then it is Suzi's turn and she asks Roger T. or D. He chooses truth. Then Suzi says "Would you be willing to eat your cum out of a girls pussy." Roger says. "Hell no, what are you trying to do, gross me out."Now it's Roger's turn and he says to Jason. "Truth or Dare." Jason chooses


princes and castles, myths, legends and history dating back to the dawn of time, is simply breathtaking! My husband and I often visit the tiny villages with their slate houses and little Victorian steam railways, which are the best way to view this awesome spectacle of raw nature at it’s best. It was here, one beautiful sunny summer day, that my

My Little Sister Sophie (Parts 1 & 2)

of her body.I spent around 10 minutes studying her tall, elegant body before taking any shots. The photo shoot lasted around 2 hours and Amy left extremely happy with the additional pics to her portfolio.I had no other work booked for the rest of the week so I just relaxed, got some chores done around the house that had been bugging me for ages

Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Eight

around; the sales lady had given them some privacy. After a few quick motions she gave Dan her panties and resumed her twisting dance. “How does that look, Baby?” Dan saw the sales lady returning; he handed her his credit card. “The lady will take both.” “I love shopping with you. Come with me to my favorite lingerie store and then we can get a

Chrissy, my one true friend

me crazy. The pressing brought her breasts together and emphasized her cleavage, only increasing the fullness of those wonderful globes, as I felt her hardening tits against my forearms. This also brought my cock to life and through my swim trunks, grinded hard against her ass. I tried to sound casual but excited for the fishing. “It feels

Love (and Sex!) In The Time of Zombies Part 2

away from me. Easy does it... breathe out... hold... BOOM!Got him! But my excitement was short lived as we saw several more Zach's come from the town area and headed to where Patsy would be. They were out of range, though.I turned and headed back to the house. Some of the girls patted my arm. One of them said "Let's go get her! With the Jeep or

The Paradox of Marriage

didn’t know which way was up. Then he’d dragged her into the bedroom, ripped off her clothes and threw her onto the bed. Their marital bed. Where husband and wife slept together. And when his knees found their way between her naked legs and forced them apart, she was wet. Sexually aroused. Her body had made itself ready for him. Ready to be rough

Coffee Shop Whore

filling her with cum and she swallowed your cock groaning and cumming and spitting. Thank you for using me..thank you for letting me have your cock ... thank you for letting me be the whore I am. She whispered every time your cock pulled from her lips. The sun was coming up and you knew you better get her out of there before the morning rush.

Extreme Makeover!

helpful way, as they told the camera that she needed expert fashion advice. Rob would throw in, leering, that she could even be hot if they did it right. She wanted to hurt them all, badly. But where would Hannah be? Her sweet Hannah, girlishly shy in front of the camera, rocking on the balls of her sandaled feet in a sundress fit for L.A.

Bridget’s Nights Ch. 04

I’m so sorry.’ ‘Twice,’ he said heavily. ‘Twice in one lifetime I lost the woman I loved.’ He passed his hand over his face. ‘Again, I’m sorry for acting up earlier. It wasn’t you, it was just some bad memories of working with the CIA. And those memories in turn brought back ones of Ann. Not the happy ones, but the ones of when I lost her. I

latest obsession #2

once, but three times. to this very day, the girl i call my other half, doesnt know i was raped. to me i feel ashamed. ive told guy friends and my psychiatrist and shit but to tell other girls i feel ashamed. like i couldnt have stopped him or anything. i feel week and worthless.guys call me gorgeous and cute, and say i have a wonderful body, so

3-way Surprise

little slit quickly. I grabbed both of her ankles, lifted her feet up and out, and shoved my meat into her until there was no daylight between us. I rocked onto her for a few moments, trying to shove myself even more deeply into her. Then I turned into a fuck animal. Letting go of her legs and letting them fall to my sides I put my hands on

Me and My Cock(True).

There is no way out.And my mind quickly accepted this I looked at him smiled and shrugged my shoulders. ‘What can I say’,I said then reached down and picked up the magazine,squeezed past him,and carried on to the cubicle at the end of the stalls and shut the door. Funny thing is I still managed a wank…How about that! One of the most erotic wanks

The Little Dreamer

deal with things in their own way. In the other world, when they had gone their separate ways, he had told she would always have a part of him. She had often wondered what he had really meant by this, aside from the trashy, airport novel connotations it could have so easily carried. Sometimes she felt as though she was under a spell of some

My niece Debbie-part 2

I went to her room and did the same for her husband”?“I wouldn’t like it and her hubby would probably come charging in here wanting to fight”.“Maybe not, if I was sucking his cock good enough”.“Look, I get it. You want to even the score, by sucking him off, but please think of all the consequences”.“Fine. I’m going to go sleep on the couch

The Wolf's Moon Ch.6 and Epilogue

shift and change forms to that of bears. One was a large grizzly bear, one a black bear, and the final one was a snowy white bear with solid black eyes. The white bear turned to fight with the king while the other two began to lumber towards the bound Gregor."No you can't do this!" Gregor yelled closing his eyes tightly.As he waited for the heavy

Amazing Grace Ch. 19-20

where no hair grows and massage there for a few moments. He was playing as he groomed the area to his liking. I came to think of it as his total right and prerogative to do so, rather than something I allowed him to do. "Very smooth. And slick inside. Here, feel."He directed my hand between my thighs and I lightly caressed the smooth skin.

A Lesson in Obedience

that was burning just enough to combat the early spring chill from outside. Ordinary. She was smart, she had to have known that until this moment everything had been an adrenaline high fueled dream. She had played on that but now she was grounding him, bringing him back so that he could focus on her. Reminding him that it was real. "Are you ready

Manila - Ch.1

present to his parents. It wasn’t a hard decision to make her his fiancée after only 6 months. “We’d like to check in, please” Brian smiled at the Filipina behind the desk and proudly put his arm around Karen’s waist. The check-in took a little longer than anticipated but eventually the couple could move up to the 6th floor and into their room.

Another day in Calculus.

extracted her lacy thong. He pushed up her skirt and saw her freshly shaven pussy. Colin made way towards it and started kissing it. He molded his lips to her delicate labia. He slowly licked his way up her little pussy, then rapidly licked her hole. Sucking her sweet juices he started to explore her inner folds. Soon Keyanna couldnt take any

Moving in Part1

this is the last..The car stopped in front of our new house, the trucks were just about done unloading everything inti the house when we got there, leaving me in the car my mom went to go sign them off.Its been quite a long drive, so I stepped out of the car & stretched a little, I was busy bending over touching my toes when I noticed a figure

Sharing Dawn

shot his load all over her face, hair and neck. The other guy then finished off inside her pussy with Dawn sitting at the edge of the table and the guy standing there humping her, making her bounce her bottom on the table top each time he thrust into her.Dawn still had enough energy to work him hard as she dug her nails into his back and squeezed

Ghostly Love

not come to this, your grace.’ Suddenly, Oliver had a brandished gun in his right hand. Before Kell could say a word of protest, Oliver shot the Duke in the heart. Walking to the door at the front of the house, Oliver looked back to be sure that he was indeed dead. A pity that. Killing the young Duke, but one must do what one has been paid to

Majgen Ch. 017

‘I think the translator has issues, Aejoa. It just said old fashioned contract again.’ Aejoa looked at the device and spoke a single yijejo word ‘Old fashioned,’ the translator translated. ‘It did it again,’ said Majgen. ‘I will use other words then,’ promised Aejoa, and rephrased, ‘My servants are hired by a contract type which allows me to beat

Graduation: Part Two

yes," said C, "A long time since your last orgasm, but I've had quite a few in that time, haven't I?""Yes, Mistress."Last night, for instance I had you fuck me till I came then locked you away, didn't I.""Yes, Mistress.""So would you like to come now?""Yes, Mistress, very much indeed."His mouth was dry with the need to come after thinking about

A Friend In Need

and savoring the moment. It was an eternity before either of them spoke.Allison looked at her friend and lover and asked, "How do you think David would react if he knew this happened?"Charlene just sort of smiled and said, "If he could watch, he would be happy. He is a man!"They both laughed and agreed that her husband wouldn't care if it were

Our secret afternoon.

the bed. Mark began by strapping the black patent cuffs around my ankles and then to the corner posts of the bed before doing the same with my wrists to the top posts. He was silent and breathing heavily as he leaned in to tie the black velvet blindfold around my head. I started to feel a little nervous.I felt the bed dip as Mark climbed on next


car Gracy outlined how their people had been living alongside humans for centuries without incident. She spoke of how their numbers had dwindled over the years to the point now where there were so few that they were in serious danger of extinction.“Wait; is there some disease that makes you sterile? Is there some reason the birth rate has


the Lennox Towers she greeted Sandra, the receptionist as she made her way to the 22 nd floor where her office was located. She wasn’t a big fan of heights but she was a fan of the best, and the 22 nd floor was it. It was a corner office decorated with dark mahogany furnishings. Calling Kalani’s space an office was an understatement because it

At a Party

perked up high, inviting rough handling. He unzips his fly and as urgently as possible her knickers are pushed to one side. He's not even seen the cunt he's about to fuck, he can only feel its juices and imagine it all plump and tight underneath the little skirt that she's hitching up to aid entry. She needs to cum as urgently as he does. With a

Jockey Club

as she thought about her reputation around the stables – "Margarine Legs" they called her but she just enjoyed a good time – that was all. The Irish lads grabbed their towels and left the changing room. Tina made her way back to her peg and pulled her thong on over her sore cunt and buttocks: her jeans and top were next. She then dried her hair

Travis’s Anonymous Guest - Part 1

for the basin, then Travis heard a splash and a curse. He reentered the bathroom and saw the overturned basin on the flooded floor. A furious, naked Evan was looking down at it. “Damn! I tipped it over!” “That’s ok, sit down” Travis said as he took a second appreciative look at Evan’s body. He brought in some paper towels and used them to soak up

Friends Get to Know Each Other

friends were pounding their fingers in and out of their own pussies each bringing themselves off to an amazing orgasm, but each in the privacy of their own room.  An hour or so later the two girls rose and went through to the kitchen where they fixed breakfast.  After they had eaten, they chatted over morning coffee, and Cathy asked Kate if she'd

Without a Home Part 2

what you see?""What's not to like. You are beautiful.""Then why aren't you hard?" she asked a little embarrassed."I told you I need drugs to help with that."I went to my desk and opened a pill container and shook out four pills. I tossed them into my mouth and took a long drink from my water bottle."Come here, Don, I want to suck you, while we

The Harem Pt.5

days had tortured me so much there was no time for foreplay anymore. I pushed her back onto the sofa and came over her like an animal. I pushed my spear right into her wet pussy without any hesitation and she was so wet it ran all the way through, hitting her back right away, pushing out her juices on both sides. She bucked up at the rough

What I Enjoy

hips.I enjoy the way your skin smells and tastes as I kiss my way down your body. Starting at your neck, I slowly make my way down your chest, over your stomach, I kiss the inside of your thighs and make my way inwards. I like the way you react as I take each of your balls into my mouth, sucking them gently. I enjoy using the tip of my tongue to

The Teacher Part 1

rationalizing, but certainly these small transgressions of the eyes and the mind didn’t equal the betrayal that was about to happen. I will just tell the story and the rest of you can engage in the ethical debate. I can’t change what happened and at this point, I don’t want to. On most mornings, I took a walk in the park before work. The dog was

Crazy 9 Month to Come - Part 1

can join too if they want” Samantha said but I didn’t reply I grab her bra and shirt helping her put them on and told her that I’m going to the bathroom when she grab my hand.“Nope you are not going anywhere especially to go jack off in the bathroom “she sat me down and began kissing me and unzipping my pants. She looks down as my cock sprigged

One Night Stand

on, but that is a different story. I just got back to my office around 4:30PM from a late meeting. Sitting down at my desk I looked over to the hotel. There were a lot of windows with open drapes but no one in them. The earlier NASP left a lot of rooms open and needing maid service. I saw a light go on off to my left. Looking over, the window

Summer School Part 10

shaft and her tongue began to explore this exciting intruder.He inhaled and exhaled in short breaths through his mouth as the pleasure mounted between his legs. Cindy truly enjoyed the taste and feel of a male penis filling her young mouth. He began to taste a little salty and slick as his precum began to seep out. Daryl squirmed in ecstasy. "Oh

The Wedding Deal

Baz smiled. "The rule is that you fulfil all three conditions before the ceremony, and if you don't, I cancel it."There was a pause. The silence was unbearable. Chantelle said the first thing that came into her head."Is it that you want to see my tits? Is that it?"Rochelle now looked like she thought she'd stepped into a parallel universe. But

The Abduction and Rape of Denise... Part 2

to turn blue and just moments before she would have passed out! She had no choice but to swallow more cum as she gulped it down and coughed some up sucking in air and having cum squirt out of her nose until she was able to breath with some normal and regular breathing! OMG! What an incredible experience, and the warm taste of his cum was not

Summer Holiday

It was completely surrounded by bamboo, hibiscus, and jasmine, giving the pool total privacy. The sun shone brightly on the water and, as the breeze dropped, she inhaled the scent of the Bali tropics and sighed contentedly. No more time to waste, Nigella jumped into the deep green water and rose to the surface, gasping. It was cooler than she’d

Blood of the Clans Ch. 18

where they were and saw him slumped over the horse’s back, barely clinging on. He looked back in haste for signs of the soldiers following and made a quick halt. He pulled Garreth’s head up and feared the worst. He leaned over as far as he could and heard his faint, raspy breath. A feeling of relief washed through him, as he grabbed the reins

The Casino

through his trousers and he her breasts as they kissed. Upon reaching his room, they sat on the sofa and kissed. His hands roved everywhere on her body as his lips sampled the flesh of her neck and cleavage. Their tongues danced with each other and she swooned as he let his hands settle on her mound. He cupped her womanhood as he probed her

My Loving Step-Sisters (Revisited) [Part One]

and Jax weren't acting like the other girls at school. I overheard girls in my grade speak about all the cute boys, and whenever they asked Katie, she always would blush, and say she didn't like anyone. Even later, throughout high school, she turned down the many suitors who'd asked her to the several dances. The same was with Jax, and it

For His Mistress's Pleasure Ch. 01

deep breathes each time to calm my nervous soul as well as to clear my head in preparation. My Mistress had told me to dress nice for our meeting, the first in several months, and I opted for attire that I found sexy to wear and hoped she would like my choice as well since I also got her a matching set. I prayed that she would like this sight,


has to take more pictures. I want plenty of evidence so you don’t go thinking about getting revenge on me. These pictures would look very nice on a web site, don’t you think?”“I won’t try to get revenge,” Jean wailed.“I don’t think you will either but we’re going to do this anyway just because I want it.” Lupe straddled Jean’s prone body and

A1386G Ch. 06

really describe. Somehow, the child was still asleep. I looked over at Rupert and spoke. ‘You didn’t.’ He rubbed his head sheepishly and smiled. ‘It was that or get a new car, and I’ve gotten a bit attached to my car.’ At about this time, Kelly and Anne came out to see what the noise was, while Constance, Grace, and Jimmy emerged from upstairs.

Parking Lot Surprise

of sight, and he started pointing down at his lap, a huge grin on his face. Since it was broad daylight and I wasn’t carrying anything that looked worth stealing, I didn’t think it was an attempt to mug me, and walked closer. As I did, I could begin to see the back of the woman’s head as it bobbed up and down in his lap. By this time I realized

Master Takes His slut's Soul

Never having felt anything like it, i say "i am not sure Master." You say" "concentrate slut, don't disappoint me again, You dirty, fucking little slut."i concentrate on the texture, the bumps, the rubber-like feeling. Not wanting to fail You again "Is it anal beads Sir?"i hear You chuckle. "very good slut. You are getting good at this game.""but

Lunch Break

He stood there and wrapped her in his arms as she sat on her desk. She listened to the beat of his heart steady and strong as he held her. Once she got her bearings again she glanced at the clock. "Lunch break is almost over," she pointed out with disappointment filling her voice. Phil nodded his head, "Yes, but you were delicious." He licked his

The Benefit of a Storm

Ringing the number a recorded message said that they were extremely busy and to leave a brief message and they would attend as soon as possible and apologized for the inconvenience. Leaving my message I quickly tidied up and hopped into a hot soaking bath. Laying there I drifted off into a fantasy. It had been three years since that rotten

I find out I am the guest of honor at the "poke her" party

be with you too."Now this really floored me because as far as I knew we had been exclusive for some time (with the exception of his wife) and he had never suggested anything like this before.  I had done a threesome before years ago when I first began to explore my bi-sexuality and had enjoyed it.  The thought of taking on four men made my little

Twin love; first time

worked my way back up to her clit and started to gently suck while massaging with my tongue. Ry grabbed my hair and started to pull it. She squeezed her legs around my head. The more she moved the more her clit was getting stimulated. I felt her arms go limp, her legs squeezed tighter around my head, and body started to convulse. She came all

Pleasure in the Pillory Ch. 02

to where I stood, thighs wide thanks to the spreader bar. The black assistant was holding a pair of clamps, linked with a chain, in the centre of which hung a lead weight.Charisma then bent and took my right nipple in her mouth, sucking it to a blood-engorged erection. She then clamped the metal vice on my hardened nubbin. The pain shot through

Cuckold Via Video

The clarity was amazing as I could even see her body still had some glistening sweat remaining on her chest. Lydia always liked showing off her sexy body to anyone who was around. She stood at five foot nine, had a firm set of C cup tits and her form was curvy. Lydia constantly worked out, keeping her forty five year old body looking fifteen

Constant State of Arousal Ch. 02

the gas station, but even more so from thinking about the night ahead. She knocked on Sir’s door at precisely 7pm, and He answered the door with a warm smile and took the ice from her to put away in the kitchen. He returned to the hallway with a woman following Him.“Precious pet, I want to introduce you to Miss Staci. She will be joining us

The last group fuck with my sister ( 9 )

my cock, also now I love going from her butt to her mouth, she used to gag a bit, but now she knows its good fun and enjoys taking me that way. Well I knew the guys would be keen, and not long after 11 am a few turned up, stripping of and joining in with us, it was fun, again and again they took turns fucking us both, as we enjoyed their cocks,

Alone In My Room

the trees outside my window when our conversation subsided. Ryan looked at me with his flat brown eyes and short, oil black hair. He wore glasses, but you really didn’t notice them unless you looked hard enough at him. I usually felt like a midget standing 5’2′ beside his 5’9′. Even though we were both 19 I felt that I wouldn’t be growing

My Sister-In-Law’s Pictures On the Internet

driving me crazy.”My wife said, “I don’t have to tell him, he is standing right behind you.”Tommie leaned her head back and looked at me upside down. Then she said, “Your dressed. Get naked and fuck us already.”I took the camera from my wife and said, “I think I’d like to get you both on that stick of pepperoni. You can post them later.”My wife

Two Can Play Ch. 08

to the text she had a fixation for anuses. The following shots showed her sucking one cock, whilst the second man worked the bottle into her. After that she was penetrated by both men, mostly in her anus, but in two shots both men were in both places at the same time. ‘Just like the film last night,’ Rachel whispered. ‘And may I remind you where

Second Chance, Book 05

a good show?’ ‘Yes … very good. I’ll know exactly how much better than last year when the orders flow in, but it was worth the effort.’ ‘Good. Are you home for a while?’ ‘No, down to Vancouver for Thursday … back to Calgary the week after next.’ ‘Calgary? How come so soon?’ he asked, recognizing the change in pattern. ‘Oh well … I’ve got some

An interesting afternoon with the girls

fucking Amanda at the same pace. We tried to find the right pace that worked for the both of us. Finally, the perfect pace was she would push into her ass when I was thrusting into her pussy. With every thrust we both made the bed move and Tori was pushing her wet pussy further into Amanda’s cum covered face. Then I could feel Annie deeper in

A Few Minor Adjustments Ch. 05

me. It never has been.’ ‘What kind of thoughts?’ I asked. I rubbed her calf under the table with my toes, caressing up her leg and to her thigh. She blushed and squirmed away from my touch. ‘Sexy thoughts. Different stuff. I don’t know. Things I haven’t thought about since I was a teenager. It’s just weird.’ ‘Do you not like it?’ ‘No! It’s

A Dirty Dog Doggin' Around Ch. 10

and we had to re-record about 20 minutes. The session became grueling in the last half hour, and by the time we wrapped it up we were all tired and ready to stop for the time being. Janet had slowed the flirting with Mandi, especially when we hit the final stretch and we were mixing several samples together for the final exercise, and then had to


feels this way. All the women he has been involved with rely to heavily on him. I'm the first woman he has met who is self reliant and very independent. Tonight would be the test to see if I could get into the depths of his soul to figure him out. I went into the bedroom and pulled out a storage case from under my bed. Inside it I have stored the


neck, piercing the carotid artery.“UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” he groaned, his body going rigid as he recognized her true nature too late. He trembled violently, experiencing a long, extended moment of ultimate, pulsating ecstacy. His semen erupted from his balls as if from a fire hydrant, spurting heavily inside her milking cunt as his blood pulsed

A Bargain Made: A House Fallen Ch. 08

on the table, only succeeding in hurting his hand. ‘Hypocrites, all of you! You all have your secrets and you dare judge me. Lord Nox has bred virtually every woman that staffs his manor. Baroness Vesta? She orchestrates nothing short of orgies on her estate. You? You go through royal pages as though they are an endless stream.’ Her tone was

Caught Parking II

at it for a minute then put it on Jim’s dresser. Alex dressed, grabbed her keys, and stepped out of Jim’s front door. She walked purposefully to her car. In about a minute, she reentered the house carrying a small suitcase. She took her bag to the bedroom before heading for the shower. As Alex showered, her mind drifted back over the last two

Picture Perfect in Winter

up the gas fireplace and had a bit more wine and read by the fire. There was no awkwardness when we fell into our separate beds. At 5AM, head hammering from the wine, I dragged myself out of my bed and slipped out into the darkness to set up and wait for sunrise on the main beach. In the pattern I would have for the four days here in Tofino, I

Sitters Secret Desire Becomes Reality

my god, what you are doing feels so unbelievable Jack.” Jack continues with fingering Anna’s ever wetting pussy quickly he pauses from giving her clit attention and says, “This is only the beginning of what I want to make you feel.” Jack quickly resumes the attention on Anna’s clit. She unconsciously begins to grind her pussy on his finger

Cheating Bastard

sitting. “Maya, I don't know what pre-conceived notions you may have about escort services, but let me briefly explain how I run mine. The primary service our agency provides is companionship. We do not consider ourselves to be a call-girl service. We are more of a dating service, catering to an exclusive clientele of gentlemen who desire the

Hypnotising Cara

‘Purple.’ ‘When I tell you to you are going to show me. But you are not just going to lift up your shirt, you are going to slowly, sensuously dance for me as you strip off because you want to fuck me, you want to excite me don’t you?’ ‘Excite you, yes.’ ‘Then you may begin.’ Slowly Cara rose off the sofa and stood up. A moment passed and then

Sneaking Out Of Work

my already hard cock. She ran her hand up and down the full length, touching the pre cum which was already dribbling from the tip as I gently ran my fingers over her breasts, stroking her nipples, making them hard. She turned her back to me and bent over the bed, her legs open, looking back over her shoulder at me. The other thing about Katrina,

Love Thy Neighbour. Chapter Eight

restrained Jane, and just to make his orgasm more intense his wife pushed her finger into his arsehole. Seconds later, with a loud cry, he shot his load into Jane’s sex-slit and forced a thumb deep in her reddened arse.This was too much for the watching women, and throwing their robes open, masturbated themselves to a fantastic climax.“Oh wow,


evident pleasure. And then the instructions came to open her nightgown so that I could admire and play with her female features.So, I moved down to her pretty little breasts and licked about them and the nipples (she was moaning now at this,) suckled briefly on her nipples, kissed my way down her soft and warm tummy (skirting around her belly

Coming to an End

of anything…I had a really shitty week and I was just happy being able to see him for a little while. We had been becoming more and more touchy feely lately and all I wanted that afternoon was to curl up in his arms and feel his heart beat next to mine. Yea, I’m a sap, so fucking sue me. I walked into his house normally, he (of course!) came to


more into your hand as you push another finger into me, then the last. It feels like the whole room is working together to take me higher then I'd been before. My screams of pleasure and pain are taken away by the noise surrounds us and I'm not sure how long it lasts, but time mean nothing to me now. When it dies down I have liquid running down

My Uncle and I

or even suck it and taste me. It was late but I jumped in the shower to rinse off. I was finally able to rub my clit and get myself off. As my pussy spasmed and clenched the remaining load my uncle had put in me was squeezed out and ran down my leg to the drain. I slept really good that night. The next morning I was refreshed but my uncle

The EMT Ch. 15

Graham,’ he started, and then turning to Suzanne, ‘I was hoping to see you last night!’ Suzanne smiled even more disarmingly. ‘Oh I’m sorry Ian, it was sooo late, and I was sooo very tired that I just fell into bed and straight to sleep. I’ll tell you all about it later, I promise.’ She reached across the table and caressed Ian’s cheek and blew a

Hanna gets dogged part 2

found out what Dean had done and threatened to punch his head in if anyone ever found out.Although I had to see Dean at school every day I refused to talk to him and it wasn't long before he found himself another "gangbang girl" so everyone presumed it was her at the party.I was pretty down but Ben stuck by me and pretty soon we were going out

House Slut - Introduction

apparently out of a combination of anxiousness and politeness, then looked around apparently feeling extremely awkward for having done so. Sam sat back in his recliner, steepling his fingertips together with a look of bemusement. Angus circuited through the kitchen and returned, flopping down on the couch with a beer in hand "Go on lad, she don't

Discrete Office Fun

dropped them on my lap, put a note on my desk and walked away. I quickly lowered them below my desk to hide them and couldn’t believe what I was holding. I looked at the note and it says, “Return them when you’re finished”. The crotch was a little damp, and I bent down as if tying my shoe and smelled the crotch of her panties. The juices from

The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #8

to her word, no boys were even invited. This night was just for the girls, and all the girls who had been in the pile last week were invited. Plus, a few more who they knew would appreciate a nice bonding experience with “just the girls.” It was going to be THAT kid of party.Zane also rushed home that evening. He was expecting company as well. He

Snow Storm III - Conference Seduction

us.Jay was apparently feeling energized, and after laying on top of me while we kissed, he slid down my body under the covers. I watched the white mound that was him stop to suck on my breasts and then stop between my legs. I couldn't believe he was doing the same thing Mark had done that very same morning a continent away, a very long guilt trip

Just strangers... Until.... Part 1

Last night, while technically was rape, in her mind, it wasn’t. She had enjoyed herself, and even if he had untied her, she would have let him do it. Jake made something stir inside of her she had never felt before. Sure, she loved her husband Matt in the beginning. And their sex life used to be pretty regular. After the third child though,

War Torn Ch. 01

then pivoted to face me once again. I expected him to announce the name of the station in answer to my question, but instead he appeared to be closely observing me. At first, I ignored him by pretending to be interested in the commotion of passengers outside. After nearly ten minutes, I could feel his gaze upon me still. I glanced up at him and

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 11 - The Owlery

and George had embarrassed him and his girlfriend Pansy. Malfoy had to alter Pansy’s memories after her little romp with Fred and George. After the freezing spell finally wore off him, Malfoy had erased Pansy’s memories; she was told by Malfoy that she had just been violated by Fred and George Weasley, and not his friends, Crabbe and Goyle. Harry

Whatever You Want

But Chris couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight before him. This beautiful creature wasn’t just his daughter. He grew so hard he could barely take it while he watched Taylor thrust the vibrator in and out of her beautiful pussy, lowly moaning at the back of her throat. Chris found himself quietly unzipping his pants and putting his hand

A night with friends

5 of her balls still being on the table in a game of 8 ball. It started out simple enough, showing some cleavage and some leg. They were drinking every time someone was making a ball, and my wife was hiking her skirt a little higher it seemed with every drink. By game 5 my wife dropped her boob in the pocket that Josh was trying to make his shot

Beach Encounter

the freedom of the ocean like I do, and it seems like some parts of you really would appreciate freedom, wouldn’t they?” she chuckled, glancing down at the nearly full erection in my swimsuit. I hadn’t really had time to fully process the recent events, so it came as a shock that I had almost a full erection growing in my swimsuit. I was again at

Awkward Massage

she chuckled.I placed my hands over my mouth and nodded."And you are rock hard," she pointed out, smiling before she covered her mouth.She just kept her eyes on my crotch for a moment as neither of us said a word."Fuck, I'm so embarrassed," I mumbled, looking down."Oh, shit, you want to have sex with me, don't you?" she inquired, leaning up.

Four some

Before he does I take my hand and cuff his balls and take his entire cock into mouth. As soon as I do that he explodes in my mouth. After I take his load Emily asks me to look at her and I do. She says swallow and I do. After I swallow his load I look at Emily and see she is covered in Kassi's cum she got her to squirt. Seeing my throbbing

Nude Beach Experience Part 2

is surprising because I didn’t want to go from the beginning … I only agreed because my husband really wanted to go… The first day ended with me getting so hot looking at all the beautiful naked bodies that I couldn’t wait to get home to give my husband a blow job so I made him park in the back of the lot and sucked him off while I rubbed my

My Seven Deadly Sins

they had a part of you that I could not.III. GluttonyMy hunger for your body can never be satisfied; we exist only as precursors to sexual intimacy. To make love is an endless banquet, and my appetite for you will never be sated. More, always more; there can never be enough of that what I want and what I thirst for. Feed me, let me drink of you;


into me and I let out a deep moan. He entered me and I quivered with pleasure. Instantly I knew he wanted to cum. My skirt was hiked up over my top. I was helpless and dripping with desire. He started ramming pulling in between the handcuffs. I screamed in pleasure over and over. "fuck me harder, faster" "deeper" ohhhhhhh did I love to be fucked.

The Chair Ch. 16

discovered naked in the elevator. In the total darkness, it was difficult finding their own clothes let alone making sure they had them on straight. Within a few minutes, the doors were manually pulled open, flooding the elevator with blinding light. As their eyes slowly adjusted, they could now see that the elevator had stopped about 2 feet

You Need to be Punished

high above my head and brought it cracking down on her rear once more. With the slap of the whip against her flesh, my pet squeaked with surprise and fumbled into position: her knees spread as she rested her stinging ass on the back of her heels, the back of her open hands resting on her knees as she looked up at me. I smirked at her submission

Birth of the Ringtaker # 6 - Cumming of Age

the HELL are you DOING"?Jerking her off my couch I spun her around and threw her over the arm of the couch. She stood, wheeled and her fists flew. She was going to be a real fighter. That was good. I could use a good fight. She swung wildly as she tried to strike my face. I managed to block her blows, seize her by her shoulders, spin her

Honey Trap

after two years!’ She wailed at Ben as his hands looked for something to do. He hugged her gently and patted her on the back. ‘I thought he was, you know, the one… Damn him and his stupid…’ and Carol followed with some choice swear words. Ben still held her in his arms as her sobs were reduced to muffled spasms of breathing, and although he knew

Best Night of My Life Part 3

an offer like that. I hopped up and quickly scampered inside after them. Lauren led us into her parent’s master bathroom, a room I had never been to in her house. It looked newly remodeled, and the first thing I noticed was the shower. Her parents are both on the large side, and the shower looked like it was built to contain two plus-sized adults

Naughty Stepfather - Part 3

was immediately confronted with Frank’s stubby rod, protruding from his trouser fly hole. I just stared at his rampant member for a moment. It looked so stiff and angry. The plum-shaped head was bright red and engorged to the point of bursting. It looked all slippery and wet and a big dewdrop of clear liquid was oozing from the slit. There were

A Sexy Surprise Afternoon Fuck

onto your cunt. Then it starts. You feel it coming. You are clamping down hard to keep your mouth shut. AND THEN IT HITS!!!!! You are cumming, and cumming hard. Between my mouth, fingers, and the fact that we could get caught at any moment, makes it so very exciting. You are squirting cum into my mouth. I can hardly breath, and you have my head

A Journey of Passion Ch. 05

for the third night in a row. Gabriela felt empty and alone once more. So far, there’d been no word from Seth and he’d been gone two weeks already. He’d warned her it could be a while but she still had hopes. She drifted off only to dream. ‘Look out!’ Rapid-fire gunshots and bombs exploded all around. Men in camouflage snaked their way through

Racial Swap-Night 4

his hands down to cup her buttocks and pull her flaming loins close in to him, grinding his hard penis into her. ‘I want to show you one last thing,’ he said. Reaching over and behind her, he snapped out the lights and pushed aside his books on a bookshelf, revealing a lighted bedroom beyond a glass mirror. ‘It’s a one-way mirror,’ he

My New Stepsister

soon that’s going to be all yours. I’m going to let you fuck me, I want to be your first.”After our shower, we went back to our room and got dressed. She looked amazing in a black top and booty shorts. We went to the kitchen together where we found our parent already sitting there.“Hey kids, how was your night?”Tatiana smiled.“It was great, we

My Anal Wife

secret. We like to wonder who else we know might be having anal sex as well. Aside from her dildo, we only have vaginal sex about twice a month. We enjoy inserting anal balls, called Vibro Balls, into her ass. She then sits on my cock, places her dildo in her cunt, and rocks back and forth until we both cum.Anal sex was just the beginning of a

Life at Last Ch. 05

that was familiar to Lynn and she looked at them both with fear in her eyes. Katherine and Trisha each held one of Lynn's hands to comfort her. They all watched as the scene showed Katherine and Trisha being strapped by Julia and Chanelle. "I know how much that hurt." Lynn admitted to them. "It'll be okay now, Lynn. We're all free of that

The Shortcut

her tongue all around and breathing loudly.He was groaning now, the one in her mouth, getting close, so Kayla grabbed him with both hands and pulled short fast strokes up over the head of his cock, staying with him all the way and taking his cum in the face. She flinched, though, allowing one stray shot to skip across her forehead into her hair,

suit life on deck just got suitor part 2

the two up. The new girls said well your bold as she stripped making me now hard again. The two hot girls noticed and started to go to work on me again. I ate one out while the other bounced up and down on my cock. The girls climaxed at al most the same time sending chills throw my whole body. One they recovered the switched spots and went to

Just A Saturday Morning

gently tickling the undersides. Alex knew he couldn't take any more of this, or he would blow, and he wanted to save that for now. Alex pulled Rina's head off his cock, and pulled her up his body, planting his lips on hers passionately kissing her. Alex rested his hands on her cheeks, and pulled away from the kiss. "Rina, I love you so

!! Fuck Club !!

hit it hard and poured our meat to fifteen milfs during that quarter. One quarter we split into one team of white guys, one team of black guys and then a girl team and we just went for open season of one night stands. The girls beat us by having 32 one night stands in three months. They were getting dick in clubs, behind the bar on the hood of a

Being Hers

little article about an electrical fire burning the store down, the owner barely making it out. I thought nothing more of it at the time but was sad it was gone and annoyed my search for odd gifts for my boss would be slightly harder. That annoyance was short lived, as I pulled into our office parking lot, my space was blocked by an

The Reenactment Ch. 05

stomach, the grace of her upper body. Even through my hatred I lusted over her physique. ‘This is the women I’ve cheated on’ was the thought that sprung up inside my head. His hands wasted no time measuring the curves of her backside. Jaime was like puddy in his hands, leaning back into him as his arms reached around and he snuck a hand between

Confession and Consequences

"I have to trust you," he said between the blows that came at irregular intervals. "I am so sorry," I said in short breaths. He was good at this, I thought, as he continued unabated. "I need to be sure," he stated. He alternated between hard and soft, sometimes quickly and sometimes waiting so long, I thought he was finished. I could feel the

Caught Parking I

it appeared the trailer lot gate had been force open. After securing the open gate, I began a systematic patrol of the trailer lot. It was a little after midnight when, near a dark corner at the back of the lot, I spotted a car I didn’t recognize. It didn’t belong to any of the warehouse workers or truck drivers authorized to be in the lot.

My Desire to Suck another Mans Cock

in my life. I had always wanted to see my lovely wife with another man, but that just wasn’t going to happen. Then one day while all alone I began to think about what it would be like to suck on another man’s cock. I couldn’t believe how aroused and excited I had gotten as I masturbated three times that day to the thought of doing it. I felt

Kiki's Story: The Sale

year ago, I was still trying to figure out exactly who I was and what I wanted. I'd had a series of relationships, of course, most of them with decent enough guys, but... They all seemed to end the same way. A year or two into the relationship, I'd end up feeling vaguely bored, a little restless, a little dissatisfied; and from that point, the

The Adult Bookstore

several doors to a room lit up with lights. He said, "There is the shower, here are some towels, wash cloths and some douches. Clean yourself up and I'll bring you some clothes" She thought can this ordeal be over, is it real. When he left the room she wandered over to the toilet and sit down crying. Then as she got herself together more and

Blind Love Ch. 02

beautiful, but you’ll never know if she’ll be yours until you ask her. Taking one last breath, he shut his locker door resolutely, and made his way down the hall, counting the fifteen lockers that separated his from Sophie’s. She didn’t say anything, so he assumed she hadn’t noticed his presence. He tapped her locker door lightly. ‘Soph?’

The Maid

taking off her jacket and putting on a plain green smock."I will be out on the deck getting it ready for the party, Michelle. If you need anything just let come and get me," I told her."Very good, sir," she said as she started dusting. I took a moment to watch the pretty thing as she did her work. She caught me watching her and smiled softly.

Taking The New Toy For a Spin Part II

all the way. As soon as she entered the restroom they all started comments. They were speaking Spanish so I didn’t understand most of it. But I heard “Puta” “mujer caliente” and “fuck en al asno.” After a few minutes Lynn emerged from the restroom. The Mexican construction workers all turned to look. I was close enough to see the view they were

A Horny Night in Stars Hollow Ch. 04

her mouth from her awkward position. When he was rock hard again, he got off the bed and kneeled at the foot of the bed. He deftly untied the ropes there and then quickly untied the ones on the other end of the bed. ‘Turn over whore,’ he commanded, which she did in record time. He got up on his knees behind her, as she stuck her ass into the

Enduring Dreams of Submission Ch. 01

you go to bed. And, as one last thought to keep in mind should you choose to continue with what you have started with this phone call, you are NEVER allowed to have an orgasm for any reason what-so-ever without my expressed permission or you will be appropriately and severely punished. Call me back in one hour and five minutes. Hang up now."I put

House Parties Ch. 01

even more voices as the partygoers arrived."Okay, I'm going to start bringing these out. You got the drinks?"Calli gave her a thumbs-up and a cheery smile, her other hand wielding a corkscrew with no small measure of skill. "Most people should have glasses by now of the drinks we put out earlier, and they'll finish by the time this—" She popped

Rhythm Method

had always belonged there, and he held me in the air while he positioned me until I felt his erection just beginning to part the lips at my entrance. Then he relaxed his arms and I was impaled on his spike. I cried out as I went all the way down on his hook of thick meat. That sudden full entry was exactly what I needed from him at that moment.

The School Part Three

ease of entry, and don’t be shy in using plenty of it if it is needed. There are tissues and towels for the removal of the condoms afterwards and for cleaning yourselves up. We’ve already mentioned the sphincter muscle during the erogenous period, but now you’ve got to learn how to properly relax this muscle for penile penetration. Now for

S&P: Your Papa’s a Pig

her and free you up.’ A long sigh from Pat. ‘You go into the kitchen and sit with Carol while the Officer and Dad and I work on it. He’ll call Carol in and ask her some questions. You let her go.’ ‘Deal, Mom.’ Officer Crane sat down and started noting all the sites. Whenever Carol came into the room, she sat in Mike’s easy chair and curled up in


real happy to be naked in front of Daddy in the kitchen with just my CFMs on. We’d never done this before! I laid down on the blanket. Now Daddy took off Mommy’s dress and her underthings and kissed her a lot while he watched me laying naked there, and I saw his pants start to poke out and Mommy was rubbing there. Daddy was going what do you

Tarnheim Academy Part 2

that I’d have a private room, but there were two beds. The girl saw me in my nakedness and smiled warmly.“I see you’ve been initiated,” she observed. “Did Headmistress give you the full treatment?”I colored with sudden embarrassment, but nodded. “Yes, she did.”“Then welcome to Tarnheim,” she proclaimed as she extended her hand. “I’m Samantha.” I

The Last Life on Earth

of the celestial bodies and could make no purchase on them so when the last thinking being on the planet had expired, so had the last thinking being from Earth in universe. It really didn’t make any difference to the bacteria. The bacteria lacked that kind of mind. The kind that would have made it fear as it soaked up and processed fewer and

Dom of My Dreams

with this man. My pussy and my heart seemed to be in agreement in this."Yes Sir, I will ask before I cum.""Good girl Tara. You're such a good fucking girl."His palm clapped down against my ass once more before he thrust fully into me without warning, my body jostled forward. His large hands grabbed onto my breasts as he pumped me from behind. His

The Last Bus

there it was pulling up and she sighed with exhausted relief. Working at a bar to pay her way through school and raising 4 kids was over-whelming at times but Shae knew it would pay off soon and with just 3 semesters left she could feel good about herself for the things she had been through to get there. Her boss had started letting her leave

Babysitting Jennifer's Freshman Brother

hitting. He leaned over and ran his hands over my breasts and my nipples became instantly hard and I could feel myself starting to get wet. He grabbed my head and began to kiss me. I was totally overwhelmed by the feelings coursing through my body, and don’t resist when he picked me up and put me down on his bed. He pulled my suit off me and I

Cruise Ship Regeneration Part 05

more and more Ethan's erection."Ohhh .. That feels soooo good .."Slowly and teasingly, Shawn continued lowering himself. His erection danced wildly as the impalement continued as drools and spurts of precum oozed from the tingling gland. He swung his hips around in tight circles as the ecstatic sensations became almost unbearable. Ethan had to

Druids Ordeal - Chapter 5

was going to play along with Kelmane and not reveal that I knew he planned to let them keep me. I knew he could see every room in the tower by using a spell of farsight, but I also knew he could only see, and not hear us.“The gnomes have agreed to the alliance. I will need your... talents... again tonight. We're almost there, girl. Your freedom


the front seat of my old Ford while Polly held me tight and rose to meet my every thrust. It’d been sex of a different order than I’d ever known. Frantic, intense, almost driven. At the time, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I still can’t. After all, it was our first date and the first time Polly had, well, let me tell you the story.

Cold Cottage

breasts. Then he pushed the point of the knife against her right nipple drawing blood and then sucking it. She pleaded, whimpering, whispering for him to stop. He brought the knife to the base of her throat and held it there firm, the blade straining against her skin. He told her to spread her legs, and he got off her, the blade still pressed to

First time with a couple

the sofa. I was so wet and ready and needed him. He got behind me and he was not tender as he forced his cock in me. I yelled in pain and pleasure. His whole cock slowly opened my pussy wide and shoved itself in. He hit the very depths of me. I was moaning loud as Jerry fucked me, slapped my tight ass and called me his slut. Linda was playing

Becoming the office slut. stage 1

of my thighs. Then he pushed my knees apart, spreading my legs and displaying my throbbing pussy. He seemed to like what he saw. He was older and married, he probably hadn't seen a 20 year old's tight naked pussy for a while and the idea that he was going to get to fuck me anytime he liked from now on seemed to be having an effect on his cock,

Vickys Surprise

sat down by her. I noticed it smelled like cum when I sat beside her. I thought maybe I smelled myself. I proceeded to tell her how I went to a hotel with Chad and sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. I then told her he had fucked my hepussy raw and left his seed inside me. She then said she wanted to see my freshly fucked ass. I stood up and

Meeting Samantha

had been almost two years since my first experience with Dave. That was the first time a man had sucked my cock. It was the first time I had touched another cock and the first time I had sucked a cock. That day was the birth of a new me. I no longer was a homophobe. Although, I did not look at men the same way I looked at women. I did not lust

Alpha Bravo Team Ch. 03

But she wasn’t able to back down. Not while every member of her squad stood around the mat, watching as Aidan moved even closer to her, his hand coming out to grab her shoulder. She moved with no conscious thought, grabbing his hand and twisting it up behind his back. When she suddenly found herself on her back, staring up at him, she didn’t know

Second Honeymoon

his cock. Chris kept her lips sealed around his shaft, not wanting to miss a drop of her mans juice. She felt the familiar roar of orgasm deep inside her, demanding to set itself free. The lovers surrendered themselves to the moment. Chris rose up and crawled off her husbands exhausted body. The two lay staring at the ceiling, holding hands. Now

Indian Summer

blonde hair that tops her slit. I slid my hands beneath the firm globes of her butt to cup her and lift her to me. I ran my tongue along those puffy swollen labia, probing with the tip, spreading her juice and opening her up. Pausing to gently blow across her clit, watching as it swelled, feeling her body twitch in my arms as she moaned her

Blue: Prologue

got contractors to install security cameras all around the department. Even in employee washrooms, which were ones that inspectors didn’t seem to be able to see. Is he trying to watch our every move? I don’t even know who was watching us. It’s not like Mr. Greg had a set of screens built in the walls of his office. Somebody out there was keeping

A Chance Encounter

him go up the stairs to a vacant apartment which was above the garage.Soon William returned with some towels and a robe.“Take off your clothes and put this on. I am going to get you some ice for your ankle and something warm to drink.” He said as he handed me a robe and disappeared once again up the stairs.I pulled my wet clothes off piece by


strongman, give me your good, give me your cum.   Give it to me, baby.   Oh baby, baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me……Oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, sweetheart.”    “Yeah, Ah shit, fuck my hand is jacking off, oh honey pie, your fucking pussy is so wet.   I can feel it through this phone.   Oh, baby, here it comes, here it comes,    I’m

House of Empress Toya PT5

twenty, with a spiral post at each corner and around the edges a silk see through curtain. The night was quite sleepless as empress Toya had all us perform a variety of sex acts either on her or on each other as she watched. “Tomorrow night I am giving a special party for some guest’s, I have chosen you along with a few others to attend and you

School Daze chapter 4

snore, like a kittens purr. It is very entertaining. I watched you until the "Hulk" became hard again, then I turned over and tried to go back to sleep. It took a while but it finally happened.""Richard... why didn't you wake me. I would have taken care of you.""Sweetie, you were sleeping so peacefully, I just didn't have the heart.""Richard!"

Mom's new job

him off I fucked her pussy cumming in her and staying there until Tim came and mom drank down his load. She says why not go and fuck Brenda and as I pulled out she whispered, she loves it in here ass, have fun I am and I slid out of mom and went to Brenda, flipped her over and sliding my shaft deep into her ass I fucked her good and hard with

Mother's Day On F.U Street

dominant son watched a mature lesbian 3way on his computer . In fact she knew exactly what he was watching , it was a 3way between Monique, Sage & herself , and it was from 1 week ago . The masters had gotten together to smoke dope, drink & fuck their sluts . In fact when they got together , they would exchange moms. Juan had fucked all 3 of her

Modeling for Life Drawing

fine art male nudes. I had some exhibitionist fantasies but had kept them at strictly a fantasy level thus far. She went on about how great a model I would be and how easy it really was. She said they had difficulty in finding male models and finally coaxed me into at least trying it in two weeks. Lucy was an attractive woman in a no nonsense


the cherry red sports convertible parked before him. ‘Nah, I use it for a shovel,’ She said with heavy sarcasm, ‘It’s my brother’s car, he lent it to me for the day after I explained it all to him.’ ‘Explained what?’ Angel asked, curious at what this girl had on her mind. ‘Never mind,’ She said evasively, tugging at his much stronger arms. ‘What

Hampered in His Plans Ch. 01

pay for his crimes through the Justice System. Of course, Stevens’s own administration of what some would call ‘Justice’, particularly to Fulton’s head, got Stevens in trouble with that same Justice System. That’s the law, that’s ‘Justice’… but is it really?’ ‘So that’s why you let Nash solve that case, instead of solving it yourself?’ asked

Fucking Sister In Her Sleep

on her face. “You taste so good,” she whispered in his ear while straddling him. Michael held his cock under her pussy as he kissed her. “I love fucking you,” he whispered to her. The second she moved back, his cock impaled her completely, filling her tightness with his sex. Her eyes widened and she moaned loud. As she rocked her hips, he

First Story

pleasurable moan from him, his hand slides a little higher up your thigh in excitement. You slowly pull down his underwear, revealing his cock, which is all yours, yours to taste and do with whatever you please. You stop for a moment, teasing him, knowing that he wants you. You gently wrap your soft lips around his cock, he gives out another

Daughter and Friend continued

cheating on her. There was a camera put in the study where Dawn had caught me masturbating. The camera had caught that on disc, as well as some of the little moments of pleasure that my ex and I had in that study.  Dawn and Jen had found that video disc and watched it over and over. They both had masturbated to it. They would get so turned on by

Amy and Vivian Go Missing - Part 2

piercings give you that nice added stimulation. I’ll take care of this other slut and show her what happens to little cunts who speak out of turn!”Amy’s blue eyes shined with a quiet, tearful plea as Anatoli lined up his shaft near her opening. He slowly eased himself in, fucking her with a surprisingly gentle rhythm at first. His hips launched

An Encounter With My Ex-Wife

ass. Then, I took my dick and penetrated her again. I moved faster and faster until I came too.I got my dick out of her pussy and let all my sperm wash her back. I kissed her neck while she touched my balls again. Monica's husband got close to us again and put his wet dick into Monica's mouth. He moved back and forth for a couple of seconds until

Trafficked Love Ch.14

as he talked with an annoyed and angry looking bald man in the balcony above. The bald man soon stepped aside and Rich stepped past him, into the shadows and out of Angel’s view. Losing sight of him, Angel turned her attention to the crowd. It was filled with the usual genre of men, many of them drinking. Angel glanced at a man holding a twenty

Oral pleassure with master

to fill the tub. It didnt take long for master to cum in behind me and I felt him nudge my legs and tell me Bind. Doing so I could see he had a toy in his hand and I suddenly became very glad Master had insisted on me to keep up with my Yoga training. As he knelt in front of me his cock was only inches away and fully erect. I wanted to swallow

A Delicious Feeding

enjoy the fruit allowing the juice to drip and run down your body. Slowly I watch the juice run down your chest, belly and onto your beautiful hard cock. I swallow hard, licking my lips. "I am ready to serve my lord." You reach your hand out to grasp my hair. "Clean me first slave, then you may have your feeding. Is this what you need slave?" My

The waiting room

eating out my ass. This feels insanely good, I start moaning and whimpering non-stop now. With her tongue, she works in the last two beads and pushes them further in. I feel so full now and my pussy is gushing juice. They are trickling down my thighs. She laps up everything from my thighs and rims me from my clit over my pussy to my ass.

Black Slave Woman Ch. 05

fun with him. I made him kneel before me and worship me since he was the black servant and I was the dominant white mistress who controlled his life. Then, I got on all fours and made him lick my asshole. He did. Afterwards, I made him lick my pussy. Obedient to the end, he did. Finally, I told Stanley to stuff his long and thick, uncircumcised

The Perfect Bitch Part 2 - the Spanking

knowing I was showing her everything, my pussy, my asshole, my willingness to please her. Fuck. “Good girl. Keep it nice and high.” She ran a hand over my ass, slipped a finger over my asshole, slid it further down, to my pussy. “Still a wet, little slut, I see. An owned slut. We’ll see how wet you are when I’m done.” Her hand rubbed my butt,

The trip home

so thick!” You quietly moan in my ear as I start to push my shaft further into your shaved pussy. “I’ve been waiting for this since I first saw you at the airport.” I respond, panting. You then position yourself on the counter top so that you’ve got your back against the mirror, allowing me to put my dick as far into your pussy as it can

The Package (What would you do?)

there and watched. I was so tempted to ask her what happened to her old vibrator, assuming there was one. It would have seemed really wrong if I asked if I could have it.She finished putting the batteries in and turned it on. She touched the vibrator to the back of my hand."Feel good?" She giggled."Not me." I answered.She hesitated in her

the divide part 2

out my hand and cut across the palm of it as quickly as I could I shrieked at the pain of it dropping the knife on the floor before staring at my hand but my hand started to burn again not as bad as before but my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw the skin start to grow back and heal itself so quickly that if I blinked I would of

my crazy ass cuz

on her neck and my head hitting her tonsils made me explode inside her she was a good girl licking me clean.“that was 1 minute 5 seconds. i will do it faster.” Said jane“We have to wait for a while so that my batteries can recharge. they nodded in agree.So who wants me to do them. Jane walked up to me and she laid down in front of me . I could


as she had sucked him off. “Quite being a lazy fuck... fuck me, Michael!” Michael growled as he grab his mother’s sides, and thrusts up into her as she came crashing down, causing her tits to bounce harder. “Yes... Oh... fuck... yes!” Hayley cried out as she climaxed again on her son's cock. that orgasm caused her to collapse she need a moment

Humiliation at school

the large object in her ass. It felt like a baseball bat. The dog attempted to pull away from her. Grace screamed in agony as he pulled away. However it was to no avail. They had not been detached. The girl and dog were still stuck together.All the St Bernard had succeeded in doing was dragging Grace away from the urinal.

Into the Curiosity Shop

her body felt, it was all transmitting a message to him about what kind of girl she was. It was something she didn't understand but she knew it was true, and that it was wrong and that she should never have come in here, but that coming in here was all that she wanted. She turned, her head moving slowly as if drawn inexorably towards the aisle

Spontanous Sex

sure very little cum dripped down her thigh. I pulled out and pushed her to the ground. "You liked that, didn't you?" She looks up at me and nodded sullenly. " Good. Because I want to see you again." Madison brushed her hair out of her face. " Who are you?" " I'm John." I smiled at her, zipping my shorts. " You, my dear little wench," I grabbed

Pete and Amy Part 3-2: Little Dolly Lexa, February 10th, 2017

and dried my back, then left me to finish on my own. After another minute, I felt my eyes welling up and tears forming. Just then Amy walked in and saw me beginning to cry and hurried over to ask if I was ok. I told her “I don’t want to sound sappy or anything but this was a spiritual experience for me. It was something I wanted for a while but

The Sacred Band Ch. 09

the upstairs flat. I suppose my parents were a bit less enthusiastic. They thought I was years too young and they had assumed I would marry someone with a profession, not someone who was in the process of inventing one. All the same, they must have seen how happy I was, and realised that they had to let me have my way. Following: chapter 10.

Rafael’s Piano: A Love Story Ch. 03

‘A well earned cry,’ he said, ‘If ever I knew one to be so.’ She sobbed a bit and said: ‘Thank you, sir, for giving me the news in this personal way. I really appreciate that.’ ‘Don’t mention it, Catherine, you’re an asset to this school, everyone knows that.’ ‘Thank you again,’ she said, ‘I, uh, have a class.’ ‘Yes, of course,’ she said. As she

The Club

with, Lucy or Trisha her newest best friend? She lay spread-eagled across the bed, her legs apart and an arm flopped out over the pillow where Emma’s head had been just half an hour ago. Emma swallowed hard and sank down into the seat by the window. Outside the sun was shining but she felt no great desire to go outside, she only wanted to be

The Breeding Room

She held my orbs in her left hand and her right hand was moving very fast in her wetness, spraying wetness everywhere. My seed was fighting for release again. This is not approved of with fluffers as it is considered a waste of seed but I couldn’t hold it back anymore.Jane:I was becoming somebody else. My entire being wanted to bring forth My

The Clinic

being groped by 20 horny boys she saw Steve standing between her open legs his monster dick inches away from her, a chant of ” fuck her fuck her fuck her ” started up , Sara screamed out as Steve pushed his dick deep into her and start to pound her Abdul slid his throbbing dick into Sara’s mouth, Sara heard a girl shout ” suck my boyfriend cock

A tale of a land lord

walked me to the door ,wait she said with a pause I still owe you. Consider your self paid in full I said, she smiled I feel like I should pay you . Well I could lower your rent some I said, we can discuss it another time.Casey hugged me then kissed me and I left thinking the next time would be better. Later that evening as I was laying in my

The Dayton Hillbillies Ch. 01

(about 8 feet in the air). One of the chaperones asked the band director to get some beads. Well he just stepped off that bus, grabbed that tree and leaned backwards. That trunk bent easily so the beads were dangling in easy reach. The band director stood there holding the trunk bent, while half a dozen chaperones were grabbing and jerking the

Time for School Ch. 16

place.’ ‘My savior,’ I joked, drawing a laugh out of her. Her apartment was all the way at the far end of the building. It was one of the biggest sizes of apartments with three bedrooms in it. She whipped out her keys and unlocked the door, allowing me to go inside first. ‘After you,’ she politely said. ‘Thank you kindly, ma’am.’ She grinned as I

The Wrath of Gaia pt 4

to make me meet his glare. "They pushed her into the street with horse drawn carts still passing Justin. She was ran over and the doctors say she will never walk again. Now most people would blame that piece of filth that pushed her, pretty reasonable if you ask me, but that's not how I feel. No, I would blame the guy that stopped the guards from

Second Chance, Book 04

the difference he made almost immediately showed an enormous positive influence on the business’s performance. Brent wasn’t a conventional thinker, and he was smart enough to know that guys like Gary Takahashi were just as important to his personal success as all his sales skills combined. It was the teamwork that left Charlie feeling comfortable


very clear, very blue, as though it were a thumbs up… but then, like a demon on her other shoulder… opposite it was the faintest, slightest line. Two. No, one. Two. Was it one or two? ‘Fuck!’ she whispered, more a squeak. ‘What does it mean,’ she murmured at the stick. Was this common? There was no pigmentation in the second line, but it was

Exploring An Angel Part 2

with the sounds of our bodies violently colliding and her loud sexy moans. I can feel an orgasm flooding through her body but I can't stop. Feeling her hot cum rush around my cock drives me on.Pushing against my shoulders hard she lays me down, arching her back and digging her nails into my chest. Her hips gyrate on top of me. Her small, perfect

The Beach Trip

body. She had of course seen him earlier on the beach, but seeing him this close up when she had to admit to herself she was aroused was something different. He looked her over, then grinned. “You’re really damn gorgeous, and to think you didn’t seem into me when we first met.” Before Carolina could complain, Michael kissed her again, but this

A hen’s night with a difference – Part 2

loving relationships with their respective husbands. Maria squared her shoulders and looked up at Gabriella and the others. “All right. I love Anthony, and I want to be his wife. I’ll agree to your… arrangement.” “Good,” smiled Gabriella, approvingly. “I think you’ll come to find that being disciplined in this way is actually a relief – like any

The Chorus Teacher

I walked up to her desk. It was the end of the school day, so she didn’t have another class coming in.‘I just received word today that you didn’t make it into the choir that I had you audition for on Saturday. You know? The one we spent hours rehearsing for every day last week?’I nodded, shifting my weight nervously.‘Look, Halle. I worked really

Fucking Machines

she would be strapped into or onto the specific machine a set of special eye wear would cover her eyes, earphones would be placed on her head and secured, all sorts of attachments to her nipples and probes to her gentiles much like a stimpulse would be connected as well as to all her strategic nerve endings. She would be given the appropriate

MBF 26 – Newbs Pt. 1

bacteria because I forgot them. So I’ll just shower at home.” Amanda chimed in, “Good win. You looked good out there.” Moira just smiled at Amanda, “Thanks.” The twins chimed in unison, “We didn’t know soccer could so enthralling.” Jeanette just snorted, “It helps if you understand the sport better than just yelling ‘Go Blue’.” Abby turned

Black Men: Kings of the World

I love fingering men's butts. They're always surprised when I do it. I'm a sexually adventurous woman. No such thing as limitations in the bedroom. Life is too short not to experiment. You got me? Cool. I sucked on Eric's cock until the young black college man finally came. He sprayed my face with his cum. I blinked. Eric grimaced, still caught

Brockton's Big Women Need A

with her co-worker Veronique.Females are always going on and on about men and our many faults. If you ask me, women are just as flawed as men. Perhaps more so because men know they're flawed but women think they're perfect. Andrea was telling Veronique how she thought there were no nice guys left on the planet. This made me laugh. Both women

My Initiation

a kid to walk around, but it was pretty big. It had about 4 rooms, with like old mattresses in each one. Alex claimed he made it himself, which was really impressive for us. The walls were wooden with a wooden ceiling that leaked, and no actual doors and glass windows. He had a sister about our age, but we wouldn't see her around too much either,

Ashley's discovery - 2

side of my bikini bottoms. Seeing the movement his eyes left mine and looked down at what I was doing. I untied the right side more quickly and pulled them off tossing them over near the towel. His gaze quickly looked up at my eyes again then back down at my trimmed pussy. His right hand slowly moved toward his crotch as his eyes slowly moved

Going Nowhere

the voices and catcalls of people heading home after a night out, their drunken laughs, the odd smash of a bottle. Her eyes flicked to the luminous alarm clock on the bedside table. He should have been home by now. Eleven at the latest, he’d said, but that had been two and a half hours ago and there was still no sign of him. No call, no text… no

First Night's Initiation

could You please close the bedroom curtains? I’d be ashamed if they caught me doing this.”“Well, slut since I don’t mind if they do I won’t shut the curtains.” The window to my room was directly across from my neighbor’s bedroom window. You walk over to me and look me in the eyes. “Now, slut, if you’d like to climb out of that position and walk

The Group- Intro and The Party

and Chris.With school finished and the summer ahead, the first party of the summer is set up by Chris. Chris invites the entire group. The group is very clean cut, no drugs, and very intelligent for the most part. The party will be at Chris's house, and the usual pool party with girls in bikini and the guys looking at them.I received a text

Sister’s Funeral

my sister. After a moment of breathlessness Lucy reminded me, ‘Dinner. Remember?’ We walked quietly into the restaurant clearly deep in our own thoughts. We were escorted to our table that overlooked the lake. Small lights lit a walking path, the water reflected the light in shimmering ripples. We got comfortable and our conversation began. ‘Jane

Womankind According To One Man

happy to be working with such dynamic, interesting people. I found myself attracted to Parvati Kumar but didn’t think she’d reciprocate because I had never seen an Indian woman with a Black man. Well, only once and that was on the Tyra Banks Show. Not in real life. As I got to know Parvati Kumar, I realized how unfounded my fears were. This tall,

Exquisite Penetration

every moan of his name, he moaned, pleased to hear it. The vibrations from his mouth on my clit from his moans made my whole body tremble. I asked permission to cum, which he granted. I felt an ache in my chest, and my legs began to shake around him. I clenched the sheets with my fists and my mouth hung open as moans of pleasure escaped my mouth.

Second Chances

you just saw. My desire is real too. Not to run off and meet you, but to continue to exchange intimacies with you. Some intimacies are direct and physical, like our video exchange. Some are more lasting yet more intangible. Ideas, fantasies, just plain old words. Anyone can fuck someone else, but words, these are different. These are intimacies

My Room

and adjust to the feeling of your cock being wrapped so tightly in my little pussy…. I can feel you in me so deep, the head of your cock pushing against my cervix… I hold onto your ass we ease into a perfect steady pace…. You look down and you watch my body as I’m moving with you, and I flex my pussy muscles around your cock….. The pace

Rainy Day Fantasy Ch. 04: Fun

hall and look at the doorway where, in my dream, at least, I spent most of yesterday afternoon chained up. There is no sign of any frame or device that one could attach chains to, and I can't imagine Ellen being able to put up and take down something like that so quickly. So I come to the conclusion that it had to have been a dream, a very

Night Thoughts

eyes I don’t see the usual chiseled features I’m used to, I see your face, high cheek bones, small nose and pointed chin. Your large eyes, taking up so much of your face, the mascara surrounding them. Your dark hair, cut short around your head, slightly longer towards your mouth. I’d say I’m jealous, but I’m not, not really. I want to stare at

Ryan's dilemma

I gave her a few minutes to recover and to allow myself to calm down a little.“Oh my god, I needed that. It’s been so long,” she stated. I couldn’t imagine why she would go without. She was a beauty and could easily take her pick of any guy she wanted. “I’ve been to busy working and with school. That is why I threw this party, just to relax and

Bridget’s Nights Ch. 03

I was slipping away from reality. Blind? Great, a vampire with a seeing eye dog maybe? The I began to wonder why I wasn’t more upset. And why I was sinking backwards onto the floor, feeling completely boneless. ‘Colonel? What did you put in the blood?’ ‘Just something to relax you Bridget. I didn’t know how badly you were hurt or how much self

Suzie's Anal Dream

off the shaft again, lapping and nibbling teasingly at the bulbous head while the two fingers kept ramming her helpless back door with amazing speed. It seemed that her anus had relaxed somehow because the stranger was working them in and out, like pistons, inexorably burying them up to the base, without meeting any serious resistance.Opening her

Fantasy Meets Reality at the Peep Show

very gentle and considerate. I could tell he genuinely didn’t want to hurt me in any way. After a few moments, he was pushing his thighs against my ass, fucking me just like a girl while he slid his hand up and down my pole. There I was, wearing a wig, mini dress, and heels, living what had still been a fantasy only five minutes earlier. Now it

The Ultimate Fantasy (Cassie's POV)

myself up so I tasted as good as possible. Over those weeks. Our sex was the best it had ever been as Chris had started biting me to test my flavour. He would also rub different condiments and ingredients into my skin. As well as this, Chris had taken at least two pints of my blood in the last few weeksThen one day, he came home and said

Vincent and Erin

his name. Her fingers, however, were the parties responsible, as three of them were jammed deep inside her. She felt the water cascade over her body as her come flooded her fingers and squirted down her thighs. She couldn’t resist the temptations of her own imagination, and she quickly washed up, trying to stay standing on very shaky legs.

Games Ch. 01

than your man, Brian Houston.’ I couldn’t breathe. Was I in The Dream? My heart might have skipped a beat, I’m not quite sure. As I sat there, gaping at Matt, I prayed he wasn’t dicking with me. By the smirk on his face, I knew he had to be telling the truth. I love, love, love Brian Houston. He tops my list of celebrities you can sleep with and

Alexandra part three

a moment to recover from the multiple orgasms she had just had. I sat for a minute just watching her catch her breath, then I snaked out of my trunks letting my hard, throbbing cock spring into the air. She looked over to me and gave me a large smile, before sitting down on my lap. Grabbing her by the hips I lifted her a few inches off of my lap,

It Started as a Threesome

for me baby?” he asked her, “Are you ready for this big cock?” “Oh fuck yes, please give me that big cock”. I was kneeling beside Kate, just watching the two of them. “Kate, darling, shouldn’t he be wearing a condom,” I asked feebly, not wanting this young asshole to cum in my wife. To my surprise Kate agreed with me. “Of course darling, you are

Impregnating Sarah -- Part 1

husband be present until much later, so I suppose we could start the process even in his absence. But going back to my original question, will you be willing to speak candidly to Laura about your sexual experiences?”Sarah felt the color rise in her cheeks, “Yes, I believe I can do that.”“Ok then. I will leave you two to get started. Laura,

catching up

but there was nothing wrong with that… Was there? Mr. Tall one returned handing her a drink and brushing her arm. The touch filled her with electricity. The bar filled up, they moved closer. An accidental touch on the calf, whilst crossing her leg sent yearning through her. Whose leg was that? Muscle well-defined and familiar. The old stories of

She likes women pt2

that it was practically a pain in my groin, but I had a solution for the problem in mind. She stretched out slowly and languidly on the bed, seemingly careless about her nudity and plopping down on her back with her legs spread wide. Her eyes were closed, but there was a distinct blush in her cheeks, as she tried to breathe slowly through parted

When Strangers Meet

it was his fault for finding them with their lips glued to each other. He went down the corridor as they entered the lift. Brian was laughing. ‘God, that was so embarrassing!’ exclaimed Helen. ‘Do you think he was shocked?’ she asked. ‘Devastated,’ Brian replied. ‘And fiendishly jealous.’ His laughter could be heard as the lift descended. *****

Delicious Awakening

almost too much. I need to cum badly and I can't even ask for release. I'm so close and I try desperately to distract myself so I won't disobey you, my Master. I have no idea who is licking me, but the tongue is speeding up, flicking over my hard clit and I'm bucking up uncontrollably, dying for more. As I get ever closer to orgasm, the chain to


his cock harder and faster.. I felt myself go…. “ Im almost there. Ahhhh Nick ohhhhhh” Tom whispered “ scream in my mouth Hon” he took my mouth and I screamed as I came… Nick gave one last push and exploded too. I never felt so good. I felt so sexy and loved. Tom wrapped his arms around me and said the sweetest things “ I love you. You made my

Stock Ch. 01-18

alluring and extremely sexy. But there was more to her than that. She had depth, a strong sense of self that he hadn’t found anywhere else, and he had most definitely looked. He found that when she made her choices she stuck with them, unlike other girls his age that vacillated from one choice to the other and then finally went back again after

The Storyteller of Brompton House - part two

would actually go to. Just how she opened her legs as she sat on each of their faces, just what happened when she squirted was all detailed. Such was the banter that had built up, along with the alcohol, Arndisa/Cherry began to hope this fantasy might one day be a reality. Bergdis had a different man in her bed every Saturday night and each

Blondie in Wonderland

National Geographic to places far and wide. I even had my gramma’s tales, the few times she’d share them, of growing up in Lyon. Yeah, in my head, I’d visited Tuscany, the Amazon, New York, Jamaica, Mexico, the wilds of Africa, even Antarctica. In reality, however, it was rare that I made it out of the prison camp that was home sweet home. Oh,

My rise to power

dick out. The heat coming off her ass feels so good. I almost pull out all the way. My balls need to have their release. I ram my cock into her ass. Fucking her ass like a ferocious animal. I hear her muffled moans they have a mixture of pain and pleasure in them. I can feel my my balls getting ready to erupt."Ashley get over here and kneel in

The Mysterious Tentacle Forest Alien

slowly tickle my penis which got me hard instantly. The large tentacle penis tip then put its mouth tip over my entire penis and began sucking and pumped my shaft which was giving me major orgasms and increasing the size and hardness of my penis dramatically. "OHH UHHH YESSSSSS MOREEE"!As I was being being mind controlled by the alien, I heard a

My Sweet Sister Sasha

basement to give my punchbag a headache. After skinning my knuckles for about twenty minutes, I went back upstairs for a snack and a shower. I went into the kitchen to raid the fridge, then went into the washroom to get a towel and get rid of my dirty clothes. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. While I waited for the water to get

Fucking the Ice Queen

am coming, so hold on and get your damn finger off the fucking doorbell, Christy,”Flinging open the door a few minutes later, he saw Christy standing there wearing a big smile and holding a box of doughnuts in her right hand, “Good morning, sexy. I bring a peace offering,” she said pushing past him, heading for the kitchen.Following her to the

Randy's Birthday~part 1

to massage the remaining sex fluids into my tits, your hand moves down to my clit, moving over it and around it until I am cumming again! I am surprised to feel you getting hard again so soon and before my orgasm subsides you slam your long thick shaft deep into my still quivering pussy. I roll you onto your back with your cock still deep inside

The Family BBQ

kitchen counter with Mama devouring our breakfasts when Kelly walked in stark naked. My mother was shocked and she dropped her toast onto the floor before ushering Kelly out of the room quickly and upstairs. I ran after them but they went into my bedroom and locked the door shut so I couldn't get in. I pressed my ear to the keyhole to listen in

Little Red-Cap

felt an orgasm building, she started rubbing her clit with a circular motion of her finger as fast as she could. Her moans turned to cries, and she closed her eyes, blind to the big man screwing her.The noises she made spurred him on to go faster, now leaning on his elbows to make thing easier, his slight bulge of a stomach slamming into hers.

The Hidden Cabin

with her a bit and as long as she didn't give me trouble she would be free to go soon. Tears began to run down her face, but she was starting to quite down as she woke up, and realized that her best chance was to go along with me.I began to run my hands down her body as she silently cried, I made sure to pay extra attention to her long nipples,

The Persistence of Memory Ch. 03

of the balcony. Our kisses became tinged with a passion that promised much and our bodies ground together. I could feel your nipples boring through the fabric of your dress into my body as my cock strained at my trousers. I picked you up in my arms and carried you through the French doors and carefully laid you onto the Regency bed. A king sized

The Apprentice, Chapter 2

emphasizing the end point of his statement. Ashley laid her head against one arm, closing her eyes. "Yesss..." she groaned. She could feel her pussy tingle at his touch and her wetness grew the more he pawed her. Taking her stiff, hard nipples between his fingers, he pinched and pulled them, flicking them and rolling them between his fingers as

The amazing life of toothpick part 3 ( midnight party part 2 the ending of the old and the beginning of the new)

is his tongue really that good, your Cumming buckets over there.”“I could say the same about you. It look like your about to have a white charismas in your ass if you keep up like that.” This was too good to be true. I wanted to cum fast, but I had to make Amber and Sara cum first. Therefore, I went in for the kill. I grab Amber’s hips and

Adventure in the Barn

cumming. He whispered something to his horse. The horse buried his cock deeper in Sheila. It hurt and it felt good. She felt like she was getting ripped, but accomodated that horse dick.Omar said, "Are you ready to get two huge loads of cum inside you?" Shelia had a dick in her mouth and could only reply, "Mmm, hmm."Omar patted the horse and that

Flight Lessons

may be going down, but I sure wasn't.When we got back on the ground we taxied the plane back to the hangar and we said our good-byes for the day.The whole rest of the week I could not help but think about Jill. I was so looking forward to my flight lesson. When the following Saturday approached, I dressed a bit sharper and showed up early again,

Punished Princess

agreed to house-sit for his best friend Jim while he went off to Europe for a month-long sabbatical. Jim had explained that he didn’t want to leave his daughter Paula alone with the house, because she was a little on the irresponsible side. Paula was a 22 year old blonde, and under normal circumstances, Sam would have thought her quite sexy. But

A NIghtmare

my even being aware of it. As she spoke some of her hairs moved lazily about her small round head and it was that detail that impressed itself upon me. I seemed wiser than my years and instinct seemed to lend me the understanding of her mind. Although her tone was sharp and her eyes flashed like fire, her question was less of a rebuke than she

Dinner at the Athelstan - Part 3

me and her wet ran over my face mingling with my drool. I came then, spontaneously and noisily. My back arched and my nipples caught fire as the clamps tightened. I felt hot wet fluid running down the back of my legs and didn’t know if it was mine or Judith’s nor did I care. I screamed into Sam’s pussy. I heard Judith start to keen then and her

A big boi up my behind (Chapter 16)

build with that first friction. I leave my SF still in my boipussy and twist around and sit on it. My boipussy is totally penetrated by this SF and I begin to move ever so slightly up and down on it. The SF starts really fucking me and passing through the "G" spot causing all kinds of sexual feelings inside of me. After a while I feel my orgasm

A New Life

her head away. "Fuck" I said to myself. "What the fuck were you thinking?" I frantically searched for words to put into a sentence, stumbling over them: "Uhhh... well... I just uhh.. thought it would be better for you... to know... I guess..." "Oh... okay then... well... thank you, I guess," she whispered in a soft cooing voice. "Great. Way to go


toward town. Was that who I thought it was, Cat asked, barely able to speak. Yep. That dear sister was my two-timing slut of a wife, I hissed through clinched teeth. Son-of-a-bitch, Cat whispered. We sat there in stunned silence for what felt like hours but was closer to twenty minutes, each of us trying to figure out what to do next. Finally

My Life Stories: Gym Nite

or do I need to bring my own?’ Turning around to see who was talking to me, I was greeted by a middle aged man who, aside from the towel around his neck, was totally naked. ‘Hi, I’m Sam, I just joined this gym tonight and wasn’t sure.’ I reached out to shake his hand and I felt his eyes ripping my towel off me. Before looking at my face and

Annie in Atlanta - Part Three

Joe’s wife, Barbara, her friends, Jackie and Elise, the blond haired guy and the maid, among others, but soon forgot they existed as Joe went down on her after slapping her cunt several times with his hardon.The cock spanking made her labia sizzle. His tongue lapping that followed made her even hotter. She didn’t cum, but it was as if she had.

A Divorce For Christmas

they ask if we can get together again, I told them I would love that. Bob takes me on home and on the way he asks me if I had enjoyed the evening. My response, “HELL YEAH!!, you definitely made me forget what was going on, and I will always remember tonight with a smile!”We pull up in front of my house and I asked Bob if he would like to come in

Moth Ch. 037

‘Who?’ asked Zoa, raising her eyes from the map. She hoped he wasn’t talking about Keme. That madman was due to be released. ‘That trackster whom I had tucked away for calling me names when I refused to believe him,’ specified Officer Fol. ‘Are you even listening to me, young hero Zoa? I don’t take kindly to people who waste my words.’ ‘Sorry,

A teenager takes advantage of his drunk sister and her friend

Mary said, “Don’t tell me you’ve done that”! Cindy admitted that she had and asked my sister, “Doyou mean you’ve never touched yourself?” Mary turnedreally red, but mumbled, “Yeah, a couple of times, butI never tried to lick myself.” The girls were quiet for a few minutes while the womanon the video finished herself off, then the scene cutto a

My Stranger

he got up and left. As soon as I knew he had really left I peeped nervously into the bag. I was shocked to see some very sexy lingerie and a tiny vibrator. I also noticed a bit of paper with an address and time written on it. Was I really going to do this? The strong tingling sensation answered the question for me. Yes I was!

The Mermaid's Courtship 1: Rebellious Daughter

I wanted to find out if they were as handsome as the stories claimed. And were the wives as beautiful? Would they spill their seed and dew into the sea for me to devour. Would their sexual fluid excite me?I felt something was lacking even at the height of my pleasure with Father.“I love you, Father,” I smiled and gave him another kiss, my hands

Holy Cock

my son, he's...had an accident. They've taken him to the hospital." And with that the flood gates opened, Farhana began to cry. Is this some kind of punishment for what I have just done she thought to her self, the same thought that passed through her son. He pulled his mother closer to him as they embraced, he couldn't but help think that some

At the Summit Ch. 07

who she said she would despise. Another part of him told him to call it quits, to enjoy their conversation, and then say ‘goodbye’ for the afternoon and for good. The waiter arrived with their checks. The British couple and Dean signed with their room numbers, Maria began to reach into her purse. ‘Let me cover that, Maria,’ Dean insisted. ‘It’s

Char Says Goodbye

gather you to me and sigh in contentment. I sleepily kiss the side of you face and chin. As you draw me closer I feel the quickening of your breathing and the warmth of your body as you surround me with it. I drift on a cloud of euphoria as I feel your hands roam over my body, stopping to caress a breast or a shoulder. Feeling it as you hand

Calling Party Of Three – Part Two

Part One Oh yes, we’re back for round two, can you handle it? I’m sure you can. I know I am about to. I’m sure by now you’ve took the journey with me and Ryan that we had with Chris. That was fun and exciting, wasn’t it? If you haven’t, then stop reading and go read the first one! If you have then let’s move on and get this show on the road,

1st Tuesday

of each month I unlock your cage and give you a handjob," she said."Yes, Miss.""And all that I ask from you is that you wait ten minutes before you take your pleasure.""Yes, Miss."She looked him in the eye, "Now is ten minutes too much to ask? Am I being unreasonable?""Yes, um, I mean no, Miss."She looked at him for a long moment. He tried to

Choices Ch. 02

back to sleep but I couldn’t. Finally, about 7:30 I trotted out of the house. At 8:30 I walked in the back door and up the stairs to shower and dress. Linda was in the guest bathroom with the door open. She didn’t see me, but I saw her. Standing in front of the sink in bikini panties and nothing else, she didn’t look like she was in her fifties.

Hurt me

and undo the belt of my trousers.Then she unbuttons the waistband, and pushes my trousers down, and lets it drop unto my ankles.My cock is clearly visible in my pants, en she wastes no time freeing it.It jumps to freedom, standing up proud, the head swollen, shiny and smooth.She grips me by my shaft, and with her nails digging in my flesh, she

Party Time – Humiliation – Group

physically much more of a man than I was. Like Nina before me, I surrendered to him. Before I knew it, I was also sucking this strangers cock. He had hold of my head and fucked my mouth, making me wretch, in front of Nina and all these other strangers. Ed came into my mouth and over my face and finished by wiping his cock over my face. I was sat

Sorting Out The Smiths Ch. 04

would go to plan. Feeling uncomfortably sweaty, on account of having fallen asleep still in yesterday’s clothes, Lianne quickly stripped naked and tied her silk dressing gown around her. The material felt cool against her skin, almost revitalising. She giggled softly to feel her nipples already standing erect against the silk. It was obvious that

Curiosity: Vol.1 4CCG

Julie kissed Cynthia’s lips, making out once again. Cynthia reached back, and unclasped her own bra. Cynthia reached her hands under Julie’s tight t-shirt, grabbing her bra and pulling it off her breasts, freeing them into her hands. Julie sat straight up, putting her head back, putting her hands on either side of Cynthia’s head, as Cynthia

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Pt3

and coated Lisa. The older girl hit back and soon the two were playfighting, water spraying everywhere. I watched as Lisa fell backwards with a shriek. Holding on to her shoulders, Emily tried to dunk her. To and fro they went, each trying to submerge the other, a volley of frenzied cries and melodramatic screams filling the once still air.

Leah Fulfills a Fantasy

as I felt his body quiver and him explode deep inside my womb. I collapsed on top of him as my body trembled with aftershocks. His penis was still buried deep inside of me. We lay like that, panting, until we fell asleep. I dont know how long we were sleeping, but I awoke to him stroking my back. I could feel his penis still inside of me, sticky

And One Hundred…

hard cock felt wide, spreading her almost painfully. She moaned in appreciation against Mistress Caroline and felt one of the thighs lift to allow slut’s face to slid against her slippery cunt. Fingers roughly squeezed her hanging tits as the thick cock found a rhythm. She gave herself to being used, squeezing her muscles around the invading

Danny wakes up

that they started noticing him or trying to strike up conversations with him.However, Danny could not tell Stanley that he was still a virgin after college. So, one day they were at this bar downing cocktails after work when Stanley noticed a lady on the next table eyeing Danny. She was white, not Chinese, tall, with brownish hair and she had a

Another Couple Adds To The Electricity On The Honeymoon

not embarrass me with this!” Jimmy laughed and said, “I will behave, well... mostly!” With that I agreed and put them on. Jimmy showed me that there were different settings and they all felt wonderful. I wasn’t sure how it would feel if I was trying to eat my dinner though. He promised me not to use it until after we had finished eating.

The Trials of First Love Chapter 6: The Finale

call later and talk to your mother,” Jeff said before shuddering. “That sounds so wrong that I’m gonna call your mom and get you to come over so I can take advantage of you.” I smiled up at him, rose up on my toes, and kissed him. We fell into each other again, but I quickly pulled back and told him I had to leave. As I turned to leave, I could

The Peeping Tom - Day Three

as she must have a thousand times before as in the 16 years we have lived here, she never had a husband. I can see by her involuntary movement that Jean is getting close as she thrusts her hips upwards, her head back and squeezing her large boobs as if she was kneading dough. I am close to Cumming as well, so, without taking my eyes of Jean, I

Caught in the act

He was very open about human behavior, especially sexual behaviors. It was easy to fantasize about him! Just as I was in mid-daydream about sucking my Professor's cock in the classroom, I felt someone watching me. I glanced over, and saw a janitor cleaning the urinal right next to me!!! Lost in my thoughts and raging hardon, I did not notice

The Dragon: Part 2

why don’t you feed him, so I can show you how good he truly is?” Roland asked coyly. “Don’t mind if I do…” Artimus replied, leaning back on his thin but muscular hind legs, showing his balls and sheath to me. “Come and eat…” I crawled toward him on all fours, the cold rocky floor against my knees, smelling that sweet musk that wafted from both of

Stress Management

chest the only indication she was still alive. She remained in deep sleep for half an hour, by which time Thalia had cleaned her up with warm damp towel, and done her pedicure and manicure too. When she awoke, Thalia helped her dress up. As house rule forbade any monetary exchange between members and staff, she thanked her and left making a

Pale Horse

the slight movement of air, the blade passed so close to his skin. He sat there like that for several long seconds, his eyes bulging. ‘It would seem that I have your attention.’ The man in black said flatly. ‘That’s good.’ He sat the razor in the middle of the table and put his elbows down in front of him, lacing his fingers together and

Boy Meets Girl

awaits.A growing thick, hard cock that hangs below. A grasp of it, leads to a soft jerk to prepare it for what comes next. It is hard, firm and pulsating in her soft grasp. He's ready to enter her pleasure dome.Guiding it towards the wet caverns, where her inner dwellings await. First the head, gasps and moans of sexual energy being released.

The Interview Between My Legs

doing that long?" I reclined in my seat and put my hands behind my head, getting more comfortable talking about my writing. "Well," I said. "For about a year now. I've written something like 40 stories so far. They tend to be quite short, though, because I usually only write until I've come, or come enough to be satisfied and don't like to draw

The Minister Ch. 04

Picture frames lined the top of it and clothes were strewn messily across the room. He couldn’t help but notice a pair of lacy black lingerie a few feet from the door. His mind immediately dressed her in them, his imagination going wild. He could feel blood rushing beneath his belt just at the thought of her wearing them. He tried to calm